Saturday, 10 November 2012


Well it is now fast approaching the 14th and 16th November 2012.

I have had no contact whatsoever from either my daughter nor her solicitor.

I have no way of contacting her other than email and know not her new address, nor the name and address of her solicitor!

I was asked by my daughter to attend.

I was asked by my daughter and as instructed by her solicitor if I still had all the evidence I have exposed and spoken of within this blog!

If the 18th November arrives with no contact, i.e. two days AFTER the last possible date of the 16th November then I will know something VERY untoward has happened.

When I say that there could only be one possibility and only one that my daughter would not phone up no matter which way the court decision went, which is a given in all honesty, and either crying and wanting to kill herself or laughing and happy and wanting to tell me the good news.

That is provided she has not been bought off, which I seriously doubt, or scared off of her case making the main hearing, likely due to avoid media attention that even my daughters solicitor laughed at like a drain as he was expecting a great deal of limelight.

Or perhaps HE was bought off or warned off but would not explain my daughter's sudden incommunicado for the last month or so.

There is only one thing they could possible threaten her with that would make her cut off in this way, my safety!!!

It only remains to be seen what the real reasons are and exactly when I will find out these reasons is ... ANYONES GUESS!!

Rather annoyingly.

So if it DOES go ahead it was the 14th or 16th November 2012 supposedly at Birkenhead Court in Hamilton Square or as I suspected Liverpool High Court!

Defended name of 'GILBERT' maybe the name 'KARZAN' too.

Going to be a tough eight days for me wondering I can tell you that for nothing.

Still the system is repeatedly kicking me in the groin and hence my bulldog like determination in all this and WHY I have exposed so much in this blog!!

Always have an excuse, always have a back up plan and ALWAYS have an escape route!!

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