Thursday, 22 November 2012

Very & Littlewoods Monster Headphones

OK just had an idea or two and put them to the test...

I emailed Monster and asked them directly about warranties and dealers along with failing earpieces, just curious as to what they would say if anything about all three, failing headphones could have been fakes after all. I asked if Littlewoods and Very are authorised dealers and if not would warranty be voided.

But I then spotted the warranty and read it and it is indeed voided!!

I then did a UK search on where to buy and guess what? No Littlewoods and NO VERY!!

So how are they selling them and at vastly different prices for the same models??

IF and WHEN I get a response from them I will put it up and I still have a gut feeling my camera is a refurbished as well as my Samsung Blu-Ray Player which was over double the price BEFORE interest?! Never looked into the player in all honesty and it has always worked.

Well as always here are some pics for perusal! No wonder they use hard sell for their insurances on their electronic goods as they know they will fail!! LMAO!

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