Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Conversation with my Daughter!! MAIN HEARING, Wirral Council!


Spoke to my daughter for about 30 minutes tonight...

I made a mistake ... the council failed to turn up at all at the main hearing despite having a court order issued to them to do so?!

Now it seems they want to talk to the one that apologised to her, someone called Ben. I find this a trifle odd, well if I am honest I KNOW EXACTLY what this is! He previously left, as did 7 others all previously women over the last two years, and went to work in a school. Seems they now have to hunt him down to issue a summons and this is the part I find concerning...

You see I knew all along that these idiots who failed to listen were only lined up to be the fall guys and with each one I managed to get through to they then LEFT the job within weeks, including any notice handed over. Unfortunately and despite this as being a warning to them and therefore helping them Ben's apology to my daughter when she collected the files was about the only feedback we ever received from them. Well at least my daughter has as I never have!

This is exactly what I have been trying to convey to the public at large and it is this selfish attitude that has become rife in this country over the last couple of decades. Despite the fact that the news media seems to always show a bonding and signs of solidarity and community spirit I have not witnessed it anywhere I have been and would give my right arm to live in a community such as this as I am sure my daughter would too!!

So someone, or a small group of people, are going to be summoned to appear in court who only handled my daughters case for short periods of time and not long enough to read an entire 7,000 pages plus file?! The senior management, who I had thought had been summoned to appear, look now to be likely to get away with it ... AGAIN.

Well that is that this blog will come up and strike them from the rear like Thor's hammer Mjolnir!! Well with any luck that is and now I am going to have to give some thought to the 3rd January and the next court hearing. I am told the Judge was no too impressed but I cannot help but wonder WHY a judge is insistent on summoning this Social Worker called Ben when the main culprits are obvious to all and in the higher echelons of Wirral Council?!

This will seriously piss me off!! But I was also told by my daughter that her solicitor is now readying a complaint to be handed in about the council. I do not know who this will be too and will have to find out. Probably another charade to LOOK like they are doing something so that the main culprits can get off scot-free AGAIN!

Now you KNOW I am not going to let that one just slide?!

I recorded our conversation like I always do and not only does she know this, for those not paying attention or reading the rest of this blog, but also these conversations can be of benefit just in case these over confident smart arses try to say we were privy to facts or outcomes and agreeable with it when we were not?!

There are always lots of benefits to each decision I make with anyone I deal with and even when they are well aware I am intelligent, as the visiting Police state in that recording, but it is always good to lead them up the garden path by letting them think I have been led up the WRONG PATH...

But I am only interested in the facts and the truth!! I do not work on supposition!

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