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OK bare with me here, none of this is mine but thought it of great interest, albeit somewhat old!

As I stated before I emailed Sony after attempting to fix a mates faulty BD Drive on his PS3 which was doing something I had not come across before and I suspected VERY FOUL PLAY and from SONY THEMSELVES!

Within an hour they rang me on my mobile phone ad spent an hour telling me there was no foul play, umm did I not record that???? You know I think I did?!

ANYWAY!!! They only succeeded in me catching the out blatantly lying to me and I ended the conversation telling them I ONLY SUSPECTED of their actions and that I had told the owner of the PS3 this, who bought it legitimately I might add, but now you have CONFIRMED my suspicions by phoning me and lying through your teeth with no technical knowledge to back it up!! I informed her that I clearly stated in my email that I was BSc Software Engineering and that my University WAS sponsored by SONY and there were Playstation modules in our degrees! I went on to say that if they was going to go through the trouble of ringing me up and lying to me then they should have gone through the trouble of at least having an engineer to bullshit me and no a dunce PR woman!!


Anyway here is the link to the forum in question that I have been scouring for the Sony Player I have ordered I am not thinking I am going to regret?! The funny thing is I have broken a 12 year golden rule to buy a Sony product for only the second time, last being a PSP and though it was nice the whole fixed prices on UMD films reminded me of how god damn cocky those Sony owners have become. I sold it!



"I have just purchased a Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman, and am sincerely disappointed in the low volume
output of the device. I am aware that due to some EU law, such devices intended for sale in the UK
and Europe have to have their volume limited. I find it quite unacceptable that I should be forced to suffer such a low volume when I could have quite easily imported an un-limited counterpart from a non-EU country (Such as Japan or the USA). Therefore, I would hereby like to request information as to how to access the device debug menu so that I can manually adjust the maximum volume limit of my device, and enjoy my music an a respectable volume of my choosing as was initially intended"

Originally Posted by Sony
"I am sorry to learn that you are not entirely satisfied with your Sony NWZ-A845.

I regret to inform you that we will not disclose the information you have requested.

Sony United Kingdom Limited does endeavour to meet customer expectations. However, on some occasions it is possible that a product may not meet a customer's specific requirements. Although we
acknowledge that this is frustrating for you, this is a factor that is beyond the control of Sony United Kingdom Ltd.

Whilst we are unable to be of direct assistance on this occasion, Sony does welcome feedback from our customers and with this in mind, I have passed your comments to the Product Management for their

I apologise for any disappointment this may cause."

"The EU limit is 80dB which for a device in your ear is pretty damn loud. And the EU legislation actually allows the user to turn off the limit if they wish, but is given a warning when doing so."

"That's a shame, wish someone from Sony would post the combination on here.It's the owners prerogative to have the volume turned up higher. I've paid for the device which means it's my business what I do with it."

"Dear Mr L********

Thank you for your recent e-mail received on 19/07/2010 04.07 AM.

I am happy to learn that you have purchased the Sony NWZ-A845 WALKMAN.

I can confirm that Europe has indeed placed a cap on the volume limit and Sony does comply with this, I can also confirm that this restriction can not be altered.

I hope this information is of some assistance. Thank you for your enquiry.

Yours sincerely

Michael Fitzgerald
Customer Information Centre

Badgered for a second response...


"Whilst Sony is based in Japan, it is a company which serves various countries. As part of the
regulations for supply, Sony have chosen that the Walkman range complies with the EU regulations
that have been set. As a result, it is performing to the requires which have been set. As part of
this, each company can chose to provide a warning for when these limits are exceeded to provide a natural limit select but once again, there is no set regulation on how this is to be done.

As mentioned before, I am happy to put your feedback forward to the correct department but I regret to inform you that I would be unable to advise on any firmware updates which alter the performance
of this product.

I apologise that I am unable to assist further."

"They way I see it is, all Sony Walkman's have the AVLS feature, which in my mind is where the "Optional" part comes in. They should be allowed to make the maximum volume output whatever they want, so long as they are shipped with the AVLS feature turned on. By deactivating the AVLS, you are making the conscious decision to listen to music above the recommended volume I find it insulting and offensive that they should discriminate against us European's by providing us with an inferior product than that of the Asian and North American markets.

I am actually curious as to how many complaints they receive everyday for the low maximum volume output on their products?"


"Announcing the proposals, Meglena Kuneva, the EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner, said: "It's easy to
push up the sound levels on your MP3 player to damagingly loud levels, especially on busy streets or
public transport. And the evidence is that particularly young people - who are listening to music at
high volumes sometimes for hours each week - have no idea they can be putting their hearing at risk.”

There are no current European standards on volume controls for MP3 players, though under French law
personal music players must be limited to an output of 100 decibels (db). The Apple iPod, which can
reach 130db, was briefly withdrawn from sale in France in 2002 until Apple updated the software to
reduce the maximum volume. All iPods sold in Europe are now limited to an output of 100db.
The European Commission’s new proposals call for the default setting on all personal music players
to be 80db. This would apply to MP3 players and mobile phones that are capable of playing music.
However, the proposals apply only to the default setting, not to the maximum setting for the device.
Ms Kuneva said: “These standards make small technical changes to players so that by default, normal
use is safe. If consumers chose to override the default settings they can, but there will be clear
warnings so they know the risks they are taking."
The proposals must now be considered by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
(Cenelec), a process that can take up to two years."

This following looks familar, in fact its posted several times by the forum members?!?!

"Thank you for your recent e-mail received on 25/07/2010 11.15 AM.

Whilst Sony is based in Japan, it is a company which serves various countries. As part of the
regulations for supply, Sony have chosen that the Walkman range complies with the EU regulations that have been set. As a result, it is performing to the requires which have been set. As part of this, each company can chose to provide a warning for when these limits are exceeded to provide a natural limit select but once again, there is no set regulation on how this is to be done.

As mentioned before, I am happy to put your feedback forward to the correct department but I regret to inform you that I would be unable to advise on any firmware updates which alter the performance of this product.

I apologise that I am unable to assist further.

Yours sincerely

Mitesh Tailor
Customer Information Centre

Recipient gets pissed off like I often do, though when I emaile Sony and accused them of ripping people of and delibrately disabling blu-ray drives with OS updates on PS3's they rang my mobile within the hour and spent another hour on the phone and only got torn to pieces!! LMAO!!

Anyway this is the CUSTOMER'S response to getting two identical emails... lol ...


Does anyone at your department have the basic skill of replying in written English? If so could you kindly show me the respect to reply to my concerns raised and not copy and paste some pre-written patronising line from your teams shared documents folder? It answers nothing and can do nothing, other than infuriate someone who has paid £140 for a useless paperweight.

The product (NWZ-A845) I assume is not designed in the UK, but in Japan, therefore it is not performing as it is intended to do, so do not fob me off with that line. You are purposely restricting the volume of the amplifier, something which is not done to those is Asia, Africa, America and Australasia? I bet even the innuit population of Antartica get to listen to music at a volume that blocks out even the slightest of gentle breeze. You also cannot use the EU restriction as a get out clause for your firmware restriction. Other devices simply display a warning, before letting you exceed the specified volume. The law only specifies the 'default' volume.

You need to write this into your firmware as my Blackberry has no problem making me aware of the dangers, before letting me increase volume further beyond the EU restriction.

I am a new member of a much respected online AV Forum, in which a thread dedicated to this issue has so far generated 5,783 views and it is the number one Google search result for 'NWZ-A845 Volume'. Clearly there is a problem that needs addressed ASAP otherwise you stand to lose a lot of customers. Do not be so arrogant as to sweep this under the carpet. There is a major design fault with your new top end Walkman in Europe and you need to do something about it.



Here is a good and very interesting one...

"Luckily, I am in a position where I can afford to buy different digital media players to find out
which one I like the most.

After having read some good reviews on the NWZ-A847 I bought this model and, like you guys, I was
disapointed by the low volume at max level. I went to a certified Sony repair shop and told them I needed to up the max volume, and after a week I got the reply that Sony in Europe won't go higher than 80dB. Very disappointing. Then I discovered this tread and learnt a lot... Thank you again...

Through a friend I bought the Japanese version, NW-A847, and that hit the spot! No more volume cap!
I would say that the NWZ-A847 (which I keep holding on to in order to understand the japanese menu) max out at 30 which is equal to 22 on the NW-A847 (also going from 0-30). The max volume on the NW-
A847 is very high, and in public places I usually set the volume to around 27 or 28 -- never at 30 which is way to loud for me.

I also have written to Sony in Denmark and made my complaint about the volume cap. And I received the same ******** as you guys: "We are sorry, our hands are tied, nothing we can do, we wish you a happy life...".

The plain fact is that Sony in Europe is paternalistic and really does not give a damn about us."


Now I am regretting already my long term promise NOT to buy Sony (and Apple) for their utter incompetence, idiocy and lack of respect to their customers!!

"It is not yet European Law, it is still only a proposal. On top of that, the proposal only states
the default volume limit must be safe, 80dB or 85dB depending on where you read it. The limit can be
disabled so long as there are appropriate warnings to the user.

This is not the fault of the Labour Government, nor anyone else other than Sony. They are not currently obligated to cap the volume. Perhaps this is in preparation for the law being passed (assuming it comes to pass as it currently stands); my first thought was that they were trying to avoid getting sued by idiots who send themselves deaf, but then why only Europe?

I don't even have one, and I'm annoyed about it (I wanted one to replace my semi-broken iPod, but I fear that it won't drive my PX200-IIs or SR80s to anything like usable levels... Gotta keep looking I guess). I really hope Sony stop this nonsense."

Now I have to ask the ultimate question, what the feck are those tossers at Sony playing at?!?!

Another question is how the hell do companies get to fuck around like this and yet survive? Because brain dead people have to have a fashion accessory instead of something that does all the things it is capable of? Hello Apple owners?! LMAO!

If I ran a retail store and was making these myself and treated people like that who walked in my door I would not be surprised to end the week without a single item being sold!!

I left Sony years ago because with all companies it comes down to the same old thing...some greedy rich corporate twat with less brain cells that a gnat comes long and thinks they are so bug they are beyond reproach and try to tie up certain licensing (i.e. they want endless amounts of millions of pounds for doing fuck all in all honesty) and never has anyone as big a culprit at doing this than Sony even with their FAILED Betamax when I was a kid. On and on and on they tried, UMD failed and even film studios puled out of it due to their corporate greed on pricing. I was hoping Blu-Ray would die a death and Toshiba's HD-DVD would win, in fact I stated it would and would have even bet largely on this happening and I hate betting. On one of those rare occasions I get it wrong and I feared for what would happen! FIXED PRICING MELEE and indeed prices today are all over the place on Blu-Ray discs and alarming is how children's films seem to be the dearest. Oddly I did prefer the BD over the HD-DVD it was only that Sony owned BD and I could see no good coming of it at all!

Now is it only the EU region they are screwing with the PS3s too? I beginning to wonder of there is indeed a pattern emerging here! So why try so hard to have product placements in the films (I imagine the latest James Bond film Skyfall, me a big Bond fan too) will be full of them but they do not want to produce decent products? Sony is obviously not Japanese and is located on Backward World as they do not make any bloody sense at all?!

Well SONY I can tell you this ... as I warned you in a phone conversation unless you stop treating people like naive and brain-dead sheep I think your players, mobile phones, vistas and PS4s will go the way that your TVs will and that is the way of the DODO!!

Do you at SONY ever leave your house or turn on TV? You DO have competition you know and just because all companies are pulling the same tricks does not mean that if you PULL MORE tricks than
the others that you will get away with it!!


I am very keen to know what in the hell is bloody going on here and exactly WHO is doing what and more importantly WHY?!

I have not been affected by this in a way that was anger me and it is only a friends PS3 I dismantled that made me realise, IN FACT IT IS STILL IN MY LOFT?!?! But I am sorry this is not on!!!

Anyone else fed up with having the PISS TAKEN OUT OF THEM?! LMAO!!


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