Friday, 30 November 2012


I thought I may mention of something that got noticed around where I live of late.

If I mentioned this before I apologise but it can be tricky to keep track, lol.

There have been seen a whole series of Police camped out, 6 lots by my count, in the Enfield area and for a whole series of days too. Just the other day one visiting friend who had noticed all this said out of the blue 'helicopter!' and I said yes probably another Police chopper there has been a flurry lately.

With opinion of them at an all time low, the recession gone of for what seems like an eternity and no one with any money it seems odd to me to camp out all in 6 places in just ONE town and pull loads of people up for all manner of things. Unless of course it is just a front to the public for something else?!

Why would you need SIX separate teams of Police? In one area?! Oh and throw in a helicopter to boot!

If people are driving around with no insurance in a time when they have had no money for three years and right in top of Christmas well the Insurance Companies have been ripping people off for years and to say the costs are way, way, WAY over the top is an understatement and only NOW they are investigating it but will take TWO YEARS?!

Piss up in a brewery anyone?! LMAO!!

At the end of the day cars are there PRIMARILY for one thing and that is to get people to and from a job! But littered along there paths are all kinds of bills, fees and traps all designed to screw more money out of you while they are WHIPPING YOUR BUTTOCKS with a Cat 'o' Nine Tails whip to force you to go to work and pay your taxes?! All the while your every move is being watched and scrutinised from a whole series of cameras up your rear end every step of the way?!

I have said over and over on here and I have said this for way over ten years now that our government has invented taxes, fines and fees that are supposed to be for societies benefit that is a load of horseshit that they have then got used to having come in. They have then created new things, like Ombudsman, that d not do anything productive and have to feed that.

Well I am sorry but it matters not which was you cut it you CANNOT do that?!?! If a tax is to stop is from doing something then the moral is that this should then WORK and in which case that MONEY from those TAXES are not there anymore! You cannot then go and use it to fund something as this leads to this money being relied on!!

If this is the case and you, the government, so no problem with that well then this TAX has failed to do what you invented it for and you FAILED!! That is not raising money with a clever idea that is screwing money out of lies and deceit, END OF!!

This has continued unabated for bloody years and now the proverbial has hot the fan they are all like headless chickens but I am sorry idiots but you should not have done this in the first place?! Combine that with talking in news interviews about pumping billions of pounds around the place like you have a hundred printers in your basement of like is worth no more than confetti and you had on your hands a recipe for disaster you were too bloody blind to see because each and everyone of you is too busy trying to take a swipe at or sneer towards your opposing number because you WANT the job he or she has!!!

Even when they come of with good excuses that cannot hide the fact, well bloody obvious when I see them on TV or in the House of Commons or on Radio, that they re only interesting in deposing their opposite number and therefore replacing them.

That was a really long winded way to explain how someone is I could put in a single word ... INSINCERE!!

Oh go on ... how many of you thought the word 'AMORAL'?! LMAO!

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