Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Right all that because I have scoured the Internet and scoured the High Streets and no matter where I have looked I cannot find a damn thing suitable!!!

So I turn to the sworn enemy and already regretting it while simply looking for a way to hack the volume levels just in case I have to?! If I do not and the player works fine for me then great...


Once upon a time I would gaze into a shop window and drool over a black Walkman with a green strip running through it. Oh how expensive they were but to be able to take my music with me was sooo dreamy. Listen on the train and listening on the bus on things that are otherwise highly mundane daily chores. I did but that Walkman and though it was a model down from the one I really wanted I loved it.

That was 1985 and yes it was an Audio Tape player and was a classy one at that time! Those were the days when I adored Sony and Apple.

Fast forward to today and I have spent a whole year, that would be a YEAR, looking for the right music player and even if turning to the long forsaken dark sides the choices I am looking for are not there!

Of the rest you have ones WITH SD Card readers, tiny and inexpensive to add, but reviewers on Amazon complain of the players breaking down of frustrating to use, those would be Creative (even £100 X-Fi) and Sandisk (Fuse, Clip models). Then the ones that cannot decide if the want SD Cards in their players or not while getting bad reviews half the time and this is Archos. Then there are the aforementioned Sony and Apple who only want your player to last until the next model comes out or your music collection gets too big so omitting that SD Card reader. Added that for the prices the memory is fecking appalling and i now discover in Japan for a little more than a 16GB model here you get 64GB?! What the feck?!?! Oh and the best players? Well that would be Cowon but according to a highly reputable and friendly chap at ( err or if you plug these into a 64 BIT Operating System they BRICK (breakdown to the point you have to send them to JAPAN?!)

Umm 64 BIT?! So that would be Windows 8 out of the question as is Windows 7 oh wait Windows XP too oh noooo there is also the WIN-XP X64 crowd too. You can chuck in various OSX users too!!!

In other words about 20% of Computer uses can own these successfully without breaking them and that is shrinking each day!!! I REALLY DO KID YOU NOT!!

Oh and many Apples sound crap and the Sony players have a limit for a reasons I cannot fathom for the life of me.

So a word to the wise, if you do not want to end up in a straight jacket and a padded cell, on even just on your knees in pain in your local Sainburys, do not even THINK about shopping for a Portable Music Player any time soon?! Certainly not if your an audiophile and have around £600 to spend on an ugly but highly rated Colorfly device?!

Remember we are talking about a simple player to play music?! That is all I want and those on dozens of forums I have found?!


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