Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So  it turns out that big names that have become synonymous with the Internet as fr as searching and shopping are concerned, along with others that are associated with many of Britain's high streets, you umm cannot trust it seems.

This particular incident I did not see coming at all and is quite a shock and an eye opener for me despite my recent statements that we were being sold crap by companies I suspect are American owned.

What is this? Pure corporate greed or some kind of kick up the arse over the war of independence? You are all still obsessed with it and it was not the general public you was at odds with, just thought I would point that out, lmao. Well you do have to wonder at times?!

This will become interesting in its term of scale as well as the overall figure we have lost.

But most instantly was how the hell this took place at all?!

As for Starbucks's statement about never making enough to pay any taxes?! Are you bloody serious? Yes that country is littered with big names and chains whereby they make no money and pay no taxes but are able to survive for a decade?!


Well the subject of late is deporting people well you can send that arsehole back to the states for insulting our intelligence if nothing else.

The must really think us think ... no wait they have all got away with this so we must be. Either that or the Jehovah's Witness was spot on in that this country is being run by Satanist's willing to sell their very souls?! Well they must be we cannot be that stupid that this has gone unnoticed for so long, especially with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs willing to be so hard on Brits for not filing their tax returns on time?!

If I was Her Majesty I would want the HM removed from this organisation forthwith!

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