Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Do WE Know It's Christmas Time at All?

Not seen the news yet to see how that student protest went, if it 'went' at all what with the crap weather and all?!

Still was out and about today and spoke to some friends about this Food Bank thing and they tutted and said 'we told you there is one over the road!' lol but they did not know there were 38 of them in London alone and that they had grown in number 6 fold in couple of years and need more.

You see the very idea that they have increased this much means that this means that more and more areas are becoming poorer all the time and people are actually starving. British people from what I have seen so far which is worrying but I fully expected, oddly enough.

Therefore it is not just the poor areas that are poor and it is creeping into other areas all the time and I can sense nothing in the way of Christmas spirit out on the streets?!

Now my own Christmas spirit was utterly destroyed years ago over my evil ex and my daughter and I just had none for years. But over time, well a bloody long time this started to change and now I do have this spirit just as everyone else is losing theirs...

...and that is the KEY to this blog or at least one of the MANY points to this blog. I have had my life destroyed in every conceivable way by all the organisations that are now destroying the lives of many people everywhere. I know their ticks and I know what they do and I know how fecking heartless they can and will be all over money while they earn ten times what benefit claimants get to live on for doing feck all!

SO among the many goals herein the main one is to help others that are suffering and battling as I have been through it all and come out the other side. I did not lay down and die and nor did I go or indeed run away I just carried on while gathering, collecting and amassing all along the way for many years and kept everything I could.

My family have only just found out I have letters on here that go back twenty years nearly but I never revealed my ultimate plans. I know what I CAN do I do not need people telling me what you CANNOT DO?!

There is always a way and it was just a case of finding it, choosing the best possible time, take into account any time periods of importance and just do it while working on back up plans and while we are at it backed up data too.

Just in case there were authorities that wanted to get there hands on the copies of data I made a great many of them on many different formats and hidden in plain view and in different countries around the world In fact some places they are hidden is bloody funny but I cannot reveal this right now and certainly not online or over the phone, just in case. ;) A Gift Horse In The Mouth I do now ever want to look like?! LMAO!

So it seems regaining my Christmas spirit that was banished to the four winds courtesy of the organisations now doing it to you seems to be taking place while all around me are losing theirs?!

Indeed my most frequently uttered statement in the last few months I now realise will only increase is the following...


Strange then that I spent many years with people NOT understanding how I felt despite the mount of things that had happened, save for one or two people I knew and one of which passed away sadly and almost exactly one year ago short of a couple of weeks so yes my mate Ken right on top of Christmas!

Very sad what I am witnessing taking place.

I also noted that some campaigners attempted to burn a effigy of Pudsey outside the BBC studios by looked like they were thwarted by the weather. This shocked me as I have thought that the Children In Need annual event stunk to high heaven for many years now. Only the last 12 months have made me realise it stank the the point like it was rotten bodies?!?!

How did they manage to break the record when there are not enough Food Banks around to cater for all that are starving?! Never liked the fact that you were supposed to think highly of rich celebrities who gave up a few hours for free while they asked struggling people watching to pay money, even using emotional back mail. Now there is this paedophile ring that begs the question with me that was the whole thing just a front to hide the darker side to the corporation?!

Maybe people out there are aware of this stench as much as I am and maybe there are people out there that now more about this than I do and have some facts to divulge about it...

...sorry there is no physically possible way they raised all that money from the British public so something is amiss. Unless a bunch of rich getting scared they will be lynched by mobs nest year are donating money hand over foot to look good and save their backsides?!

But still where has all that money gone over the years and why are children starving in LONDON, of all but just ONE place I know of now, to the point that Food Banks actually exist.

This is the new question on everyone's lips right now!

Oh and I was told that there was a report that Terry Wogan gets paid to do it?!?!

Now that really surprised me and I hope it is not true!! Of all the people in the BBC I thought Terry Wogan was untouchable and would not do something like that. Really I didn't!!

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