Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well I just thought while it was on my mind and I had just finished watching this program that I thought I would air some of my thoughts regarding this.

First thought is quite unbelievable ad this is a, and should have been for the longest time, the typical result of that chummy crony nature and attitude that goes on around government, police and celebrity circles.

For the longest time I have disliked this culture and those that have known me have known my views on this sort of thing for many years, decades even. If this is not a prime example for what can and will go wrong with these attitudes of the last few decades then I do not know what is and as long as it continues the tragedies and horrors exposed will also continue.

Despite my knowledge and skills in a vast number of fields I never managed to get the job or career that was best suited to me. I have always thought it a crying shame that I could have contributed so much with the right career and have spent many years helping others for now salary whatsoever and often for free. Oddly my skills and knowledge along with experience has been so much so that there has been a rife amount of envy and side-swiping and back-stabbing by people supposed to be friends that thought over they years I knew nothing about it when I knew all along.

Now in certain conversations I have had with various individuals and more often than not I will ALWAYS get the same thing stated to me and an age old saying...

'It is not WHAT you know ... it is WHO you know' and I have ALWAYS hated this expression. Well I cannot think of a better example of explaining WHY this is than the documentary on Jimmy Savile tonight by ITV's Exposure.

I would also in than it is my strong opinion, and I am rarely wrong about these things, that the staff member at  that hospital that raised concerns was genuine. The other chap, both of whose names I do not recall, who claimed he got his job on 'my own merit' was dishonest and this was plain to see. Yes his own merit and would not have got it if not for Jimmy Savile and was not experienced nor trained in mental health, yes of course you would have done?! I think not.

So he swanned around several public office organisations attacking people at will? For decades? All throught these years all the people claimed they knew nothing?? I do not think so.

Oh and now they say lessons will be learned so it will not happen again?! Have they really thought about this throw away statement before they uttered it? Have they ANY idea of the scale of what as been going on, how long it has been going on and how many people he fooled, bribed, threatened, had beaten up (James O'Brien's father for one) or recruited when discovering individuals with a sick perverted mind like his?!

The lessons need to be learned read like War & Peace and that is not an over exaggeration in any shape or form.

As long as this chummy nature continues it will be the same and to give you an idea of how little the government care just look at the MP's still trying to claim money but HIDING their expenses claims or the fact that they are renting properties of each other still, or giving jobs to mates or family members?!

That is not a society nor indeed a government, nor public office anywhere in the land nor private company that is in this TOGETHER as they put it. What they do not realise is this may not be at the moment but their words will ring true before very long.

What I do find significant is these companies and organisations with these high salaried fat cats are the ones that are failing but they do not care with the salaries and pensions they get. When the ship goes down all thos below them go DOWN with the sinking ship while they are in a lifeboat sailing off to the next ship to Captain?! That there is the reality of the attitudes that have not only become rife in the United Kingdom but have also slowly destroyed it and now continues apace to turn the country against and in on itself.

They still live and cloud cuckoo land and are clinging onto a way of life that is dead in the water and while they do they drag the country down with them. This will lead to an untimely and drastic end the likes of which I would not even like to guess at as I am not sure even my ability at times to sound doom and gloom can find that my imagination can get that low and depraved at what is coming. Oh no.

If I was not pretty sure of myself before the one thing the last 48 hours has taught me as that my drastic visions of what lay ahead are indeed the case and nigh on inevitable and for once I do not want to be proved correct.

Indeed I could argue that even the existence of this blog is in some way an attempt to belay some of these things as after all with enough people saying enough is enough change or else to the point they realise they have no choice is better than wars on the streets, battles going on between different factions of society with crime at it's highest in recorded history and innocent lives being lost on possibly a daily basis.

Sound far fetched it may well be but as so many have come to realise over the last twenty years I have become very good at predicting many major events that leave people bewildered that if I can foresee these things, remember no job/career/salary, then how the hell did the powers that be not foresee it?! They have no connection with reality for a start and obviously still lack this.

Now consider these 38 Food Bank places that have gone up from 6 or 7 in the poorest areas. That is six to thirty-eight and more planned to be opened. That means more and more people are starving hungry and you cannot predict what a caged animals will react like?! Well you can they will react like a caged animals and it does not matter who you are or from what level of society you are from in these situations 99 out of 100 will react the same! We are still animals and if history has taught me nothing else it is that this has NOT changed. Amoral and self-serving and self-interested people are in positions of power within both private, public and government offices. They need to STOP telling journalists they are reconnecting with society and the public at large ad going to be more transparent and understanding as the proof is in the pudding and any disabled person will tell you one thing about these words that are repeatedly uttered in that they are with all due respect ...BULLSHIT!!

Also it might be a good idea before you go galavanting off around the world preaching on how to do things that it might be better if you get your own house in order and that does not mean lies and stealth, it means get your fucking house in order! If you do not then what you think you have under control through utter ignorance and arrogance then other nations will kindly remind you of it.



Hmm sounds like an amusing title for a comical book making public and government officials look like the calculating and greedy horses arses everyone now knows that they are?!


So you and organisations like CAB need to put down your stone tablets and catch up with the 21st century!


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