Friday, 30 August 2013


Ahh the wonders of work. At least that is what I do at the end of the day as it comes from science and means using force against gravity so well all technically work from the moment we get out of bed.

Oh well OK so with me it is a bit more than that. This blog in particular is technically now over one year old. It was a few weeks or a month after I starting adding the other blogs I now write on and provide media content for. Along with this one on corruption I added...

Reptiles Amphibians Fish
British Wildlife & Bird Watching
Tropical Orchids
CPUS & Computers

All of the above got a fair amount of my attention....while....

Astronomy & Atsrophysics
Comic Book Movies & Other films
Pink Floyd & Other Music started but got a little neglected but still managed to amass a fair amount of visitors nonetheless?!

That was 7 extra blogs along with this one making no less than EIGHT, well DUHHH!!

I also added...

Digital Photography (for more arty photos)
Japanese Maples
Passion for Wing Chun (my martial art)
plus a couple on Doctor Who for the older series and the later series, lol.

That makes THIRTEEN. Yes those keen eyed viewers would remember I said fourteen and it is indeed fourteen, lol.

So for a year as well as divulging anything untoward I discovered in corruption, much I did not expect if I AM honest,  I also run around in my spare time and increased the frequency with something I did a lot each year only this time I intended to use a too for collecting media content in the form of a camera. This started of as a smart phone camera and then a small compact zoom and then a bridge camera. Well FIVE bridge cameras but I am not going to go over all that again.

I also increased the level of content and posts on many blogs while others admittedly suffered a little but this is largely due to many things being seasonal in my world. Throughout the year the emphasis will shift among the subjects and indeed they are going to go through this transitional period right about now. A trip out today strongly hinted at this now about to take place before very long.

This kept me busy and something to work towards, something I thought I was controlling and I knew that if I increased the level of input then the numbers would follow. Only the numbers seemed to have a mind of their own and by the time 4 months had gone by I was already highly suspicious.

A whole year of piling my expertise into all this because a certain someone....GOOGLE...said that I could make money out of blogging. Not based on the input that I have put in and I think they meant to say that THEY can make money out of ME BLOGGING?!

One year, 6 years of input and approaching 50,000 visitors and numbers that can only ever increase have been going backwards?! I have had people somehow and miraculously UN-VISIT themselves from my blogs and my YouTube account?!?! LMAO!

SO the numbers have lied and are lying so therefore the money is a lie to and therefore people are being cheated. To what level and or percentage I do not know but the number of visitors does NOT go backwards!!

Added to this is the fact that for the last 30,000 visitors I have not acquired any more followers meaning everyone thinks Google are crap, evil, no good and deserted them or these numbers are fabricated too?! I have another blog you see and it is on the exact same subject as this. The posts since that other blogs creation have also been identical to this one. I do not really mind if people follow me or not, the object is to show people the evidence and let them realize for themselves what the truth is. But when you are collecting more followers on the exact same blog in ONE SINGLE WEEK than I have amassed on here in ONE WHOLE YEAR....then you KNOW something is really wrong!!

To be able to build on my blogs you would need to expand your horizons.

To be able to build on your blogs you need to delve further, deeper and wider.

You will need to go further than before and improve on what went before and all this takes one thing.....MONEY.

There is way way around it and on many of my blogs I am hitting brick walls to extend, expand and improve on what I have spent an entire year doing!!

So not much to expect then that the company that mislead you into doing all this has not made good on its own innuendos!!

Bloggers have worked their backsides off for a year or more and hit a brick wall and Google have not acted as they claimed they would, now THERE IS A SURPRISE?!

I guess they think they work OUTSIDE THE LAW?!?! LMAO!

Odd that I always knew trhis was all coming and saw it starting some time ago. The disappearing digital letterbox and the raising to aloof status to God like Complexes raged ever onward for several years. It was only ever going to go one way while the big names would get cockier and bolder at not being reigned in?!

It was always a certainty with me and clearly obvious even when others talked it down, I did not care.

So my days of getting up out of bed and thinking what could I do and where could I go today to get content for my blogs and my YouTube account were first dogged by a dozen things and then a great deal more were added along the way.

How as I going to deal with the various areas of my body with physical pains, of which there are many, along with the other things like sudden heartburn or vomiting with little warning?! Also I was having difficulty getting home too without being totally f....buggered and my thighs and calf muscles aching severely and very stiff the next day so that I would not cycle?!

Before long I was asking myself how long my blogs would grow and my visitors grow before I started receiving any cash from Google?! For the last 6 months and with each journey out in pain I wondered if this would be the day I get enough and provide enough content to trigger an obvious first payment?!

Ten months in and I was annoyed at all the FREE ADVERTISING I was obviously providing for a great deal of people and thought that even IF you went to a local newspaper and advertised the cost would be considerable. If you went national the fee would be hugely impressive. Global and my word your talking figures that would look like telephone numbers?!?! LMAO!!

But no here we are and thay have advertised and promoted brand awareness for a whole year and I could not even say how much longer their algorithms are designed to do it for?!

I certainly do no think their algorithms to cheat people took into consideration...

1) Someone who would put so much work into it in such a short periods of time and...
2) Someone who would know so much that would have a whole list of blogs on different subjects?!

Indeed I did get a few emails from them regarding some videos I posted on YouTube asking if it was really ME?!

I said something along the lines of if they keep asking I will come down and show them how good my Wing Chun is too?!?! LOL.

So I have been working for sometime and preparing to do something for myself which I would have done and should have done way before now. But with my disabilities and the hectic life due to the government I have not been able to make a start on it until now.....err a year ago, lol.

Only the last year I have RUSHED somewhat and this became a downward spiral that I think is by design as the numbers always looked like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and as I did more (ran faster) the light seemed to always remain the same distance away. This is exactly how it has felt for the last 7 months and it looks in all honesty like it will stay that way for another year at least?!

This is lying, cheating and WRONG. Pure and simple. They should not be putting up videos and sending messages to people about making money as if I was someone with a job and little time to invest in a sinlge solitary blog then I dread to think how long it would be before someone like that got their first piss poor payment of a paltry £60!! Ten years maybe?! LOL.

As a blogger you end up feeling you have built your entire house on flood plane and was not informed of it hen you started building it. Only now the house is mostly built so what can you do?! If your America this might not mean much until I say well what if your house is made of bricks?! We do not really go in for the whole wooden housing thing in the UK. Except for log cabins, lol.

I spent a year building a series of Lighthouses on a flood plane and Google cannot even provide the bulb for the top?!

Think about it, all the bogs are beacons of help to all those that cruise nearby and all Google are saying is feck you, lol.

I have an urge over the next few weeks to get somewhat more philosophical yet again and go down deep with my pondering. It is a god time for it too what with the experiences I have had for the past 6 months and how you get no help at all from anyone regardless of your condition or even handing over large amounts of cash.

The whole while my blogs have built up was also to show to all many other things and some of these may not be immediately apparent until I point them out but that was purely intended.

For a couple of examples of this on a very basic views is that no one can say that I am...

1) Stupid
2) Lazy

Now if you think long and hard about it you could expand on those two simple words into all manner of things. There are many that in the coming months will now want to throw and have stick upon my persona but all of these blogs exist to prevent that.

When the idiots that run the United Kingdom say one stupid thing I wanted to shoot hat down in flames. They did not make it that difficult and are so far removed from reality that they just said whatever came into their heads without thinking.

Seems the teachings at Eton and others seem to miss certain ...areas, lol. Like REALITY, LMAO!

You could say I am teaching all and that with the government and MPs if they fail to learn then their heads get banged harder into the proverbial table, lol.

It should look obvious when you think about it as the more they have come out with really stupid statements the harsher I have got with my posts.

They think its all simple and I am telling them it is not.

They think it is all easy for us and I am SHOWING THEM it is not!!

The idiots think that the best method is lying and cheating as that is what is expected in politics but I am telling them to look at me and take it on-board that, that was the old way and it is dead and does not work anymore. My blog right here is testament to that at least.

I am also telling them if they ignore me and this post and that anything I predicted comes to be then they cannot escape the fact it is THEIR FAULT. No finger pointing and blaming as it would have already been predicted and posted on here for days, weeks or even MONTHS before it eventually took place?!

Now RIGHT THERE is something else they have all been lacking for some years now and sleep walked into this mess they created...


Just a bunch of monkeys trying to write War and Peace when we do not have the time! We never had the time despite the fact that the public offices were built on time WASTING and siting around for hours moaning about work?!

WHAT WORK? You just spent an hour sitting or standing around moaning about it?! Are you moaning that you do not get paid enough for standing around MOANING?! LMAO!

I know because I myself have witnessed this on many occasions and have been told stories by people I knew that worked for a period of time in public offices. I have also been told things by people that work in public offices. I really have heard the strangest of things and to have these incompetent morons want to look down their noses at me and speak down to me too?! No sireee!! LOL.

AS for the blogs and those that are left...well who knows what may happen?! Hard for me to see anything beyond mid September and my energy and abilities to chase all this up would have ran out. So would my excuses to lean on the NHS too and be referred to another department. But you never know, the opprtunity may come up in a change around that is to come. But I doubt it.

There will be things that crop up in the news that I have long since covered or predicted and then there will be others that I have not, did not envisage and feel strongly enough about to post up something.

As for the NHS I am more inclined to use what I now have on them to get proper diagnosis and treatment, that was what the bonus was going to be for me to actually get proper care. Yes of course they are not the only ones.

So in other words I am thinking about not hiding so much as I have done the last year and not kept this blog a secret, which I still am. Even after all this time I have only ever REFERRED to it and not even uttered the word BLOG. Instead I would say WEBPAGES so that anyone who had an ounce of intelligence, something my current GP lacks, who would think of looking for it would miss it, lol.

There were plenty of times I thought they was aware of it but then it looked like they did not. Maybe someone at the NHS is but not playing fair with others?! LMAO!

You could also argue that this could be the same for all organisations I cover!

I am looking forward to the day when it os found out that individuals have been trembling with fear that this blog would be associated with what THEY did or that THEY WOULD GET THE BLAME?!

LMAO! Oooh now that would be one hell of a day!

I often wonder how long it would take and added to that what it would feel like when it DOES happen?!

Well I started this blog knowing that it would go on for about a year and then a pause and take stock of what has gone, what has failed to transpire and the likelihood of future events. The future events will always be the same the question is the periods of time involved...

How long is a piece of string?

Late 1013 I would wager, if I were a betting man. Before it gets too cold possibly but I would not want to be any of these people nor work for them what this Christmas approaching, lol.

I do have that up and coming event whereby I listen for an hour on why it would be good for me to work for the NHS for FREE!! Round TWO of course of the NHS Job Vacancies, lol.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Consider what this one group did over the culling of Badgers, which i think is WRONG by the way.

Now consider what a whole list of existing GROUPS plus those that could spring into existence once enough people have digested all the facts and evidence I have spent the last year providing.

To really realise the magnitude you have to sit down and write a list of the possible victims of each that I have caught out to be lying and corrupt.

The old, sick, dying, unlucky, unfortunate, British born, single mothers and worst of all CHILDREN.

If you have failed to realise the severity of this then what in the world have you been doing?! Lol.

Anarchists say they set police fire


Why do I get the feeling Serco had already been rumbled and knew it?!

Maybe it is just me? Lol.

It certainly seems like Serco could well have been up to all manner of things to make this story look like a walk in the park?!

Still Serco in the news headlines is all good and I am sure that they are currently being scrutinised by the relevant....GROUPS?!


Police probe prison escort 'fraud'

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


My god the NHS has been rotten to the core for years!

How about using an unheard thing called HONESTY for God's sake.

NHS pay-offs top £1bn, says Labour


Well look at that?!

Merseyside Police in the spotlight and nothing to do with me?!

Well I do not think so but they did not use his name.

PC investigated over teen 'advances'


A token gesture is what I would have called Facebook's stunt but Privacy International used a much better and more accurate word.


Facebook details government requests


Oh I'm bad I meant people.

It really does annoy me when a twat like him speaks about how terrible it is to use chemical weapons when he really could not give a flying.....Squirrel about them in reality.

You cannot treat your own people like cheap and crap garbage abs then preach a sermon about inhumanity!

That tends to get you labelled as two faced, lol.

But then they have waited a bit longer before getting in there and supporting the underdog as that gets better benefits and prices, lol.

Cameron: I won't stand by over Syria


Well I swore to myself one year ago that I would not do it but after a comment left on my SLOG (Singing Log LOL) it gave me an IDEA!



Monday, 26 August 2013


My bad it is the LGA and stands for Local Goverment Association and I thought it was 'I' for Idiot, lol.

I cannot believe they are that bloody incompetent and nor can I believe there is another body out there I have never heard of for Local Government who do nothing and lie about it.

That other body I have had correspondence with, all of which are published in here, is...

The Local Government Ombudsman or the LGO.

Told me they sent out a letter to my daughter several times that never arrived so that I would think she was a liar.

No cigars for that one. Originally went mad when they first heard initial details and wanted to throw the book at Wirral Council.

All Ombudsman pull the exact same tricks. Guarantee you things and then lie followed by really lame excuses, lol.

Stop being anti-car, councils told


or should that be talents lol.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Well of course...


Now I am kind of in agreement here. Except that the world has changed...

...are the secrets worthy of secrets and in the people's best interest?!

Who do they REALLY work for and at the end if the day they have lied, took my help and hard work and claimed it as their own and gleaned from spying on us which they quite simply did not.

So no get your thumb out your arse and catch a whiff you half wit!!

New law 'needed to protect secrets'


They are NOT ANTI-CAR as this would suggest they all cycle from their country homes all the way into London Boroughs to make our lives a fecking misery.

No it is greed for money without taking into account that the car IS A NECESSITY for many. As there IS NO SENSIBLE ALTERNATIVE.


Stop being anti-car, councils told




I spent a good hour this morning wondering whether or not to cycle to one of my favourite spots for wildlife photography?! Fishers Green.

The Met Office had previously stated, well up until the point when the weather did not match what their app was telling me for the umpteenth time this year, that it was going to be sunny and partly cloudy from around 10 to 11 in the morning on-wards.

Only when I got ready and left the house the floor was soaking wet, the garden soil was sodden and there were dark clouds everywhere.

I changed my my mind several times before venturing up to my spot which is an 8 mile ride...


When I got there I could not believe what I was seeing and walked about rubbing my eyes in disbelief. The site for Orchids, though introduced and the site artificial despite them saying it is natural, the Orb SPider, the four spcies of Blue Butterflies, the other species of butterflies and all the thousands of Damselflies and Dragonflies had all been KILLED!!!

By a bunch of IDIOTS that YOU PAY millions to, TO DO!!!

Here are a bunch of pictures I sent my brother who was absolutely stunned at what they had done and I doubt that right now, 7 hours after sending him the pictures, he is STILL not over it?!




Yes these pictures really ARE the same place!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013




THE SONY DSC HX300 and only took me FIVE ATTEMPTS and a different store?! Oh OK it was PC World!! LMAO!


All that I have been doing for a year now, well when you consider I started my first corruption blog rather stupidly with Google who have ripped me off ever since, is created corners.
My intention all along was to create as many corners in my room with only four. I so did this by taking someone I knew to be corrupt in one way or another and grabbed them with both hands and while they were trying to figure out what was going on I simply rammed them into a corner.
Spurting and blabbering they would then contradict themselves and let slip that which I wanted to know which was the TRUTH of course. 
For me there were a thousand and one factors I had to consider and many pitfalls too. Quite how could I attack and do this to so many organisations without them first knowing and that when they did avoid being taken down by them as so many others have had done to them. Being threatened physically was never a worry for me but with nothing I have very little in my arsenal.
I never dreamed in a million years that I would get one whole year without approach from any that I have attacked?! Simply stunning.
I am certain due to being asked to a second NHS Recruitment drive for slaves that the NHS are simply CLUELESS, YES OK not a surprise to all of you lol, to what I have been doing?! I never expected to get another invite after publishing that audio asking you to work for nothing and in pain and backed up by the Citizen's Advice Bureau?!
You have also watched and read for whole year, or aware it has been a whole year at least, that despite all that I have said as well as done I have been totally missed by the tabloids and news media. This is DESPITE WAVING A RED FLAG!! LMAO!!
But then I knew from the outset that many tat MOANED about the Internet taking their money away have NOTHING to complain about and this is the downfall of sitting on your arses (that is asses to yanks lol), resting on your laurels and just being plain greedy for both money and power while playing GOLF, lol. Oops.
So you were moaning over a year ago and what have you learned? Sweet F.A!! That is what. Lol. I have done this for a whole year and it will continue to build its readers and momentum and yet you have done....NOTHING! There could have been a dozen ways to talk yourself out of this but no.
Oddly I have wondered from time to time but never wanted to say whether or not readers would actually send this blog, or ANY of my fourteen blogs about me, to the news media themselves.
This is bound to have happened and will continue to happen and the readers that have done this will be asking themselves why they have still not read or heard anything about any of this?! Well apart from the stories I have covered they have done without mention of me being the source that is, lol.
Nope this will continue to build in number as will the number of people being BEWILDERED, lol. That was my intention from day one. AFter all I would have to be pretty mad to make this up and a genius to make it all up and fool all of these public offices and all these private companies to achieve all that I have?! DO you not think that making a series of hoaxes this brilliant I would have more than Sweet F.A in my account?!
That therefore strongly suggests that if I have not used my intellect to steal money or defraud money then I am therefore pretty honest. Born before my time is how Old Ken used to describe it.
No matter which way you look at me and my achievements I have only allowed exactly one way to look at it that makes any sense. That would be the way I describe otherwise I would be the biggest dumb-arse conman ever to be born!!


I forgot about this one.

For those that have paid attention ICE are the Independent Case Examiners who curiously have their email address under the Department of Work and Pensions server?!

I have not come across any diabled people nor groups that have EVER HEARD of them and I did pretty much know this would be the case the moment I hard from them.

So I decided to go through them who are just a front the government can use in the House of Commons or somewhere else to state that there is a body does watch the DWP, but does fuck all, to make sure they are doing the correct things and following their own rules, which they most definitely do NOT. LOL.

What more can I say?

Oh yeah OK then I can say plenty...

I started this procedure in January 2012 and no that is NOT a typo I said January 2012!! They claim to keep in contact every three months but do not. They only say this when I tear several sttrips form their hides only for me to then realize that they contact me every FIVE MONTHS. This time they have taken five months they have actually acknowledged the fact and apologized, well I did not give them much of a chance now did I?! LMAO!!

They said it would take 18 months at the beginning and yet as you can see from the letter sent to me exactly 17 months after it started they have ONLY NOW asked the Disability Carers Service a series of questions?!

Chances of them coming to any conclusions 24 months after approaching them?! ZERO!!


I tried to tell a great many people, who simply WOULD NOT have it, that the problem is NOT Atos they are only the hired help and acting under instruction, though still guilty of fraud and deception.

I think I can now safely rest that case and this one, lol.


Wicked Game is playing through my Acoustic Energy speakers and spreads through the house. For once I am in and not so much being lazy but attempting to tidy my house further from the chaos that has been the hotter months.

Now being August 24th 2013 I am but a couple of weeks away before anyone can officially say that the majority of my musing subjects have existed for a whole year. A WHOLE year? It seems totally undelievable to me that I had to buy a pair of new shoes a couple of days ago and that when I purchased the last pair 7 months back I thought there was no way on EARTH that when I needed a replacement pair I would still be worried about how much I spent on them?!

How wrong I was.

Around the same time I had also purchased a new Bridge Camera to work with and again I had thought that in 6 months time I would at least be able tp PLAN my next step up of camera in the form of an SLR.

Again I was wrong.

I am not used to being wrong but gracefully accept it when I am but often when I am way off base I tend to want to work out how I managed to so so wrong. More often than not it turns out some wildy off mathematics born of artificial beginnings come into play. Many times these can affect others sometimes in the tens and sometimes in the millions. For the longest time I was in a position whereby I could what I have recently done and yet my life has been in so much turmoil for so very long I was never able to get around to doing what I achieve and that is to show as many others as I can what it is I see....AND HOW! A beat echoes around the room I sit in as I type away on the keyboard and Donald sings about taking 90 minutes from New York to Paris and I think of how old this song is and how his own musings have hardly changed and I ponder if he thinks the same things that I do?!

What I find perplexing right now is how more people now realize what I have now been remarking about for many a year. Not as you might think but more a lack of time to digest things previously but now looking for answers to problems they are now affected by. That is the main negativity I would have regarding the human race and why we have been stuck in zero progression for the longest time. As Donald Fagen is now well aware the 90 minutes from New York to Paris is dreamland once again.

The numbers on this blog might seem a lot to many but are not to me. You see I thought when I started this blog and published the evidence that I ALREADY POSSESSED it would spread like wildfire. I thought the same when I sent those now infamous and four DVDs to the tabloids. Strange to think that being at the centre and single handedly behind some of the biggest stories in the United Kingdom and the world which can all be attributed back to one man garners zero attention. Even after a year of both publicizing what I have on here as well as collecting more along the way. Maybe they DID contact me but the correspondence....somehow did not reach me?! As Elton John now sings about his Rocket Man I think how I was worried that this would end up being me. Associated with the most terrible crimes and scams within the UK and a few possibly global to boot and in excess of ten of them and you tend to notice when nothing happens and it appears that people are going out of their way to stay well clear of you. Except on this blog of course. Has made me wonder on many occasions just how stories DO get found out about and indeed just  how gruesome it needs to be to garner attention?! Maybe the detaining by Police of your friend under the Terrorism Act that I had already stated on here they have lied about....sheeesh, hehe.

Yes so little by little people have come upon this blog and read about the atrocities that are closer to home and not concerning a bunch of people in a far away land who would harm their own to get help from us and therefore not give a Rat's arse about us in reality but knowing that on the world stage NO ONE CAN SAY NO! Little by little the numbers have gone up and have totally and completely raised in accordance to what and HOW Google want them to rise?! I have seen numbers concerning my visitors go backwards several times and that large numbers of visitors to my blogs have managed to UN-VISIT themselves to my blogs?! Stunning. In fact this is so badly done it is as if someone has been trying to message me that someone is watching and meddling with the figures?!?!

But now it has been a year. I have covered enough subjects and enough areas that from here on in with the run up to Christmas 2013 I need NOT do any more! I have enough retailers listed in my attacks with proof regarding their shenanigans that many a sleepless night will afflict them up to Christmas and then after it is over realize the end is most certainly NIGH.

In 2014 I will STILL BE STANDING amd will be bigger than you can ever imagine! It will also have been realized that it is NOT the names nor the companies themselves I have been after but instead the peopole and the types or MORONS that seem to think that this is the behaviour o have, or that business means being a liar or greedy?! No I am after THEM and I WILL EXPOSE THEM, or rather other people will from here on in?!

For instance  was speaking about this today with a friend and was talking about the Sony DSC-HX300 Bridge Camera I now own and how this fiasco all started. He said 'I bet it is someone from Dragon's Den that owns the suppliers to these people and they are behind it all?!' I said in repsonse while starting to smile from EAR TO EAR...


Not for the reasons I can guarantee your now thinking either!


So before long I think in all honesty I would be approaching something resembling THE END.

Without the cash to get around and dig further there is little more I could possibly show to the world about the true face of the United Kingdom and its government, or as you now know those that use the government like puppets.

I have been involved, delved, dived and waded through the worst cesspits that exist on the UK both public and private. There are a couple of things to come audio wise but by mid September all my avenues would have run dry and all roads traveled as far as I can take them.

After that it is up to all of you?!

As for me maybe I can recapture a feeling of love long since lost?



Think though they have their facts wrong about how to grow Cannabis so that IT DOES GIVE YOU A HIGH, LOL.

Cannabis crop discovered in Broads


Well I suppose it should have been obvious really, except to the naive analysts supposed to be experts at this lol.

I shouted out 'YES' in a store and luckily it was a friends who had already heard the news Steve Ballmer had gone.

An odd omission from this report is what I believed to be a military background?!

But then it was a long time ago and before Bill Gates was forced out and possibly just links to the military. If so then my bad.

Microsoft chief Ballmer to retire


Well I cannot wait to see what is in-store for part TWO!! LOL!

Wow the NHS really DO have no idea about what I have been up to, lmao, not good news fore the guy I used to see that claimed he was a GP?! I have a letter typed out for him and am pondering whether to see him one last time, to have an argument and RECORD HIM, or just send him the letter and wash my hands of another crap GP Surgery?!

Anyway he is a scanned letter asking me to go back so they can try and RECRUIT me but tell me it is for my own good...


Now I will not really say much....especially as it is all placed upon the scanned document anyway. But here is a letter claiming to be an explanation from NIKON, lol....

Thursday, 22 August 2013


I have noted the increase in sinkholes.

Does make me think of fracking and only one thing of several that concerns me.

Only makes me think of it mind you.



The news from this report is 37% are extremely naive and added to this its pointless and not to mention stupid to debate this if you do not know what the data is!!

Also confusing is that the digital data is exactly data and therefore in essence just a copy. The owners of the data know what they have. As do the journalists and no one...oh OK 37% of the naive section, will believe this stunt was only pulled to allow the perpetrators of the detaining to counter any futute releases of facts, lol.

I messaged my brother and told him I sent them FOUR DVDs over a year ago and would be hilarious if this investigation all started with my DVDs and pointers, lol.


Thought I would give an update ...

So refund after return of Nikon on Tuesday. No cash arriving just yet and eager to pick up new camera and ended up in there today.

My brother Ryan tried to guess which one I had decided on but was way off. When I say DECIDED I have already ordered a back up battery for it and will get a slingshot Lowepro backpack in a couple of weeks time.

I received an email today to say my battery has been despatched. Odd as I only ordered it around 9am today and will be bizarre if that arrives before I can buy the camera?!

Also I mentioned the run around Argos gave me for the last 6 months to some very surprised locals. One was a customer in a friends store and he said 'they should bloody give you compensation for screwing up those 6 months!'

I laughed at the idea but he was insistent but I would not even know where to begin as I am pretty sure there is nothing out there to protect the consumer. They tell you there is but there is not and those that are there have proved useless and toothless.


At least thats the direction they are heading!

How long before the BBC become the most feared and hated name across the land, lol.

It will only get worse.

TV licence prosecutions hit new peak


Well if this is not an admission that they really have been up to no good then I do not know what is?!


Could you eavesdrop on the Guardian?

NO SHIT...WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL is another of my stories!

Anyone started a list and updating it regularly?! lol.

Remember sent all this and all sensetive stuff, Home Office docs and 18GB data to Guardian and others over a year ago now, lol.

That is it ... keep going... just waiting for ..


Council bailiff use 'excessive'


Well the plot thickens!

Now it seems they have been spying on their own people after they repeatedly said they dud not?!

Would not like to be in their shoes from here on in, lol.

Just today I said to someone ...don't you think it sniffs a bit of the master race?!

Court halted NSA email surveillance


Well I previously mentioned that a man in PC World remarked about the Sony Camera being ...."SEALED" abd I said I did not know because I have not purchased a Sony before...

...well I was checking out some YouTube videos when I suddenly realised I SPOTTED something very familiar and VERY WORRYING, lol. I have left a comment on his YouTube account informing him that the camera in question looks to be a refurbished one, lol.

Odd how it is all Japanese companies on this occasion with Nikon, Olympus and Sony. I cannot help wondering if Bionaire is Japanese too?! LOL.

Here are some screen shots...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Well I have my refund, taped it too but not much happened in all honesty but that IS how I like it, lol.

Oddly I then entered PC World whereby  guy with an SLR around his neck came up to me and asked if I needed any help?! That has never happened and not with an SLR around their necks, lol.

I said 'Yes you can! Can you assure me that IF I purchase a camera from this store that it will NOT be refurbished?!"

Looking bemused he answered  "Well OF COURSE SIR! All our cameras come factory sealed!!"

I then replied "Wait...WHAT?! Oooh dear then this means they are refurbished I am afraid as I have been assured on good authority that they do not come sealed at all?!"

Further bemused looks that made his head look like it was going to explode before I pulled out my Argos refund receipt and waved it at him and explained what had happened at Argos, lol.


You know there has always been a thing all my life with me and the number 4?!


Well today I am taking back the Nikon Camera and this is going to cost me the last few days of photographing all insects but I am tired and past caring!!

Here is a last scanned document of the FOUR RECEIPTS.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013



Well about bloody time I have been hearing this practice is rife for bloody years.

A bloody barrister?!?! Lol.

Council flat fraud barrister jailed


I think the less said about statements by naive people with titles that strongly suggest a higher intelligence the better.

I do not want to get into a barrage of name calling, history will do that for me!


Anonymous 'hacks council website'


A legal firm that now has to cease a service they have had up for a number of years.

I assumed there would be a number of declarations like this and certain it is only the beginning.

I had not had much time to ponder who or why. Legal services should have stuck out like a sore thumb really, lol.

News site abandoned over US snooping


...oh there are no doors or knockers?!

Hey but is an ear lobe I can yank on belonging to a young man I will pull on that and see if it makes a noise?!


I did state a few days ago that they would get hired and there they are right on cue!

Not interested in whether or not fracking has any long term ill effects on both the humans, a separate species from them, and wildlife that live their just act on orders of the highest bidder as usual!!

I have had TWO wildlife enthusiasts, think it has been more, mention their concern of the effects fracking will have on the local wildlife.


So Number 10 knew of that detention of that Brazilian and not really surprising.

What is surprising is that they did this at all?! The detention I mean and one thing is very clear ...

A great many people and authorities are extremely nervous about something and I believe that Guardian reporter has some idea what this might well be judging from his understandable reaction?!

A shame I did not email him at the Guardian as regards to this blog. Will have his hands full now though.

After my experiences all fully listed on this blog I very much doubt nothing could possibly surprise me now.

There is one thing that does surprise me though and that is the utter incompetence,  stupidity and naivety of the people that run this country whether it be the obvious ones or others that remain hidden!

You see I have spoken to a great many people and the answers or attitudes are the same...

Not only does no one trust anyone in authority anymore but they also do not trust the big name sellers and manufacturers. All public offices do nothing but lie and cheat and behave az if they havs every right to and to your cash?!

What is even more surprising is that they whinge about the economy and point fingers and give excuses when the whole time they are prolonging what THEY caused.

I currently need a camera to dig myself OUT OF a hole they dumped me and many others into without warning and even Doctors had no idea they were doing this to their patients!!

Do they actually know this but do not want to admit it or are they really all that bloody amoral and DENSE that they just do not see it but are tasked with running the UK?!

I for one am eager to know what that Guardian reporter also has in his arsenal and can hardly wait to see. Sadly I have not kept on top of news reports as I have been running in circles with some iffy cameras.

No 10 'knew of Miranda detention'


Here is a video of the second Nikon Coolpix P520 from Argos failing.

I had hoped that the failure might have been down to the battery form the FIRST camera but alas, no.

I am not prepared to go through this for a FIFTH TIME in 6 months and want a full refund. I could not put a figure on how many photos I have missed out on but even in the time I have had these artistic shots have gone out the window as I did not setup the camera how I wanted it due to not wanting to waste my time with a camera that yet again turned out to be faulty.

Once Argos HQ realise that the last email I sent to them was about the LATEST camera and NOT THE previous camera and telling me they are glad I finally sorted out my problem I will have to decide what to do.

There is no local Jessops as they went bust and I do not know of any local camera stores. There is Park Cameras, I think they are called, in Bristol that advertise in photography magazines I might try them.

But after everything I have been through I really, REALLY do not want to buy ANYTHING electrical unless I see it FIRST!!

Monday, 19 August 2013


To help my back, shoulder and right hand out from getting painful too quickly while I am out on my bike I tend to cycle with no hands a great deal.

I would have mentioned this previously but due to a fourth faulty camera I dug out my old Nikon Coolpix S8200 and while out filmed myself cycling with no hands, lol.

I have done this for a number of years now and when I think about it that when the NHS prescribed my Gabapentin, I now want to get off and into something else, it was bloody irresponsible as not only does it have side effects but I have now not come across anyone that they have not affected!!

They make me feel ill and dizzy and in fact I feel like that right now!!

To give that drug to someone who not only CYCLES but cycles NO HANDS a great deal because of pain to his right hand, back and shoulder while CYCLING is bloody STUPID and INSANE!!

I have eased mine down from the 900mg a day they wanted me up at, just too ill and the nurse I know tells me her daughter now wants to come off them too?!




Now this may be somewhat confusing and you will not be alone as I had to read this a second time to make sure I was reading what she said correctly?!

Does the word STALLING spring to mind when you read it?

Also and more curiously is that there has been NO reply from Nikon UK?!?!

Also note that hse is UNABLE to access YOUTUBE?!?! LMAO.









Resulting in a 66.6% of electrical goods purchased being faulty WELL INSIDE A YEAR!


Sunday, 18 August 2013


Well I have long attacked the NHS on here and other places and pointed out that the problems with rot are...

God Complex
Thoughts that Medical Degrees trump all comers

It did not occur to me that they could be on something? lmao.

Health chief: 'I ate hash cookies'


Thought it might be interesting now that NAYSAYERS may be building in number to put this little screen shot up!!

Or two...


Odd in the first photo how registering much older models is still an option?! Not been selling them for some reason?! Lol.


I may have a follow up post to this if I get permission to do it and use what I have in my possession?!

Yup even MORE to go into the 50GB of DIGITAL DATA and the dozen bulging cardboard and plastic folders littered about my house and the list of cloud storage services I use, lol.

I have wanted to publish this for sometime as well as get a hold of any court papers. A shame it was not done earlier as the proverbial is about to hit the fan on this one whereas I edite out names and dates, except for those people employed and answerable to US!!

The mother in question has been issued a letter and the courts found out about on-line publication and revealing of court proceedings and this could be used in a rather nasty way to beat her into submission but I know this will not happen.

I also fear for her life too.

My ex, and his influential Job makes my life a living nightmare:

'via Blog this'

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Well anyone who visits and have worked there way through the previous posts should have guessed that when I took the THIRD faulty camera back to ARGOS to exchange it for the exact same camera, but LESS FAULTY, that I would RECORD the visit.

A lady decided to deal with me and a chap that looked, dressed and acted like the manager suddenly went extremely tight lipped and did not utter a word?!

DO you think he may have been warned I had been recording my visits? LMAO!

Well he stayed tight lipped until I was leaving the store and he passed me and said 'thanks, bye' which you can probably pick up on the tape.

SO the models of camera are:

Nikon Coolpix L810

Olympus SP-820UZ

Nikon Coolpix P520

Nikon Coolpix P520




Friday, 16 August 2013


Well that I did NOT want to read as apart from the deplorable behaviour of the NHS yet again is seeing the words 'UNNECESSARY SECTIONING'! 

With what my moronic GP pulled in a ling line of STUPID in just 10 months and despite being on holiday nine times during that time, lol.

Rights of mentally ill 'violated'


My bloody GOD!!

How am I supposed to get through to morons with bloody incompetent statements that only THEY think is clever?!

No pay, no say? Jesus idiot do you even know what happens to your money??

I myself cycle because I have to!!

I have physical pains but you cant tell when I am on the bike unless your fairly observant. But people do not stop and THINK and I do try to stay off the roads as much as I can ...

...if you have paid attention you would know I was involved in a bad road traffic accident I think is the cause of my pains today. Believe me when I say this that my accident happened precisely thirty years ago and my physical pains go back between a few years to over twenty.

It is probably fear of this link that the NHS has REFUSED to deal with any of my conditions correctly in over 20 years?!?!

So yeah I know more than I should and have experienced more than I should too.

Is there any such thing as 'road tax'?


When are these so called journalists going to smell the coffee?!

Going after an obvious muel masquerading as a goat while the real criminals sit back laughing?!

Still the rise is wrong though, funny how these things come out, or LEAKED, when journalists are supposed to be searching for the ultimate truth.

£25k rise for failing NHS trust boss


Unbelievable is the only word my stunned brain can think of right now,  lol.

Whitehall's £500m consultancy bill



They really are only interested in helping big businesses with money and power.

They do not deserve the titles if Police or Law Enforcement as they do nothing of the kind!!

To be honest it started really with Hilsborough and it has never really stopped. Burying things only leads to further crimes while learning from their mistakes, like getting CAUGHT.

So here they are giving out warnings to the public in behalf of big business who are into something they do NOT nor CANNOT fully understand despite the hired spokesman said to be scientists?!

They really have no clue of the landscape that will be viewable when the end of the tunnel is reached.

It would seem we are not that dissimilar to Egypt except in death rates and scale...right now that is!!

Lol, hired science.

Police warning over fracking demo


I see that Abba Katana has been followed, or about to be, by his family meaning that an extreme expense on a fancy home will soon cease?!

Probably the payments for running two cars too and mobile phone bills and anything else that they claimed for.

Now I would like to see thousands if others that have no respect for the UK or its people follow them before its too late.

Christ that might be me by 2014?!


Cleric Abu Qatada's family leave UK

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Well here is a little film I did of the offending seals on the boxes no one wants to admit to!

I also did a little monologue to go with it due to being BLOCKED by Nikon UK, well I have no idea how I will get around my email being blocked....ooh wait how about using one of my other four email addresses?! Err or is it five? No SIX! LMAO!


Anyway I have STILL OMITTED something and like I said in the monologue as well as in emails to both Argos and Nikon....


It IS there I assure you and stares everyone right in the face, lol.

I have emailed a Nikon President and I get the impression there are many COOKS, sorry I mean PRESIDENTS at Nikon as this one is for Nikon UK?!


Also now seems that everywhere I look they are all at it but I would love to know how it started and why it spread to the biggest names?!

Time will inevitably tell I guess!


Today I got a call from a chap from Argos.

He started of with the usual three mentions of the word 'sorry' like his name is 'Jack' and he wields 'magic beans' which I will just not accept any longer.

He started off on a really long spiel which was becoming both mundane and boring until he said 'WE DO NOT SELL REFURBISHED ITEMS' and I reacted.

He then become cocky and asked in a sarcastic tone 'well how CAN YOU TELL Sir?!' so I told him and he then tried to make excuses to which he then denied doing and I simply ripped him to pieces digit by digit, toe by toe and then limb by limb!

Once again they DENY having nothing to do with the void STICKER and claimed that Nikon put it on the box and yet Nikon UK, who are now blocking my emails, have maintained for 6 months that they do NOT put stickers or seals on ANY boxes?!

Oh do not worry about the blocked email there is always a way around it and if the current one fails I will use another method, a real complicated one I will most likely get accused of being a hacker as I had done previously with Very Catalogue. It is a real complicated hacker way of getting around the blocking of your email address that will take some explaining so here goes nothing...



SO he can assure me that this camera is not refurbished but when I said that NIKON did not put the sticker on the box he could then not tell me who could.

He slipped up and therefore admitted that they would have to contact 'THEIR SUPPLIERS' which is obviously NOT NIKON.

They should NOT be an authorized dealer if they are going to play these games and Nikon should have stripped them of this 6 months ago and only ONE reason why not!

Argos CANNOT acquire the same and CURRENT model of camera for me which ALSO means they are not using Nikon UK for their cameras, just like B&Q are NOT USING Bionaire for Electric Fans and yet listed as an authorized dealers?!

My fiend Steve roared with laughter once I came of the phone to Argos. He could hear the guy was being cocky and whinced in agony behind his counter imagining what it was like being on the receiving end of m y tongue lashing and I removed the skin from this hapless individual little by little.

The best part is I STILL have not let on to my little OMISSION that is very key to the statements made to me by both Argos and Nikon UK. I have sent them now the details and give them an IQ test to inform me o what the omission might be. It is really simple, if they cannot tell me then they HAVE NO IQ?!

This way they have had NO RIGHT to treat me the way that they have for the last 6 months, no right t speak down to me the way that they have, no right to talk down to me the way that they have attempted to several times.

I will use this as a prime example that will garner a great deal of backing to prevent companies from ever taking the piss out of their customers EVER AGAIN!!!

Yes if someone is up to no good and trying it on I would be all in agreement with this treatment and attitude and I would be the same. But THIS is NOT THAT!

I was unable to record the call with the Customer Services manager who got ripped to pieces by me for an hour or more but after leaving mr friends store I did do a little dictation as things were FRESH in my mind!


I was trying to find an email address to Nikon in Japan and I keep coming across very worrying things!!

Though I think the camera itself to be fantastic, the Nikon Coolpix P520, I do have .... one and a half issues with it, lol.

1) The electronic viewfinder is utterly useless and I could only see it being used when you cannot see the main screen due to sunlight?! However I have spent FOUR DAYS filming very small insects, Damselflies and Dragonflies, and have not needed to use it!

.5) Umm not entirely convinced it is FORTY-TWO TIMES MAGNIFICATION and it does seem that the Olympus 40x was actually more powerful than the Nikon P520's 42x?!

Anyway it has been arranged to exchange the camera tomorrow at a different store as they CAN NOT arrange a replacement?!

There are a total of SIX Argos stores within 3 miles of me and yet only two single solitary cameras of the same model I have are in stock among all those six stores?!

Only when I said well what if I travel to the one at Waltham Cross and get THAT ONE the chap said that would be OK and he rang them to inform them.

You can GUESS what I will do when I AM THERE?! Lol.

"NEW YORK -- I purchased a Nikon L-820 which took horrible, blurry pictures. Camera was under 1 yr warranty. Returned camera at my expense, ..."

"If you're thinking of purchasing a new Nikon, all I can say is buyer beware! I have spent the past month trying to resolve ..."

"Coolpix breaks Nikon blames user - Coolpix S4100"

"JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN -- 110% agree!!! We bought a p100 and have nothing but problems, we are sending it in to get fixed for the second time this year ..."

Nikon Consumer Reviews and Complaints -

'via Blog this'


it's bad all over: Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review:

"As late as 1999, it was often the same in the U.S., too, and the U.S. is by far the largest single-country photographic market in the world. I was a sales rep for Nikon Inc. (USA) then, and, frequently, no one in the U.S. subsidiary was told when particular products would next be shipped from Japan. (There were many exceptions, but often, especially with high-demand allocated products, there was no way to know in advance what was coming.)

In other words, they are not discriminating against Australians; they treat everyone badly.

Obviously, Nikon Japan did not/does not believe that creating a system for reporting this information was/is worth the effort. They may, in fact, believe that such information should not be disclosed to subsidiaries regardless. (I personally think this is the explanation.)

This is just one of the many ways in which Nikon is a frustrating and backward-thinking company."

'via Blog this'


According to a guy in Hong Kong that is?! LMAO!

Oh and a GUY in BELGIUM?! SOunds a little racist to me, lol.

Re: Nikon Japan Email Address: Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review:

'via Blog this'


Dear Sirs

I have noted that you are blocking my emails and I have taken screen shots of that and posted all correspondence both coming and going, as you claim I am using bad language which IS HILARIOUS.

Especially as you have wasted 6 months of work and money and caused me a great deal of pain for nothing.

Tut-tut, anyway yes I am mad as hell and have every right to be but my outbursts are always controlled to illicit the correct RESPONSE.

ARGOS HQ been on the phone and they NOW CLAIM that the REFURBISHED CAMERAS come from YOU!! Oh and they claim that the stickers are NOT THEIRS meaning they are YOURS?!?!?!

I am including the blasted photos you ASKED me for and then BLOCKED ME FROM SENDING.

I can guarantee your not going to have a good Christmas anywhere in the world this year or the year after.

What with your reputation and name some form of RECOMPENSE and an APOLOGY should have been minimum, not lies, false accusations and blocking of emails?!

That is just evasive from a guilty consience and as for ARgos having someone cocky attempting to pull me to pieces I am afraid it ended up the other way araound, in fact I was in a friends store and after I came off the phone he burst out laughing at the way in which I dismembered the cocky so and so one digit and then one limb at a time!

Now as a test of intelligence there now are attached several images and some proof. You like talking down to me and making false accusations so here we go...

...within these photos is a very key point that gives the game away to who is doing what as far as refurbished equipment goes.


You did not read my first email by asking for the faulty images taken, anger management not needed. Then your claimed help and support service only gets worse from here on in. Try sounding caring, sorry and compassionate in future and you will get a lot less in the way of 'BAD LANGUAGE'.

Oh and I have emailed the President of Nikon UK and I will now NOT stop there either as you blocked my emails I will send out a whole barrage of emails now!

Martin Haswell BSc


Number three in a row delivery failure...

...remember they were requesting for images of the SEALS which I accused them of only PRETEHNDING to suddenly care about which they SHOULD HAVE DONE back in February when I ORIGINALLY sent them the bloody pictures of the STICKERS stating 'VOID' to which I still have the email from NIKON stating that...

'We do NOT put on the boxes and no Nikon Camera in its box has a seal on anywhere in the buiding!'

But have not managed to ask Argos WHY the are bringing the Nikon brand into disrepute?!

Oh dear and now I have tried to send them it is now impossible to do so, still I am sure someone will come across the pictures gathered together RIGHT HERE, lol.

Now what was it I said to them all when I lost my temper over having 6 months of my life and work andf pain WASTED?! Oh yeah...



Oh I suupose I should put the images up that I ATTEMPTED to send to Nikon UK and four of these were sent to Argos.

I decided that only two pictures of the boxes were more than sufficient?!

Remember I have seen this behaviour go on at TWO other retailers too snd with BOTH these I have evidence of shenanigans that include Very, Littlewoods and a Motorola Atrix Smartphome (originally sold in USA) and another I have kept quiet about, lol.

Also B&Q Stores and a Bionaire Electric Fan which was actually broken, and I did not 'PICK UP' on it, out of the box but worked....well for 11 months then failed, lol.

Oh and the 'OMISSION' I refer to is there, lol. Or should I say NOT THERE?! LMAO!

Remember your buying an ITEM, that is why they make them so flashy and shiny!!

You are not handing over your hard earned CASH to purchase the ABILITY TO DO SOMETHING?! You can do that already with your phone, lol.