Thursday, 15 August 2013


I ended up doing the exact same thing with Very & Littlewoods to prove my point...

...mind you I have no idea whether anyone took any notice or whether or not someone ran off and made a name for themselves with a story they claimed was theirs, lol.

But these morons are not very good a cheating and it is as if they think the British Public are so brain-dead, naive or just too plain busy to notice but the prices are all over the place and DO NOT make sense.

If this is more widely KNOWN, even IF not reported about, then this is a large scale reason as to WHY the public is not spending any money. Or one of them at any rate.

There no follows TWP screen shots from the ARGOS phone app for the same DSLR Canaon Camera model 1100D.

But note that the body ONLY one is actually DEARER IN PRICE than the one that comes with a LENS?!


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