Saturday, 24 August 2013


Wicked Game is playing through my Acoustic Energy speakers and spreads through the house. For once I am in and not so much being lazy but attempting to tidy my house further from the chaos that has been the hotter months.

Now being August 24th 2013 I am but a couple of weeks away before anyone can officially say that the majority of my musing subjects have existed for a whole year. A WHOLE year? It seems totally undelievable to me that I had to buy a pair of new shoes a couple of days ago and that when I purchased the last pair 7 months back I thought there was no way on EARTH that when I needed a replacement pair I would still be worried about how much I spent on them?!

How wrong I was.

Around the same time I had also purchased a new Bridge Camera to work with and again I had thought that in 6 months time I would at least be able tp PLAN my next step up of camera in the form of an SLR.

Again I was wrong.

I am not used to being wrong but gracefully accept it when I am but often when I am way off base I tend to want to work out how I managed to so so wrong. More often than not it turns out some wildy off mathematics born of artificial beginnings come into play. Many times these can affect others sometimes in the tens and sometimes in the millions. For the longest time I was in a position whereby I could what I have recently done and yet my life has been in so much turmoil for so very long I was never able to get around to doing what I achieve and that is to show as many others as I can what it is I see....AND HOW! A beat echoes around the room I sit in as I type away on the keyboard and Donald sings about taking 90 minutes from New York to Paris and I think of how old this song is and how his own musings have hardly changed and I ponder if he thinks the same things that I do?!

What I find perplexing right now is how more people now realize what I have now been remarking about for many a year. Not as you might think but more a lack of time to digest things previously but now looking for answers to problems they are now affected by. That is the main negativity I would have regarding the human race and why we have been stuck in zero progression for the longest time. As Donald Fagen is now well aware the 90 minutes from New York to Paris is dreamland once again.

The numbers on this blog might seem a lot to many but are not to me. You see I thought when I started this blog and published the evidence that I ALREADY POSSESSED it would spread like wildfire. I thought the same when I sent those now infamous and four DVDs to the tabloids. Strange to think that being at the centre and single handedly behind some of the biggest stories in the United Kingdom and the world which can all be attributed back to one man garners zero attention. Even after a year of both publicizing what I have on here as well as collecting more along the way. Maybe they DID contact me but the correspondence....somehow did not reach me?! As Elton John now sings about his Rocket Man I think how I was worried that this would end up being me. Associated with the most terrible crimes and scams within the UK and a few possibly global to boot and in excess of ten of them and you tend to notice when nothing happens and it appears that people are going out of their way to stay well clear of you. Except on this blog of course. Has made me wonder on many occasions just how stories DO get found out about and indeed just  how gruesome it needs to be to garner attention?! Maybe the detaining by Police of your friend under the Terrorism Act that I had already stated on here they have lied about....sheeesh, hehe.

Yes so little by little people have come upon this blog and read about the atrocities that are closer to home and not concerning a bunch of people in a far away land who would harm their own to get help from us and therefore not give a Rat's arse about us in reality but knowing that on the world stage NO ONE CAN SAY NO! Little by little the numbers have gone up and have totally and completely raised in accordance to what and HOW Google want them to rise?! I have seen numbers concerning my visitors go backwards several times and that large numbers of visitors to my blogs have managed to UN-VISIT themselves to my blogs?! Stunning. In fact this is so badly done it is as if someone has been trying to message me that someone is watching and meddling with the figures?!?!

But now it has been a year. I have covered enough subjects and enough areas that from here on in with the run up to Christmas 2013 I need NOT do any more! I have enough retailers listed in my attacks with proof regarding their shenanigans that many a sleepless night will afflict them up to Christmas and then after it is over realize the end is most certainly NIGH.

In 2014 I will STILL BE STANDING amd will be bigger than you can ever imagine! It will also have been realized that it is NOT the names nor the companies themselves I have been after but instead the peopole and the types or MORONS that seem to think that this is the behaviour o have, or that business means being a liar or greedy?! No I am after THEM and I WILL EXPOSE THEM, or rather other people will from here on in?!

For instance  was speaking about this today with a friend and was talking about the Sony DSC-HX300 Bridge Camera I now own and how this fiasco all started. He said 'I bet it is someone from Dragon's Den that owns the suppliers to these people and they are behind it all?!' I said in repsonse while starting to smile from EAR TO EAR...


Not for the reasons I can guarantee your now thinking either!


So before long I think in all honesty I would be approaching something resembling THE END.

Without the cash to get around and dig further there is little more I could possibly show to the world about the true face of the United Kingdom and its government, or as you now know those that use the government like puppets.

I have been involved, delved, dived and waded through the worst cesspits that exist on the UK both public and private. There are a couple of things to come audio wise but by mid September all my avenues would have run dry and all roads traveled as far as I can take them.

After that it is up to all of you?!

As for me maybe I can recapture a feeling of love long since lost?

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