Friday, 9 August 2013


Well I know that children have paid dearly because courts and the local councils especially conspire to hide facts and evidence.

It has long been known to me of the fact that they do this and of late I have met a great deal of people that either know this to be true or themselves been a victim of it.

They claim that they look at the best interest of this children but they refuse to investigate matters that are indeed DANGEROUS to children both physically and mentally. If they make mistakes which they often do they then spend a great deal of time and money that they should have done earlier in 'THE CHILD'S BEST INTERESTS' to bury their mistakes so they are not sued or found out by the media.

By doing this they are allowed to do things in secret, of course claiming this to be in the 'CHILD'S BEST INTERESTS' when the reality is it is their own.

Before very long it will be revealed just how many people have been destroyed by this and these people will later be claimed by the government to be the criminals and dreggs of socity they they themselves created.

The numbers will contnue to grow as will the broken homes also. But YOU can do something about it by way of signing a partition belonging to someone whose child is a victim of this evil and dark system of corruption.

Now despite my own daughter fighting a court battle that is heading for its eight court appearance and Wirral Council going to be nailed to the proverbial crucifix this petition is not mine!

But I signed it for one reason and one reason only....BECAUSE I HAVE A CONSCIENCE!

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