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Before I post up the next...POST I need to first get this bit out of the way and will do the coming emails after the NEXT POST, lol.

Dear Sirs

I now have not only what I believe to be a very serious issue but one the entire country will now focus on in the coming weeks and months leading up to Christmas!

I have purchased one of your cameras and again from Argos.

The model itself is one I wanted originally but though I only got this today I now realise I have ended up with yet ANOTHER refurbished product and that now makes three in a row from Argos.

This one today was as an exchange for an Olympus SP-820UZ I now realise was faulty from day on!

The camera I received today after some heated arguing is your model Nikon Coolpix P520. When I un-boxed it I noticed that there were marks on the lens. I also then noticed a VERY offending 'VOID' sticker over the edge of the box (see below) and I have tested the camera and despite it taking fantastic shots and movies it has faults too!!!

I had a previous conversation with an engineer at Nikon UK who assured me that Nikon boxes have no seals or stickers on them regardless of the price!

Argos only claimed to be responsible for ONE of the stickers!

You did not react as concerned about this as you should have been, which leads me to believe that you are not only aware of this practice but condone it via an authorised dealer?!

I did not make the mistakes as last time and used another device to film myself un-boxing the Nikon and discovering the marks on the lens. I have now published all my findings on my YouTube account and my websites.

I want to know what is going on as whatever it is, is highly illegal and once I have accumulated all my findings and all the emails I am going to post off to the media about it.

I quite literally BEGGED to have this sorted out.

I quite literally BEGGED NOT to be sold another refurbished item!

I told everyone that I use it for online work and no one stopped to think of any faults appearing online to a very wide public, well 45,000 currently.

I told them I suffer from disabilities and that the warmer months are vital to me having a suitable camera for my needs!!!

I fully intended to acquire a Nikon D800E and one macro and one telephoto lens with a 2x converter later in the year when my advertising and Google Adsense from being Affiliated with a number of organisations works out.

Now I ask myself if the United Kingdom actually has a fully working brand new camera ANYWHERE in any store and if I EVER get to but the D800E will THAT be refurbished too?!

As for the marks I noticed on the lens, well as well as filming I simply BREATHED on the lens to highlight the marks and took photos of them and published them online.

If both YOU and Argos along with Shop Direct are going to cheat the British Public you could at LEAST attempt to do this competently?!?!

It has been far too easy to spot and work out and .... well selling ME of all people THREE in a row while I fork out EVER MORE MONEY each time and with the online presence I have was tantamount to corporate suicide!

I have had NO offers of recompense of the things I have bought for each camera that are now useless either.

Just a series of apologies for six months of my time and thousands of photo opportunities missed!

I had better be given an explanation and I warn you now it had better be good?!?!

I can send you several photos that highlight the problem with the LATEST piece of shoddy electronics to come my way of late and these three are now part of a longer list I have been cataloging so that I may later publish a full breakdown of what has been going on.


Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Fergie

Please READ emails customers take time to WRITE.


The camera is refurbished, you KNOW ARGOS ARE SELLING YOUR REFURBISHED CAMERAS and the camera FREEZES every ten shots.

I tell you what i can PROVE the cameras are refurbished and the faults as i have posted the evidence and video online and on YouTube and have contacted several national tabloids about it.

i have also now informed Argos of what I have done,  so go away and you and your bosses can go and pull your heads out of your backsides and email me again and this time make it look like you have SOME level of INTELLIGENCE?!

Make note of that as i have 45,000 readers around the world will be able and are folliwing this as are two thousand new ones each week!

Martin Haswell BSc (make note)

Dear Marcin

First off do not insult my intelligence and state the camera is not refurbished but not had anyone with Argos stickers or seals so ...


Now you say you have not heard of these seals before and yet THAT is a lie, please remember all correspondence is posted and has global audience of 45,000 and rising by 2,000 per week.

Well i told your HQ about this back in February so you just lied to the guy who told you about it.

That brings me to the next point Nikon have fallen flat on their faces with as you did not state WHICH BOX and which Nikon camera?!

Last point is I already HAVE an account so pull your finger out and check my account as you will find THREE Nikon cameras registered.

I previously sent in the images when it occured!

That is why I get annoyed it is like everyone is missing an ear?! Or simply do not care unless a body only camera of £1,000 is purchased?!

Your on the verge of now losing all beginner photographers on a global scale. I am so angry I have sent links to 6 tabloids.

If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.

I have now noted there is a tiny nick in the lens too?!?!

Martin Haswell BSc

Mr Ian McDermott

You SEEM to miss the point entirely.

Thank YOU for stating the bloody obvious and my memory is working well I can ASSURE you and I have yet to have a single explanation for what I have STATED and did STATE back in FEBRUARY!!

This is NOT a matter for ME to take up with Argos but a matter for YOU to take up with ARGOS as they are as I was previously told a GOD DAMN AUTHORISED DEALER!!

Yet you have done nothing about contacting them as the shoddy cameras they are passing on is bringing the Nikon name into disrepute, I AM MAKING SURE OF THAT I ASSURE YOU, and THEREFORE EINSTEIN this therefore MEANS that you KNOW of it, condone the practice and are likely supplying the refurbished stock yourself.

Now I said you are probably SUPPLYING the refurbished STOCK but in the sentence and more indeed in any of my other sentences did I INCLUDE the line...therefore you placed STICKERS ON THE BOX. One statement does not follow ANOTHER!

Jesus where DO they find you people, please read the bloody emails!!!

I will follow on with plenty of videos and photographs but I need to be assured that you have come to terms with my accusations as well as my concerns as it seems to be like talking to someone who is DRUNK and not understanding me and making no sense.

PLEASE REMEMBER I PUBLISH THESE CORRESPONDENCES so in being DENSE, deliberately or otherwise tens of thousands of people will see that your being DENSE!

Now go and get someone ELSE with a brain and this time make bloody sure they have some level of intelligence or pass my emails onto someone of HIGHER AUTHORITY whether that be Europe or Japan!!

There are currently three names and I can assure you that I will not be losing out on this merry go round and both YOU and Argos half cost me 6 months WORK already so from now on it is only YOU and ARGOS that will lose out in this and I can assure you it will be in a far worse way than you can imagine.

So start to explain that you understand I am saying to you and we can move forward!

Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Ian McDermott

AS far as my language is concerned...

As you are clearly LYING and both you and Argos have wasted an entire 6 months of work of a man who has disabilities and a list of health conditions and this is by far a great deal worse than language that does not even INCLUDE swearing I will do no such bloody thing!!!

I suggest you go and check out the word PERSPECTIVE in a dictionary before you decide to want to get into an argument with me.

Also do NOT assume that I have given you all the DETAILS that prove that YOUR company is party to what has been going on?!

I rather prefer to keep some things back to allow idiots like you to hang themselves, oh and by the way ....



Here are you photos and a few more besides with ONE LITTLE DETAIL HELD BAC, so that you may hang yourself some more! I wonder if you are bright enough to SPOT the deliberate OMISSION?! TUT-TUT, if not it would not make my previous statements abusive but FACTS!!

If you do not want customers to be angry and abusive then I suggest you 

1) Stop LYING to them
2) DO not keep the correspondence going backwards and forwards
3) Actually take action like you actually care and give a shite about the Nikon brand name, unless this goes higher of course but I am sure that will now be taken up by many others over the coming months
4) DO NOT act like 6 months and hundreds of miles of CYCLING and being BURNT, STUNG, BITTEN, PAIN, ACHING EXHAUSTION is nothing when you cannot even read EMAILS!!
5) YET AGAIN and for now the umpteenth time as YOU ARE condoning the practice and likely SUPPLYING ARGOS this means that the ISSUE is with YOU and NOT ARGOS
6) AM I not supposed to get angry over Number 5 as you keep repeating yourslef and yet make no confirmation or denial over this particular accusation?!

Martin Haswell BSc

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