Thursday, 15 August 2013


Today I got a call from a chap from Argos.

He started of with the usual three mentions of the word 'sorry' like his name is 'Jack' and he wields 'magic beans' which I will just not accept any longer.

He started off on a really long spiel which was becoming both mundane and boring until he said 'WE DO NOT SELL REFURBISHED ITEMS' and I reacted.

He then become cocky and asked in a sarcastic tone 'well how CAN YOU TELL Sir?!' so I told him and he then tried to make excuses to which he then denied doing and I simply ripped him to pieces digit by digit, toe by toe and then limb by limb!

Once again they DENY having nothing to do with the void STICKER and claimed that Nikon put it on the box and yet Nikon UK, who are now blocking my emails, have maintained for 6 months that they do NOT put stickers or seals on ANY boxes?!

Oh do not worry about the blocked email there is always a way around it and if the current one fails I will use another method, a real complicated one I will most likely get accused of being a hacker as I had done previously with Very Catalogue. It is a real complicated hacker way of getting around the blocking of your email address that will take some explaining so here goes nothing...



SO he can assure me that this camera is not refurbished but when I said that NIKON did not put the sticker on the box he could then not tell me who could.

He slipped up and therefore admitted that they would have to contact 'THEIR SUPPLIERS' which is obviously NOT NIKON.

They should NOT be an authorized dealer if they are going to play these games and Nikon should have stripped them of this 6 months ago and only ONE reason why not!

Argos CANNOT acquire the same and CURRENT model of camera for me which ALSO means they are not using Nikon UK for their cameras, just like B&Q are NOT USING Bionaire for Electric Fans and yet listed as an authorized dealers?!

My fiend Steve roared with laughter once I came of the phone to Argos. He could hear the guy was being cocky and whinced in agony behind his counter imagining what it was like being on the receiving end of m y tongue lashing and I removed the skin from this hapless individual little by little.

The best part is I STILL have not let on to my little OMISSION that is very key to the statements made to me by both Argos and Nikon UK. I have sent them now the details and give them an IQ test to inform me o what the omission might be. It is really simple, if they cannot tell me then they HAVE NO IQ?!

This way they have had NO RIGHT to treat me the way that they have for the last 6 months, no right t speak down to me the way that they have, no right to talk down to me the way that they have attempted to several times.

I will use this as a prime example that will garner a great deal of backing to prevent companies from ever taking the piss out of their customers EVER AGAIN!!!

Yes if someone is up to no good and trying it on I would be all in agreement with this treatment and attitude and I would be the same. But THIS is NOT THAT!

I was unable to record the call with the Customer Services manager who got ripped to pieces by me for an hour or more but after leaving mr friends store I did do a little dictation as things were FRESH in my mind!

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