Sunday, 11 August 2013


This refurbished camera seems to have cause me a little less trouble today but I did not get to use it a great deal in all honesty.

I attended a Reptile show at Kempton Park where I bumped into names and faces I had not seen in ten years or more! SO long I even got one face mixed up with another and have since apologized. Well he did say he had seen me go by twice and thought I had not recognized him. Well I did but as someone else until I was half way back around the M25 with my brother Ryan and I was talking about this guy called MATTHEW and I said

'Oh crap! (well far worse words actually) I just realised that was not Matthew it was SCOT!!!'


Well the funny thing is out of all the faces he sees and has seen over the years he is one that ctually came out and said what others normally think, and I get to hear later...he was shocked to see my face at the show and said 'God it has been YEARS since you have appeared at one of these shows!'

A shame it was crap, lol.

AS for the camera I changed something and it still played up but I got an idea. Though it should not have made a difference my three SanDisk SD Cards and one Micro SD Card all still had folders on them to do with the other camera. The card I had in it today had the Olympus folder deleted and the camera played up less than the day before?! But like I said this should NOT make a difference at all and if you doubt that as yourself if your MP3 players slows down the more songs you put on it?! MP3 players create folders for each artist you put on the player so if you have more like greatest hits and only one f each artist then there will be one folder for each artist.

However some devices should not be but are funny about these things. So I have gone a little further and I had fully formatted the card using a slow and deep format, and about to do the same with the others.

I am just so desperate for a camera that not only WORKS but it has to work NORMALLY too. Slow is no bloody good and renders things like fast shutter speeds and 7 photos a second redundant or impossible to achieve.

Two if the cards are Sandisk Ultras and even the last which is not is STILL a Class 10 card!

Tomorrow I will take it into the field for further TESTING the weather permitting. If I get up to where I want to take this camera and it performs OK and I have decided that the marks on the lens when I got it home have had no adverse effect on the actual lens glass then I will be pleased to say that I will keep this camera.

In fact even when I eventually acquire my Nikon D800 or preferably D800E I will still keep this camera and that is not something I have said in awhile. Indeed if I had to take this back I would have actually exchanged it for the exact same camera and just prayed, or using the theory of the unlikelihood that, I do not get a FOURTH faulty camera in a row?!

I really am few up with doing this and angry that it has cost me so many photo opportunities I have put so much blood sweat and tears into going out and about to get!

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