Thursday, 15 August 2013


Dear Sirs

I have noted that you are blocking my emails and I have taken screen shots of that and posted all correspondence both coming and going, as you claim I am using bad language which IS HILARIOUS.

Especially as you have wasted 6 months of work and money and caused me a great deal of pain for nothing.

Tut-tut, anyway yes I am mad as hell and have every right to be but my outbursts are always controlled to illicit the correct RESPONSE.

ARGOS HQ been on the phone and they NOW CLAIM that the REFURBISHED CAMERAS come from YOU!! Oh and they claim that the stickers are NOT THEIRS meaning they are YOURS?!?!?!

I am including the blasted photos you ASKED me for and then BLOCKED ME FROM SENDING.

I can guarantee your not going to have a good Christmas anywhere in the world this year or the year after.

What with your reputation and name some form of RECOMPENSE and an APOLOGY should have been minimum, not lies, false accusations and blocking of emails?!

That is just evasive from a guilty consience and as for ARgos having someone cocky attempting to pull me to pieces I am afraid it ended up the other way araound, in fact I was in a friends store and after I came off the phone he burst out laughing at the way in which I dismembered the cocky so and so one digit and then one limb at a time!

Now as a test of intelligence there now are attached several images and some proof. You like talking down to me and making false accusations so here we go...

...within these photos is a very key point that gives the game away to who is doing what as far as refurbished equipment goes.


You did not read my first email by asking for the faulty images taken, anger management not needed. Then your claimed help and support service only gets worse from here on in. Try sounding caring, sorry and compassionate in future and you will get a lot less in the way of 'BAD LANGUAGE'.

Oh and I have emailed the President of Nikon UK and I will now NOT stop there either as you blocked my emails I will send out a whole barrage of emails now!

Martin Haswell BSc

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