Saturday, 24 August 2013


All that I have been doing for a year now, well when you consider I started my first corruption blog rather stupidly with Google who have ripped me off ever since, is created corners.
My intention all along was to create as many corners in my room with only four. I so did this by taking someone I knew to be corrupt in one way or another and grabbed them with both hands and while they were trying to figure out what was going on I simply rammed them into a corner.
Spurting and blabbering they would then contradict themselves and let slip that which I wanted to know which was the TRUTH of course. 
For me there were a thousand and one factors I had to consider and many pitfalls too. Quite how could I attack and do this to so many organisations without them first knowing and that when they did avoid being taken down by them as so many others have had done to them. Being threatened physically was never a worry for me but with nothing I have very little in my arsenal.
I never dreamed in a million years that I would get one whole year without approach from any that I have attacked?! Simply stunning.
I am certain due to being asked to a second NHS Recruitment drive for slaves that the NHS are simply CLUELESS, YES OK not a surprise to all of you lol, to what I have been doing?! I never expected to get another invite after publishing that audio asking you to work for nothing and in pain and backed up by the Citizen's Advice Bureau?!
You have also watched and read for whole year, or aware it has been a whole year at least, that despite all that I have said as well as done I have been totally missed by the tabloids and news media. This is DESPITE WAVING A RED FLAG!! LMAO!!
But then I knew from the outset that many tat MOANED about the Internet taking their money away have NOTHING to complain about and this is the downfall of sitting on your arses (that is asses to yanks lol), resting on your laurels and just being plain greedy for both money and power while playing GOLF, lol. Oops.
So you were moaning over a year ago and what have you learned? Sweet F.A!! That is what. Lol. I have done this for a whole year and it will continue to build its readers and momentum and yet you have done....NOTHING! There could have been a dozen ways to talk yourself out of this but no.
Oddly I have wondered from time to time but never wanted to say whether or not readers would actually send this blog, or ANY of my fourteen blogs about me, to the news media themselves.
This is bound to have happened and will continue to happen and the readers that have done this will be asking themselves why they have still not read or heard anything about any of this?! Well apart from the stories I have covered they have done without mention of me being the source that is, lol.
Nope this will continue to build in number as will the number of people being BEWILDERED, lol. That was my intention from day one. AFter all I would have to be pretty mad to make this up and a genius to make it all up and fool all of these public offices and all these private companies to achieve all that I have?! DO you not think that making a series of hoaxes this brilliant I would have more than Sweet F.A in my account?!
That therefore strongly suggests that if I have not used my intellect to steal money or defraud money then I am therefore pretty honest. Born before my time is how Old Ken used to describe it.
No matter which way you look at me and my achievements I have only allowed exactly one way to look at it that makes any sense. That would be the way I describe otherwise I would be the biggest dumb-arse conman ever to be born!!

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