Thursday, 15 August 2013


This email is to the 'PRESIDENT' of NIKON UK, whatever that means and is this the guy in Japan that decides to screw us or a guy that is actually based here?!


Dear Michio Miwa


I have loved the Nikon name for over thirty years and I have now ashamed to say that this love has waned.

There is a rife attitude towards selling the British Public refurbished cameras which do not even work and I have bought TWO from the Argos store both of which have been faulty out of the box and the latest with both a dirty and damaged lens as well as electronic problems.

It has become obvious to me that there is something extremely criminal and illegal going on and it was easy to spot and the cameras appear to be coming directly from Nikon UK. Whoever was behind this was not very good at doing it and it was easy for me to photograph, document and publish my findings online by way of over a dozen blogs I am author to and a YouTube account.

I have been spoken to like I am an idiot by Ian McDermott who has also accused me of using bad language as well as having no compassion whatsover towards someone with disabilities and pain being ripped off in the Nikon name and are not concerned at all that Argos, a supposedly AUTHORIZED DEALER, is selling cameras that are refurbished and faulty and despite me first telling them of this 6 months ago.

This makes them look extremely guilty.

After asking for photos of proof and the seals on the boxes which Nikon do not nor never do they have now BLOCKED me email address?!

I am publishing online all correspondences online so that the wider GLOBAL public can make up their own minds as to whether I am to blame, a disabled man who has had 6 months of his most productive photographic period WASTED, or the people who stole his money and continued to supply shoddy, after shoddy refurbished and faulty goods?!


Martin Haswell BSc

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