Thursday, 22 August 2013


Thought I would give an update ...

So refund after return of Nikon on Tuesday. No cash arriving just yet and eager to pick up new camera and ended up in there today.

My brother Ryan tried to guess which one I had decided on but was way off. When I say DECIDED I have already ordered a back up battery for it and will get a slingshot Lowepro backpack in a couple of weeks time.

I received an email today to say my battery has been despatched. Odd as I only ordered it around 9am today and will be bizarre if that arrives before I can buy the camera?!

Also I mentioned the run around Argos gave me for the last 6 months to some very surprised locals. One was a customer in a friends store and he said 'they should bloody give you compensation for screwing up those 6 months!'

I laughed at the idea but he was insistent but I would not even know where to begin as I am pretty sure there is nothing out there to protect the consumer. They tell you there is but there is not and those that are there have proved useless and toothless.

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