Tuesday, 20 August 2013


So Number 10 knew of that detention of that Brazilian and not really surprising.

What is surprising is that they did this at all?! The detention I mean and one thing is very clear ...

A great many people and authorities are extremely nervous about something and I believe that Guardian reporter has some idea what this might well be judging from his understandable reaction?!

A shame I did not email him at the Guardian as regards to this blog. Will have his hands full now though.

After my experiences all fully listed on this blog I very much doubt nothing could possibly surprise me now.

There is one thing that does surprise me though and that is the utter incompetence,  stupidity and naivety of the people that run this country whether it be the obvious ones or others that remain hidden!

You see I have spoken to a great many people and the answers or attitudes are the same...

Not only does no one trust anyone in authority anymore but they also do not trust the big name sellers and manufacturers. All public offices do nothing but lie and cheat and behave az if they havs every right to and to your cash?!

What is even more surprising is that they whinge about the economy and point fingers and give excuses when the whole time they are prolonging what THEY caused.

I currently need a camera to dig myself OUT OF a hole they dumped me and many others into without warning and even Doctors had no idea they were doing this to their patients!!

Do they actually know this but do not want to admit it or are they really all that bloody amoral and DENSE that they just do not see it but are tasked with running the UK?!

I for one am eager to know what that Guardian reporter also has in his arsenal and can hardly wait to see. Sadly I have not kept on top of news reports as I have been running in circles with some iffy cameras.

No 10 'knew of Miranda detention' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23769324

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