Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Well I have my refund, taped it too but not much happened in all honesty but that IS how I like it, lol.

Oddly I then entered PC World whereby  guy with an SLR around his neck came up to me and asked if I needed any help?! That has never happened and not with an SLR around their necks, lol.

I said 'Yes you can! Can you assure me that IF I purchase a camera from this store that it will NOT be refurbished?!"

Looking bemused he answered  "Well OF COURSE SIR! All our cameras come factory sealed!!"

I then replied "Wait...WHAT?! Oooh dear then this means they are refurbished I am afraid as I have been assured on good authority that they do not come sealed at all?!"

Further bemused looks that made his head look like it was going to explode before I pulled out my Argos refund receipt and waved it at him and explained what had happened at Argos, lol.

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