Saturday, 24 August 2013


I forgot about this one.

For those that have paid attention ICE are the Independent Case Examiners who curiously have their email address under the Department of Work and Pensions server?!

I have not come across any diabled people nor groups that have EVER HEARD of them and I did pretty much know this would be the case the moment I hard from them.

So I decided to go through them who are just a front the government can use in the House of Commons or somewhere else to state that there is a body does watch the DWP, but does fuck all, to make sure they are doing the correct things and following their own rules, which they most definitely do NOT. LOL.

What more can I say?

Oh yeah OK then I can say plenty...

I started this procedure in January 2012 and no that is NOT a typo I said January 2012!! They claim to keep in contact every three months but do not. They only say this when I tear several sttrips form their hides only for me to then realize that they contact me every FIVE MONTHS. This time they have taken five months they have actually acknowledged the fact and apologized, well I did not give them much of a chance now did I?! LMAO!!

They said it would take 18 months at the beginning and yet as you can see from the letter sent to me exactly 17 months after it started they have ONLY NOW asked the Disability Carers Service a series of questions?!

Chances of them coming to any conclusions 24 months after approaching them?! ZERO!!


I tried to tell a great many people, who simply WOULD NOT have it, that the problem is NOT Atos they are only the hired help and acting under instruction, though still guilty of fraud and deception.

I think I can now safely rest that case and this one, lol.

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