Saturday, 10 August 2013


Well the less said about this piece of garbage the better!

I was about to go out with my new camera and I picked up some letters and on one envelope I saw the address of my surgery.

Now to be honest I thought they were going to kick me off their books and in all honesty I would have preferred that alternative!

But no the idiot wants me back so he can accuse me some more while actually refusing to listen to the evidence I have already posted up on here of the specialist Darren, or Derren, Francis lying to my face about the ultrasound results on my groin. You can here him admit that he lied too. Of course I never tell anyone I am recording them because, well lets be honest you are not going to get anything are you. It does itself defeat the object, lol.

The man does not listen and nor is he interested in hearing what I have to say and nor is he interested in listening to my evidence.

Now I have a letter asking me to go and speak to them?!


No they will get a letter from me and I will tell them I am sending it because listening and giving you time they are not very good at.

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