Sunday, 30 December 2012


I was chatting in the Facebook Group for Disabled people,

Disabled vs the UK government Cuts & ATOS(WCA),

when I suddenly remembered something and that is that I put a series of questions to the General Medical Council mainly demanding to know their stance on the so-called Doctors employed by Atos and the DWP and though they initially stated they would get back to me...

..they have FAILED TO DO SO!

Now there is only one reason why a body such as theirs, supposedly making sure of the standards of excellence in the world of Medicine in the UK, fails to respond to  simple question like that or indeed provides a very simple answer...

...they had BLIND EYES that TURN!


Now this is why I ask the questions, provided that I or someone else very kindly puts the idea inside my head for me!


Recently I sent off an email to someone who runs a website helping and informing disabled people. In it was a statement that was sent to me by the CMT Organisation regarding the meaning, supposedly in law, of the term Disabled Person.

Now with regards to CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, is states that whenever an ailment starts to affect your daily life and daily tasks then you are termed DISABLED.

Now I do not want to know about laws and policies and neither did I want to get embroiled in Politics, as I do not lie, but the email I got back was somewhat confusing as something else, I cannot recall, was stated and I presume from some law that the government changed at some point to render the statements sent to me as not only meaningless but technically a lie?!

Now my answer to him was that this was utterly ridiculous and asked what would happen next that there would be TWO separate editions of the Oxford Dictionary with the everyman's interpretation of the meaning of words and the GOVERNMENT'S interpretation of the meaning of words so that what we have been taught all our lives from children is then rendered utterly meaningless by people who lose your cash and then want to lie and defraud you?!

Now I for one do not want to read up about procedures, laws, protocols nor anything else that springs to mind when it come to taking action, well legal action at any rate, against the government on an individual basis. This is for one simple reason that I have followed from day one...


Now if I was to go down that route and read all this stuff and familiarise myself with all the legal beagle terminology only to then LOSE at the end of the day this would be ... soul destroying! You would have to be quite someone special to do all that work, all that reading and all that fighting only to have you arse whipped because they abused something or altered the meaning of something.

There is NO point n doing that! I have heard this time and time again from many people in many fields and I think of it as QUOTING SCRIPTURE or QUOTING MANTRA but it is pointless when the rule makers do NOT adhere to the very rules they set out. Or indeed the laws either so what is the point?!

There is no point. You only need to make enough people aware of the truth!

This is quite clear and agreed upon whenever I speak to people and when I do find decent and honest people they all speak about how selfish people are that they come into contact with all day and every day. Yes it seems to be the case with a great deal of people I speak to and seems this way with myself too. But I will refer you back to a statement I have uttered on these posts several times now...

Idiots like this who have adopted this amoral attitude to survive will not! They cannot fight alone and would just show a level of incompetence that goes far beyond the boundaries of ridiculous and they will only look blind and stupid.

Now what will happen in time is that percentages of these people will realise their folly and then turn to being part of something BIGGER, strength in numbers is the key.

As time goes in this number will grow and this is called the HUMAN SPIRIT but I am in no illusion that some will never do this as there are certain sects that will be jumping up and down with glee to see people turn against each other, eh radicalised Muslims?!

Of course it there will be more than that reason alone that fighting to survive on your own will not get you anywhere but also other reasons will come into play too. This blog right here is one of those reasons and has had the desired effect on many already. THE TRUTH!

I dare say there is a HUGE number of extremely naive people that believe the garbage fed to them in the tabloids just like there are small groups of people that know it for what it is ... GARBAGE. Of course when i started out on all this I was well aware of this. Unfortunately some naive friends, one now vanished over the horizon, were naive to this and thinking that ANY mouth watering story would appear in the news...well NO.

Before he did vanish he uttered his confusion that newspapers had not contacted me and asked 'but why?' and I answered ... well I do not know you would have to ask them that question. It was annoying as we had spent years speaking about how you cannot trust anyone or anything including the media. Odd then that a soon as he is handed several hundred thousand pounds that suddenly he started sounding like a politician and believed the hype.

If that ever happened to me I give anyone the permission to shoot me on sight!! LMAO!

So it was evident to me that you just needed enough people within out society to know the truth, of course once I had enough gathered together it was only the natural and obvious choice to get it to the media. But I did not know which of them to trust so I sent it to just about all of them! If any one of them could be trusted to be a news media that would act on their own preachings that the pubic deserves the right to know the truth then they would at least start up a conversation with me.

I would at least be asked about the evidence and my experiences?

I would AT LEAST have it requested of me that they would wish to see the original documents??

I did not even receive a thank you for sending all this in?!

Although I kind of expected this and was prepared for it, it STILL came as a bit of a shock and extremely concerning. Of course there are all kinds of explanations as to why this was but the truth is I did not know and I still do not know. Well not yet.

The New Years Honours list is being banded about in the media and it is all the usual suspects but not one news media that I have gone through is asking the obvious and awkward question! The same thing I told my old Dentist, Hadi, when he suggested I would get a medal and a title for what I did...

I said you have to be a celebrity name or indeed make loads of cash in a short space of time.

You have to be a Musician, a famous Sportsman or Film or TV star to be recognised and get rewards and medals!

He laughed at this notion and then remarked at how corrupt the UK had become and how shallow and one sided it now was.

So here we are over a year later from this conversation, oh Hi HADI if your still visiting, and all the Olympians medal winners are there along with just about everyone else I mentioned. Oh and apparently it is stated as being absurd to strip Jimmy Savile of his Knighthood, err dumb-arse not its absurd to leave him with it, JESUS-CHRIST these people are out of comic books!

So although I missed it I was quite impressed at how a LBC Radio presenter was speaking and taking calls on this very subject!! I heard someone say about all the soldiers that are fighting a war that no one is sure any more is legitimate and risking and losing their lives over it. If they do anything wrong and upset the locals while over there they get caned for it too!

As I said I could not get to hear the show but I take my hat off to someone, SOMEWHERE actually asking why this is so?

More to the point is why the TV News stations do not ask questions like this any more and they seem to be extremely over excited that they get the excuse to mention the Gold Medal winning Olympian names yet again.

To me it seems that in the real world, the one that Cameron and Co seem to so desperately want wheelchair bound and pin sufferers to join, is upside down and there is no reward for doing the RIGHT, MORAL or HONOURABLE thing. There are rewards to those who do the most unspeakable things and if you get found out it wont matter as you will be dead from old age and get to keep your Knighthood?!

Now I also hear that a newspaper is obsessed with David Cameron's obsession with paying out over seas aid?!

At bloody last someone with some common sense?!?!

Yes why do you do that Mr Cameron when you are only robbing it from people with lives of enduring amounts of pain and those confined to wheelchairs and even those slowly dying?!

Is it to make the rest of the world look like you are caring?

Well I have news for you David Cameron and to all those in power who are utterly immoral and amoral...

..not only are larger portions of the British Public becoming aware of this through not only THIS blog but many others but SO IS THE REST OF THE WORLD through this blog!!

They never did want to brush up their IT in the British Government and now this is starting to turn around so it can take a damn good bite out of their arses!



I am seeing and hearing more and more evidence that this blog and my endeavours have been helping people...

In fact I have also had a flurry of thanks you's from all different sources of late and it is humbling to hear and read these as well as hearing the thanks from people to whom I speak.

It also seems that people are under the impression that I am inundated with all this and really I am not ... not now at any rate but sure there were times when I was really busy as well as times when it all seemed too much.

Well I am not unapproachable so please do not hold back because of some misinterpretation of what is going on! ;)

Also to those individuals, groups, causes and all manner of others that have taken the time to thank me and say very kind things to me I will say...

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! I would normally say no thanks is necessary but it IS nice to hear! :)

It was nothing really. Still not quite finished or there yet. Only three to six months to go but still a little work to do. Of course this could all end on that day in January 2013 and I sincerely hope it does as I need a vacation!! I cannot afford one as yet but does not stop one from needing one. Among other things that is.

I have an upcoming post called...

In Search of the Nest Bound Cuckoos which is kind of a Part TWO of my earlier In Search of the Cloud Cuckoos. Actually now that I have mentioned the earlier one I have head a curious number of emails from Causes website where someone started up one or two stating that David Cameron and George Osborne are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land and that actually made me laugh! Wondered if it was started by someone that had read my blog, that would be so cool if it were true.

As for posts yes I have a little catching up to do of things I have made notes of in the past couple weeks.

The NHS posts I simply had to post up as they were both unexpected and shocking with their about face and really bad and obvious contradictions. I really just wanted an end to all this but they go and prove yet again that someone of higher authority, ooh like I don't know this already, is sticking their noses in and getting Doctors to lie to me.

I should add that by the time I have finished Doctors who have done this will be stripped of their title and NOT allowed to practice medicine even if you are only carrying a Fisher-Price Doctor's satchel!!

Having the title of DOCTOR is one that is, or at least WAS, an honourable one and too many have abused their positions for selfish or political reasons and I am not going to let that go.... well I am not going to let anything go really, lol.

Now once again to those of you who have been thanking me on the various websites I am on ...

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME and I am pleased I have been of help as it has made these posts worthwhile if nothing else.

If anyone also wants to ask me questions do not hesitate to do so! ;)

Saturday, 29 December 2012


To the woman that stated that...


Yet another example of something I have been banging on about publicly for well over a year curiously cropping up in the media!

To use the word BIZARRE would not do it all justice and at times it feels like half the stories in the media are based on what I handed to them on a plate?!


I am a moron and I apologise as I had just realised, after the previous posting, that I had NOT scanned and posted up the letter to go along with the recording I put up of the initial appointment with the Back Physiotherapist, Maya.

Now I presume those of you giving all this a very close scrutiny will have already HEARD that AUDIO I put up of that meeting ... well here is the letter that contradicts everything I was told by Maya and not letter SIGNED by Maya, along with what the Chiropractor told me and shown me in their own X-Rays.

Now I could be running away with the idea that the Chiropractor was LYING and I imagine this may well be what these over confident morons within the NHS are relying, hoping or SHOULD BE praying for except for just TWO REASONS...

Firstly I am not that stupid nor naive anyway even if it were NOT for the fact that ...

Secondly the Chiropractors started telling ME what OTHER pains I was getting with the neck and shoulders that H have mentioned on here several times and informed everyone of too.

I mean I do have pain and have spent years trying to chase after these overpaid, incompetent, arrogant and ignorant morons to acquire answers and time after time after time. Why the feck would I do that?

Also I DO HAVE PAIN and that  fact that the Chiropractor stated the other AREAS I EXPERIENCE PAIN that I had NOT previously mentioned means they were NOT lying, even IF they wanted a great deal of money!

Also i stand by what I previously said about performing MRIs on backs while lying down due to weight...

The average human head weighs 12lbs!! Forgetting the head and shoulders and upper back just your head alone, if your an adult of course, has an average weight of 12lbs, that is 12 POUNDS or nearly 6 kilograms. Factor in the weight of your entire shoulders and upper back and do you not think that, factoring in that this is all to counter act GRAVITY, that performing an MRI LAYING DOWN FLAT is a little ... ODD?!

Not it is purely mental is what it is and I am sorry but it is. It never occured to me on the day other than being a bit odd, well i still do not want to accept the fact that the NHS on the whole can be prepared to do this to people while being paid the salaries that they are.

however had I remembered the little known weight of the human head I might have actually asked the radiologists why they do this as it seems ludicrous.

If my suspicion along this line is correct then how much money could they have wasted to MISDIAGNOSE PATIENTS DELIBERATELY?!


I am fiercely independent and I believe that is part of my problem.

What I mean to say by this is that when i am not currently in pain I do not ASK for help nor do I expect it and I have repeated myself many times by stating that I could NOT face life in a wheelchair. This is a horror I have had to endure and have nightmares about for many years... is also one of the many, MANY areas that the NHS have failed miserably and proved themselves not only NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE but also a complete waste of BILLIONS OF POUNDS and just how many billions I would dread to work out.

This is not to say that the LOGO should be attacked but that the people that did this should be and I mean physically for my own personal feelings I believe that, as one poster so eloquently put it previously, they should be covered in petrol and burned alive!

To explain briefly what other form of punishment would be more fitting to people that can do this to members of the public as far as regards their health, pain and family are concerned?! If it was them or their family they would move heaven and earth but wen it is anyone else and in this case 99% of the British Public they are beating you with a stick to work and pay them taxes while you are your family are slowly dying and I mean literally!!

So if anyone had a better punishment I am all ears but I doubt it! Those that disagree with any punishment or even that there is anything wrong or going on is either extremely naive, extremely amoral or has an extreme amount of money or a member of the current cabinet?!

Damn it!! I digress! AGAIN!

Often I am twirling a walking stick while I am out and currently I am experiencing a GOOD New Shoe Syndrome, as I prefer to call it, but in all honesty the new shoes have had a full Memory Foam Insoles added to them I found it sport direct!

So currently, and it never lasts for long and only helps the HEELS and nothing else, walking is a great deal less aggravation that it is normally and that is a first in over 5 years.

However being stationary is still a problem and as stated previously if I remove one hurdle, even only temporary, then I normally hit another and I have around 9 or more for mobility alone.

So yesterday I got home by the skin of my teeth and that is ONLY because I had a walking stick with me and this is because I overdid it, due to new shoes syndrome, and pain killers worn off...

My muscles were fatigued. Now previously I got his part of my ailments wrong and I thought that these muscles were tiring purely down to my walking gate, so to speak. But Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is down to atrophy of the muscles and fatigue of them is one symptom of that.

So my muscle fatigue and hobbling home with my stick on occasion is, like everything else, down to this dreaded disease.

I state carrying but specifically I mean using a rucksack which I have with me constantly. It does not need a great deal of weight inside it, and NOT a big rucksack i might add at around 25 litres, before my back and shoulder freeze up in agony despite how many Tramadol and Paracetemol I take?!

But it is the best and easiest way for me to carry things, err especially when I hold a stick and also even more so when it is ummm RAINING...

Oh boy! I cannot even begin to describe the pain in my back and shoulders when this occurs. Of course i switch arms to ease this but after awhile and with the smallest of Umbrellas, a rather nifty Fulton Automatic Umbrella, which is light and slips in a pocket, my back and shoulders feel like they have 240 Volts running through them and i can state this as I HAVE had 240 Volts, err well I think so unless a LIGHT SOCKET is different I never really checked, because I have had a strong electrical current run through me!

That would be TYPING. I have typed for years and owned a computer since a Commodore VIC-20, that one was for the NHS legal beagles looking on here for reasons to defend themselves as I am sure they now know I am coming for them just like the Police and Councils have done awhile now. But lately my typing has been slow and somewhat off. I am often making really stupid mistakes that has me wanting to turn my laptop into a frisbee!! LMAO!

I get a great of aching with use of certain limbs and digits and I have often described it in the past as if I feel like I needed oiling that that of a mechanized robot.

As I had hoped that failing everything else, publishing my authored works, legal case for damages against all and sundry and anything else, I had thought that my OTHER blogs may eventually and around mid to late 2013, might make me an income. So the typing problem is a bit of a concern and has been awhile.

Oh I would be a mass murderer for a dishwasher, lmao, but I have stated this before.

Obviously there are knock on effects on these which are bloody obvious except when you are government trying to stick the knife in your back while whipping you to keep working who conveniently fail to realise this, or move onto your next ailment and suddenly develop a memory span that Goldfish would laugh at?! LMAO. "I am always in MEIN KRAPPER" (American Dad)

So you see I am and long since have explored a great many different avenues and possibilities but, as many old friend elequently put it, gone at it with all guns blazing, get knocked down, stand up and brush myself off and onto the next things with the same 110% enthusiasm. Or as my late father put it 'never had a fair crack of the whip' and he used that for two aspects in that my choice of women has been extremely unlucky as well as my attempts at a serious career in a science based field.

However he always told family that I he knew that I would always come out fighting no matter what and that one day I would do it as did many others one absent and one passed away.

My Health Problems Part TWO - ABOUT TWO FACES


I got this one down now due to a couple of things that took place recently that I often forget about and have long since wanted to compile a list of difficult situations.

NOTE: This one kind of spiralled out of control as I remembered some key points to recent mentions of about faces and as I had previously stated there had been several of these within the NHS previously I thought it best to type them up… the hard tasks list will be in the next post!!

My problem is that there are so many things that are on and off that it is difficult to compile them all and as I have handed the NHS list after list over the years and they have flatly refused to even LOOK at it nor pass it on to other departments, like Physiotherapy at Chase Farm to Orthopaedics at Chase Farm who first showed interest in the list and that they WOULD pass it on.

So imagine my surprise when I realised they not only had NOT looked at my list at all but at the end of the TEN WEEKS, they forced me to do before performing an MRI on my knee, said that they would NOT pass it on… another one of their 180 degree about turns?!

Well imagine how that surprise turned to anger when I attended an appointment after this inly to have a Dr Tai try to trick me by attempting to catch me out by testing me and asking WHICH exercise I did?! This was the anger that led me to have a serious disagreement, PART OF IT, with Doctor Saksena where I then tricked THEM into admitting they had fucked up.

Well now try to imagine how I kept my hands OFF both Dr Saksena, who initially promised me faithfully that he and ALL his colleagues would sort me out and give me answers, was telling me that I was being discharged as I had not turned up for my MRI?!

If you have not worked it out I went through 10 weeks of Physiotherapy forced upon me that was actually exacerbating my problems and then was tricked out of having the MRI performed they promised me by coming up with a pathetic lie and oh boy did I tell him so too.

By the time I left the room his oral problem was not flies but MAGGOTS!!

I have had years of this which is why I KNOW that it is not merely incompetence but deliberate trickery and mentioning this to various Doctors and health staff has just had nodding in confirmation or lines like ‘well that is the NHS for you!’ The person that said that was out of a job along with all her staff within a few months of stating that line and the GP was heading for the hills with my copy of my privately performed and paid for back X-Rays where they recently confirmed severe problems and then did … you guessed it yet ANOTHER ABOUT FACE!!

On the 2nd January which is fast approaching I am to see my latest GP and THIRD since I moved to Enfield and NEVER before have I changed Doctor while iving in the same area! Though I now realise that I probably should have done but then … well I seem to end up with the same crap wherever I go which is the main reason I am attacking the NHS here.

Friday, 28 December 2012



A Practical Guide – Part TWO

Compiled by CMT International UK

Some more information on CMT along with possibly more that friends and family may recognise are strangely familiar or roughly translated ... "my god! he has been on about that for bloody years!?!" LMAO!!

CMT is not widely understood. (YOU DON'T SAY?!?!) (Page 5)

Affects 1 in 2500 of global population. (Page 5)

Common GP response is that there is nothing that can be done for them and to go home and put up with it. (!) (Page 5)

It can cause chronic pain and fatigue and in rare cases may cause severe disability. (Page 5)

Is not life threatening and does not affect life expectancy. (longevity) (Page 5)

The effects of CMT can vary enormously in severity even within members of the same family. Usually though the symptoms are not severely disabling and often do not change a great deal after a person has finished growing, although technically speaking they are progressive. 
(Page 13)

It is possible to carry the genetic disorder that causes CMT yet display no symptoms. 
(Page 13)

10 – 20 per cent of all affected individuals have no symptoms whatsoever. 
(Page 13)

CMT causes sudden increase in growth at puberty. (affected me and noticed by my father)
(Page 14)

People with CMT have difficulty in obtaining comfortable shoes. (Well what can I say that I have not?!) 
(Page 14)

It is very rare for people with CMT to lose the ability to walk completely; however, aids such as walking sticks or orthoses may be needed in later life and in very rare cases a wheelchair may be necessary. 
(Page 14)

Another characteristic of CMT is a burning or stabbing pain in the leg caused by the damaged nerves themselves. Leg cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome (jumpy when tired) is also common. 
(Page 14)

Weakness of the hands also occurs in most people but not until after the age of 20. 
(Page 14)

It is usually the case with both hands and feet that there is some degree of sensory loss or numbness (cold feet are especially common due to poor circulation in the lower legs). Very rarely the numbness can be severe and lead to self-inflicted injuries without the person realising it. 
(Page 15)

Loss of reflex.
(Page 15)

More complex forms of CMT can cause other problems like deafness, visual impairment and breathing difficulties. (Vocal Chord Paralysis also)
(Page 15)

CMT can cause mild curvature of spine which can be front to back or side to side, scoliosis.

CMT TYPE 1: Electrical Signals are slow
CMT TYPE 2: Nerve Fibres Defective
CMT TYPE 3: Severe form of TYPE 1 also known as Dejerine-Sottas Disease.
CMT TYPE 4: Group of types normally restricted to ethnic groups
(above listed for information puposes only as I have no way of knowing if I DO have CMT, thought it LOOKS HIGHLY LIKELY, nor what type)

DIAGNOSIS: Blood tests for types 1a, 1b and X-linked. Others by physical examination (oh dear NHS) including tests of muscle function and sensory response (knee slow and heel non responsive). A nerve or muscle biopsy is used in some cases when the condition is mild.


Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Charcot’s Joint
Distal Spinal Muscular Atrophy (DSMA)
Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure Palsies (HNPP)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease & Revelation Daughter's KNIFE WOUND

I have been a little apprehensive today since around 1 to 2pm.

I had received the book on CMT this morning, as mentioned in a previous post, and as one of the things is things I am affected by at times that confuses me when it happens, is fatigue.

Of course one of the most important factors of finding out if I AM affected by this is to then let my daughter know because of both her and my grandchildren.

One of the things the book talks about is arranging your home so that you do not trip over and this is something I have done on many occasions, just check out the iron toes photos, and injuring yourself without realising it. But mainly you can come across as clumsy due to 'foot-drop' and I was taken to hospital a lot as a child. What did not occur to me until I read about CMT is that my brother three years younger than me hardly ever went to hospital for anything save picking up a hot iron and scolding his hand when young.

In fact I cannot recall a time of being in hospital because of him and anyone that knew the two of us while we were kids would fully expect this to be the other way around. I would have been smart enough and sharp eyed enough to stay intact while my brother would be the accident prone one but it was strangely the other way around.

This is partly the reason I was getting ready to explode on the 2nd January as it is not only me but die to it being hereditary may affect other members of my family too! So you can imagine my shock and horror when my daughter calls me up around 2am or a little earlier and tells me she is in hospital waiting for an anaesthetist as she has fallen over in her kitchen and landed on a knife?!

No I kid you not!!

Of course i had to quiz her as to whether or not her evil mother, Sylvia, did this or her paedophile ex boyfriend too and she assures me no. She states that she tripped over and she does not know how she did it.

But with the fact that evil mother and ex boyfriend maybe realising by now, I DID SAY MAYBE, that one or both is in trouble then hearing my daughter has a deep wound caused by a knife will make you question EVERYTHING.

Could be Sylvia, Karzan, Sabir or CMT could each be to blame but judging by her confusion I would state the latter of these four?! Only the first two, by the way, have anything to do with the court case that is umm dragging along with third one on the 3rd January 2013. Well at least as far as I am aware right now.

But then she will no doubt be fully aware of the carnage I would cause if I had discovered that ANY individual had done this to her.

Also as you can see how god damn FUCKING annoying it is that I get no help to go up there whatsoever and I dare anyone to have to have endured all the things that I have and still do and remain sane!


Today I was out listening to music when Mike Oldfield's first album Tubular Bells started to waft across my inner ears and just outside the town centre the sun finally broke through the haze and patchy dark clouds.

I was walking along swinging my Trespass Ascender Hiking Stick as I went and a couple of things were playing on my mind. The day before I had been picked up by my landlord during heavy rain and he kindly took me home where I collected my rent for the month and handed it to him. I had previously text him about the House of Commons debate and that requests were made of me to use my evidence and my name as well as pass it on to the various media groups. He seemed a little off but before he left he had asked me to let him know what day, date and time this debate is to take place. I said that I would.

It was a little odd to see him like that. While I was out I had remembered that due to a health scare he had jumped on an aircraft with nigh on his entire family and flew to America a few years back. However once there they were asked WHY they had flown to America as the best people in this particular field was back in the UK?! I had often thought how odd it was when I was told this and wondered how this came to be.

No names and no details will be typed here only in that the health scare was an extremely serious and fatal one! Then I thought about the fact that I had been constantly lied to by the NHS and I started to think.

While pondering these things something else occurred to me and that was several years ago I made a decision. I had tried in vain so many times to find out what was wrong with me and that it was just getting worse every year made things a little stressful to say the least. Taking away my Disability Living Allowance only made this worse and I had to do SOMETHING! I had decided to build my own Mountain Bike of my own design and I got a little carried away with it and as mentioned previously this was basically worth over £4,000 and was stolen from me by bailiffs and Waltham Forest Council in London. This had other items taken along with it that were mostly new and to the value of £2,000 and the one that was not new was an Omega Seamaster Watch worth over £600. As stated previously this was for a parking ticket I thought quashed!!

Now here's the thing...

At the time I had my bike, very reluctantly, up for sale for one reason and one reason ONLY and that was to PAY privately for a FULL BODY MRI. To pick up anything to do with my ears, neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist/hips, knees, calves and feet. There was a whole list of things and at the time there was a firm in Canary Wharf offering this at half price at £1,500?!

Now I had mentioned this to Doctors at the time that I was going to do this and they was telling me it was a waste of time and that the resolution, wrong person to tell that too, was rubbish and would not pick up anything?! As you can see from the previous list there were over 20 possibilities that an MRI could pick up but they were telling me NOT to do it as it would pick up nothing?! Also how in the world could a company charge you £1,500 to go into a machine DESIGNED to scan and pick up problems that does not?!?! How does a machine that does not do as it was intended get manufactured? I often left Doctors stating these things thinking well for a bunch of people unable to correctly diagnose me you are pretty discriminatory towards these private companies?!

The odd thin was that at the time the bailiffs and Waltham Forest Council had done what they had done I remember thinking how strangely convenient that these bailiffs turn up out of the blue like that and do what they do. Well that was AFTER they failed to give me the £3,000 they acquired over the top of the £500 parking ticket and fine total!! It could not have been timed better as I had just had two people interested in the custom built bike, which appeared WITH MY NAME in What Mountain Bike Magazine, and both had £2,000 and were trying to raise another £1,000 to tempt me into selling. So you see getting £400 for it at auction as they claimed to was utterly ludicrous!

But if there is one thing I have picked up on in recent times is just how convenient much of this stuff actually is between these so called public offices. I have long since claimed to many that the NHS seems to be doing things to 'HELP' the DWP in saving money as well as saving themselves a bundle of cash. If I was right why could this also not work with other offices too.

So maybe those bailiffs turning up out of the blue and taking my things was MORE than just a coincidence? After all the went to the trouble of defrauding me too and of £4,000!

Then I after I recalled all this today my mind flashed back to that of my landlord and I started to wonder if his family had realised something too. Maybe my text to him to tell him caused them to look at my blog, though he did not mention that, and the declaration that I have now evidence of the NHS bare face lying and think I am about to get that again in as many weeks caused them some fury as in their case it could have proved fatal!

They did arrive in the USA after all before finding out it was right back home where they had just come from they had needed to be?! I had to promise him twice I would email him the day and date of when the House of Commons debate was going to take place.

My next rent payment in four weeks time might prove ... informative?!

As for me I am not sure what to think right now about these other factors that took place years before and the fact that there could be something more to this is causing me to feel a bit of an idiot that I did not pay more attention to my initial thoughts. I had disregarded the timing as mere coincidence and thought that having my belongings defrauded out of me after being physically assaulted so that I could NOT have my ailments diagnosed privately to prevent me from taking any possible legal action against the NHS a bit too much and sounding like a mental patient!

Hmm maybe people thinking I sound crazy is better than feeling like an idiot in future?!

Also the ramifications of this being the case ... well my word this would be quite something to cause a great deal of concern it really would and never could I have dreamed of anything like this could be that widespread. I for one hate conspiracy theorists but the fact that I was strangely unable to acquire legal representation either is also making me wonder that I have been unkind to solicitors on the whole?!

EDIT: OH CRAP! Also realised that whenever I have talked about legal action og gotten close to forcing NHS to diagnose me I have either had attempts by Councils to make me homeless, though I am private tennant and even here in Enfield, or HAVE been made homeless like Waltham Forest Council did to me while having tests like Carpal and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome testing 7 or 8 years back!


I had delivered just this morning a book I purchased on Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease put together by CMT International UK.

I have had a quick flick through it and it contains more unusually strange things that are related to what I have experienced and not previously thought linked to my physical pains! Like headaches for one and these have affected me on and off for years.

It has also come to my realisation that all the physiotherapists I was FORCED to go to by the NHS despite my arguing and compaining about it have been making me do stretches and exercises that have made the conditions WORSE for I have been stretching in the OPPOSITE direction to that I am supposed to!

I should have realised this when Biomechanics guy, Mark, I saw at Gator Drive in Enfield told me to bend my toes DOWNWARDS and into a curled position as them pointing UPWARDS is stretching my Plantar fascia further and is WHY the cause me pain?!

So all those dozens weeks pulling my toes further UPWARDS in DAILY stretches was actually hindering me and causing further strain and therefore pain then?!


Anyway enough swearing at overpaid morons here are a few notes I pulled out of the practical guide.

Now if anyone in my family or anyone else that has known me a long time with these pains and discomforts might find some of the following peculiarly familiar, LMAO!

A Practical Guide
Compiled by CMT International UK

Jean-Martin Charcot, Pierre Marie & Howard Henry Tooth

CMT casues deterioration of the Periphery Nerves that control sensory information of the hands, forearms, lower legs and feet. Feet and lower legs are always affected first. (Page 5)

Poor circulation in hands and feet are factors as is numbness causing self-injury without realising it. Hand tremors are also possible albeit rare as well as loss of reflex. Deafness and breathing difficulties are also factors along with others. (Page 15)

“Any chronic disabling condition can affect the way people feel and think about themselves. People with CMT often suffer from low self-esteem, and relationships at work and within the family can be affected.” 
(Page 49)

“As a person learns to live with CMT the possibility of losing the ability to play tennis, use a computer, do up zips and buttons or turn the pages of a newspaper, can affect the perception of self over and over again.” (Page 49)

COPING: Sense of Humour, Keep a Journal, Exercise, Take Long Walks, Take One Day at a Time, Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones. (Page 51)


Care of the Feet, Breathing Problems and Dealing with Stress sections (Pages 54 & 55)

Do NOT be over ambitious on days when you feel good or you may feel fatigued for several days afterwards. Alternate between light and heavy chores throughout the week. Do not do anything heavy if you are planning an evening activity. (Page 56)

SIT whenever possible even while dressing, after showering to conserve energy. (Page 56)

Rearrange home to reduce tripping. (page 56)

Pain can be sharp, sudden, short-lived, gnawing as well as long lasting and chronic. (Page 58)

Most pain comes not from CMT but from something that has atrophied. (Page 58)

It is much more difficult to relieve pain after it has become established. (Page 58)

As a final resort CMT pain can be relieved by surgery through a nerve block. (Page 59)

Foot impairment and its influence on walking section. (Page 60)

Problems relating to hand function section. (Page 62)

Surgical procedures to correct problems with feet section. (Page 64)

EDIT: So previously I have only been given names of the symptoms, or even NOT and lied to, while not being given the name of the CAUSE!!

Monday, 24 December 2012


Heard from my daughter tonight.

It seems the grandchildren are STILL with the evil people, grandmother and child molester only now it turns out the child molester's girlfriend is violent and attacked my daughter in a store after being unreasonable about my daughter seeing her children.

She told the Police about it and they told her to grow up, phone her solicitor and that it is Christmas?! That is about right that of the utterly brain-dead Police!

My friend Jeff only realised recently that my grandchildren had been left with these two, Ethan with his evil grandmother and Joseph with his child molester father and violent girlfriend!

As BOTH our phones are playing up I did not get a chance to tell her that her ex boyfriend, Karzan who is still to appear in court on the 3rd January 2013 at Birkenhead Court, is behaving like he has got away with his crimes and little wonder. How on earth have a court and a council left my two grandchildren with not two but FOUR evil people, a LIAR and COLD HEARTED SELF CENTRED BITCH, an English Defence League Member, a Muslim Paedophile and a violent girl called Rachel?!

Here are the recordings...

Now you should be beginning to see why I did all this?! Well I hope so.

There is NO institution out there you can rely on any longer or even TRUST!! It is utter madness it really is and i realised long ago that if I did not radically think about the way I was going to approach this I would just have what I have now been getting from the NHS and DWP and that is PISSED ON from a great height and being told it is RAINING!!

As Karzan the paedophile is behaving like the lord of the manor now and with the unusual decision by all involved to leave my grandchildren in the care of these four people while dragging out the court proceedings the only way I had left to me, without taking drastic and extreme action myself, is to make as many members of the British Public aware of these things.

Not just one or two but ALL of them.

It seemed to me to be a duty I just had to do and everyone had the right to know how their tax money was NOT being spent.

After all what is the point of them considering the above?! If ANYTHING UNTOWARD happened to my grandchildren they would be to blame. but you will have some minister on TV stating it was some rogue head of social services or social worker just like Ed Balls did over Baby Peter!

So you could argue that I am planning justice for them as I am powerless to do anything for them legally so that no one gets to squirm out of it this time around and that everyone will know that this is rife.

You will also note that there is yet another Social Worker and my daughter thinks this one is nice. Well there has been eight in two years nearly so I am not going to assume that this one is OK, oh no.

So it seems that January 2013 is going to be a VERY KEY month or more ways than one?!

My appointments, my daughters third court appearance and a certain mentioning of me and my evidence against Atos and the DWP in the House of Commons?!

I really do hope I am not forced into using my back-up plans, really I do!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Right now though I have mentioned various things in the past and throughout the posts in this blog I thought it best that in light of previous discussions and the fact that there are links between various things I did not think possible it was high time I created a NEW list...

...of SYMPTOMS...

1 Both Feet: Heel Pain
2 Both Feet: Arch Pains
3 Left Foot: Metatarsalgia
4 Right Foot: Inverted joint (i.e. DEFORMED) locking toe
5 Both Feet: Pes Cavus & Plantar fasciitis
7 Both Ankles: Clicking with sharp pain (Achilles Tendinitis)
8 Right Calf: Extremely painful SPASMS and Varicose Veins for twenty years (no varicose ever on right)
9 Right Knee: Pain around outside of patella and at back of leg directly behind knee area (like stretching)
10 Left Knee: Some twinging from time to time
11 Hips: Locking up pain or aching latter often when back plays up
12 Legs: Really bad Pins and Needles leaves immobile for 5 to ten minutes.
13 Legs: Restless Leg Syndrome
13 Groin: Right Side Hernia Repaired but now ACHES
14 Back: Middle aches or shape pain while upper freezes with severe pain
15 Chest: Hiatus Hernia
16 Chest: Oesophagitis Grade C Vomit with little warning
17 Shoulders: When upper back freezes up shoots along the shoulder, mainly right side
18 Arms & Hands: Aching, numbness and tremors in hands (thought it was onset of Parkinson's originally LMAO). Can punch bags of large stones hard and fast and not feel it nor bruise my hands - Wing Chun)
19 Ears: Right ear has hard lumps inside and less sensitive to sound that Left ear. Left ear pops a great deal   especially in damp weather. Putting rubber earpieces in left ear, like headphones, and I will lose 70 to 80% of my hearing!
20 Head: Nausea
21 Head (?): Insomnia
22 BODY: Tired alot, legs especially.

Jesus Christ!!!

In the past I have always referred to the number of ailments being a dozen or so but now that I have made a complete list for the first time and actually numbered them I am actually somewhat stunned at the total number, lmao.

Right ... now I write, or I should say type, as I think and as I feel and think this is the best way and thinking I had 21 in the bloody long list I could not surely have left anything out?! I thought 'don't be silly Martin there are 21 that MUST be everything and then remembered Restless Leg Syndrome and had to place it in it's natural number. I like to start at the feet and work my way up that is how ridiculous it has become!!

Also consider that the GPs in my past have failed to realise that this number of ailments were getting high, that is over a dozen GPs! Also note that in the past that the government PROMISED to CAB and statement to the press that after admitting that that the DWP and DLA only considered each ailment as if it was the ONLY ailment and then disregarded when they considered the NEXT ONE IN LINE that they would STOP doing this and be fair in future.

Therefore they LIED to both the media and the public but not one single person has reminded them of this fact!

TWENTY TWO?!?! I am shaking my head here as I look back at the list, lmao!!

I also noted in the media that HRH Prince Charles, whose car I HAVE DRIVEN in the past, has come out and stated that Doctors need to have more compassion but I think the reasons behind that need to be looked at too!

There is always more than meets the eye with everything you see and hear and that is how I have based everything I have EVER done. I do not take ANYTHING for granted, not a single thing and ask myself WHY and what are the possibilities?!


Right now as I stated in previous posts I was shocked to basically see nigh on everything above in a list of symptoms for ...

CHARCOT-MARIE TOOTH DISEASE recently and you should have seen my face and I wish I had seen my face?! To state I was completely blown into orbit to see symptoms I have in that list would be the understatement of the year. Relief, shock, fear and utter anger all at the same time due to the number of times GPs have ROLLED THEIR EYES at me for asking why so I am affected in so many places by so many things and repeatedly told by different GPs that there could be no possible link?!

What utter pathetic excuses for life these people are and Amoebas deserve more respect!!

EDIT: I would be most interested in hearing views of ANYONE who suffers from CMT and have read the list above. I would be EXTREMELY grateful to anyone who contacts me?! ;)


Saturday, 22 December 2012


Well hows about that then? (ooh bad pun!)

After all that this back specialist told me, confirming area of problem, confirming it AGAIN after looking at X-Ray and then confirming previous NHS MRI was on only area of my back that did not have a problem, also repeated by radiologist, I now get told the MRI is normal?!

That is NOT what she says on my audio recording repeatedly that is already up on here!!!

Mind you I did find it odd that my MRI took place lying down as there is NO WEIGHT baing placed on your back when you do this and seems a trifle odd to me. Backed up by the fact that my problems were also PICKED UP in the X-RAYS I had performed by a chiropractor which WAS PERFORMED WHILE STANDING!!

So if someone can please explain how an experts opinion can swing one way and then the other while scans and x-rays are performed in odd ways I would be happy to hear.

The letter makes no mention of being contacted by that Mark chap of Biomechanics and I am now really furious and I can tell you that when I see my GP I am going to pull absolutely no punches in my accusations towards the NHS senior staff.

I will also absolutely insist that I am seen or referred to Professor Mary Reilly of the National Hospital of Neurology in Queen's Square in London.

I have an appointment on 2nd January 2013 with my GP and I am going to tell him straight about both the appointments, god I wish I had actually gone back home to get the phone for the Biomechanics appointment now but thought that THIS TIME I would be sorted out properly, and accuse them of fucking up my life and that they are not going to get away with it.

Depending on what he says I am also prepared to give him this blog address as I have kept this hidden from him and NHS staff are going to need to decide whether they truly are Doctors or not! Well that is if what I was told about being sent for neurology tests also gets booted into touch too?!

At the end of the day that Mark of Biomechanics said that I must have a Neurological Disorder and that caused me to say I already suffered from one and when he realised I had Restless Leg Syndrome his face was a picture. I believe it was a combination of "FUCK ME HOW DID EVERYONE MISS THAT LINK?!" along with "OH SHIT MAYBE HE IS NOT MAKING IT UP?!" LMAO.

But I am getting used to these about faces by the NHS and seems to happen with every turn so two in a matter of weeks will spell COFRIMATION FOR ME and I am afraid DOOM for the NHS senior management. Tsk-Tsk.

To say I am utterly blown away and angry is an understatement but you can probably tell that from this post?!

The only other people recommended to my by Karen Butcher of are ...

Well here is the whole email copy and pasted!!


Dear Martin

Many thanks for explaining to me all the problems that you’ve had over the years.  I’m sorry that the NHS appears to have let you down in finding a solution to all these issues, which may or may not be CMT – I can’t say, obviously!

You do need to see a neurologist and see if this can get sorted out, once and for all.

I don’t know whereabouts you are in the country, obviously – but there are a number of “CMT-friendly” neurologists around the country, and depending on where you are, I do recommend getting a referral from your GP to one of these:

In Wales, (Cardiff) – Dr Gareth Llewellyn at University Hospital Wales
In Birmingham – Dr John Winer at QE Hospital
In Manchester – Dr Mark Roberts, Salford Royal Hospital, or Withington Community Hospital
In Liverpool – Dr Bryan Lecky at the Walton Centre
In Oxford – Dr David Hilton-Jones, at the John Radcliffe Infirmary
In Bristol – Dr Ormerod at Southmead Hospital
In Southampton – Dr Haider Katifi, at Southampton General Hospital

Dear Martin

Many thanks for explaining to me all the problems that you’ve had over the years.  I’m sorry that the NHS appears to have let you down in finding a solution to all these issues, which may or may not be CMT – I can’t say, obviously!

You do need to see a neurologist and see if this can get sorted out, once and for all.

I don’t know whereabouts you are in the country, obviously – but there are a number of “CMT-friendly” neurologists around the country, and depending on where you are, I do recommend getting a referral from your GP to one of these:

In Wales, (Cardiff) – Dr Gareth Llewellyn at University Hospital Wales
In Birmingham – Dr John Winer at QE Hospital
In Manchester – Dr Mark Roberts, Salford Royal Hospital, or Withington Community Hospital
In Liverpool – Dr Bryan Lecky at the Walton Centre
In Oxford – Dr David Hilton-Jones, at the John Radcliffe Infirmary
In Bristol – Dr Ormerod at Southmead Hospital
In Southampton – Dr Haider Katifi, at Southampton General Hospital

And the best of the best, Professor Mary Reilly at the National Hospital for Neurology, Queen Square, London – she is probably the UK’s leading expert on CMT, and even if you can’t get to see her in person, any of her team would be excellent – but her waiting list is incredibly long.

You could see any neurologist at your local hospital, but they may not be so clued up on CMT, and at this point, you really don’t need messing around any more, do you?

Hope this helps – I’ve also attached a couple of leaflets about CMT.



PS – the office will be closed from lunchtime today until Monday 7th January, so if there is anything else, I will answer when I get back in January.  Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Friday, 21 December 2012


Couple of things to point out and first off was the reaction I got from Eon Energy which was somewhat of a surprise...

I contacted them as I did something ELSE with the money I was supposed to pay them due to me quitting smoking and OCCUPYING myself, lol. In passing I mentioned the previous two appointments and what i had found out and was expecting to hear from Doctors in the coming days, weeks and knowing the NHS possible MONTHS.


Under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), passed in 1995 and significantly extended in 2005, anyone who has a progressive condition, like CMT, can classify themselves as disabled as soon as the condition has an effect on their everyday activites. You are then entitled to protection under the law, requiring employers to make suitable adaptations so you can continue working.

This was there unexpected response...

I also emailed a Charcot Marie Tooth Disease organisation and I did not ask for a diagnosis, well OBVIOUSLY, but just advice and pointers while providing list of my symptoms.

The is a response from Karen Butcher who was extremely kind and informative...

Michael Meacher MP Atos Commons Debate UNKNOWN

Well at the present time Mr Meacher MP is only aware of the fact that the House of Commons debate is taking place in January at the present time.

If I hear anything I will post an update on this blog.

Thursday, 20 December 2012


I have emailed Michael Meacher MP after being sent something from people I know on Facebook...

He has emailed me back and requested permission to use the data and evidence that I have on this blog and I have and hereby give permission for this Member of Parliament to do just that!

Let us hope he is one of the few honourable people in parliament?!

Fingers crossed, though I dare say he might need a stiff drink if he reads the entire blog, I suggest Glenmorangie or Glennfiddich?!

EDIT: He has secured the House of Commons for a 3 hour debate in January 2013 and exclusively concerning ATOS... fingers crossed!!



Ohhh OK I can imagine your all wondering what he said and I have replied with more specifics and pointers to which data and where to look on here too!

So here is a screen-shot for you all to take a gander! ;)


Well I do not seem to be able to stay off here do I? LMAO

Well this one I thought might bring joy to tens thousands people and rising campaigning against the government about the DWP, ATOS, DLA and Local Councils....


Dear Sirs

71 Mahon Close EN1 4DQ

Do you remember me?

You refused me a freedom pass?!

Well I thought I would copy and paste a letter that I have emailed to the DLA and a few others and I strongly suggest you take note of it as well as the documents I have attached.

Please read the pasted section if full as if you miss any points it could be very costly for your department financially in due course as there WILL BE a legal case starting in early 2013 now that I have all the facts at my disposal.


Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Sirs


I have still not heard from yourselves regarding the DLA claim!

You cannot make a decision based on someone you have not met just because they have failed to scaled the mountainous goals you have unfairly requested of them!

I also previously stated that I am always at my most dangerous and a huge threat WHEN you are NOT hearing from me!

Attached are scanned letter to just TWO appointments that you were not aware of and that I was, also you should realise that I now have a new GP and have had for months and under various specialists and before I have even been given my diagnosis I have already figured it out alone. I would add that different departments at the NHS are working furiously and even stated they are talking to each other and i could tell from the reaction of the last person that they KNOW what it is that I have and that they are either shocked they missed it or that I am determined and on the verge of the diagnosis that has eluded me for so very long.

This means that not only did you and your so-called Doctors not spot the information I provided but neither did the NHS!

So now that I finally know and that I have actually suffered from this for 20 years or more, that is TWENTY YEARS, now it is just a case of taking legal action against both you and the NHS.


This is now available in the public domain and I have also pointed out very publicly that it is offence with a prison sentence to masquerade yourself as a Doctor or a Specialist or to LIE if you are indeed a Doctor or Specialist.

So far there are 4000 people and rising, yes the reads four thousand, and by April 2013 this will be in the many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. I believe 20,000 people just found out about me on Facebook and a CAUSES website and I have been getting a HUGE number of emails of thanks to what I have done and am doing.

In 2013, that is if someone does not contact me via my very public site in the meantime, I will be sending out emails to various law firms with details of all this and the suffering I have had at the hands of public offices for twenty years and the fact that combined three main public bodies destroyed not only MY LIFE but of others close to me to the point of being in very mortal danger.

I told you, I told you and I TOLD YOU. Pretty soon you will realise that all my threats and warnings not to ignore me or do what you are doing have been very real. I also told you that I would work on it so that the culprits that think they can do this and escape prison sentences will be removed and not any real possibility for them and that I want to make an example of these people that will last several lifetimes and go down in the history books as one of the biggest shake ups in the history of the UK!


So if you do not mind getting back to me on this DLA application as it has been almost a year now, my god that is soo bloody funny a WHOLE YEAR.


Martin Haswell BSc


Monday, 17 December 2012

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease or CMT Part TWO


An unusual disease to match an unusual set of symptoms

Rather an unexpected stumbling across this one and had literature in my possession that covered it but mentions of mainly children being affected caused me NOT to look into it.

However it seems I was too hasty in this and here is the neurological disorder I am now 100% convinced, not often I state 100% I can assure you, is what has been affecting me for some time now.

Those that I have that came as a surprise to see listed under the same list of symptoms for the above disease that to say came as a complete shock certainly was an understatement!

Bare in mind these are things that I have long since been reluctant to divulge out of fear of sounding like a hypochondriac and even has been insinuated as by use of the word psychosomatic!

This was a little report I typed out earlier after giving this some serious though throughout the day!

SYMPTOMS                                                                                              AFFECTED?             
Gets worse slowly                                           [SHOCK]                          YES
Walking Gate Affected                                                                            YES (Noticed 3rd Dec 2012)
Pes Cavus                                                                                               YES (Diagnosed 8th February 2012)
Hammer Toes                                                                                         YES (Never been noticed by NHS)
Balance Problems                                            [SHOCK]                          YES (Mention many times in ten years)
Hand Function Difficulty                                   [SHOCK]                          YES (NHS aware saucepan holding pain)
Leg Cramps                                                     [SHOCK]                         YES (Seen by several members of family)
Reflex Loss                                                      [SHOCK]                         YES (Failed Test Dec 3rd 2012)
Long Term Pain/Chronic Tiredeness                                                        YES (Well hazard a guess!)
Bone Abnormalities                                        [SHOCK]                           YES (Seen by NHS Staff)
Hearing Problems                                            [SHOCK]                          YES (Mentioned to three GPs +)
Back Problems – Curvature or Scoliosis                                                  YES (Seen by NHS Staff 3x +)
Breathing Difficulties                                      [SHOCK]                             YES (Seen by NHS Staff)
Affects Arms & Hands LATE ON                 [SHOCK]                             YES
Tremors                                                        [SHOCK]                     YES (In hands and mentioned couple times)
Restless Leg Syndrome                                 [SHOCK]                               YES (Known to NHS: Mirapexin)
Muscle Weaknesses                                       [SHOCK]                              YES