Sunday, 2 December 2012

In Search of the Cloud Cuckoos

It is surprising sometimes just where some statements come from that make people and organisations or in this case an institution of sorts sound like they are cut off from reality.

I woke unusually early today, around 5am, after falling asleep surprisingly early though with hindsight I suppose the fact I had the toughest days ever of pain and discomfort while getting chores done was behind it.

On waking a series of news stories were on Sky News 24 and one of these was how the recession has not affected parts of the UK. This was merely a surprise until the reporter insinuated it was the entire South-East and I wondered how many people in the South East would be offended by that? A fair few I would estimate! I thought this man had spent the past three years locked on a room with no windows while he stabbed at a keyboard producing reams of text based on fantasy. Then he made himself look entirely incompetent by then basing this on one single solitary postcode of EC1 in London, or the Silicon Roundabout as it has come to be known.

Oh my god man get another career! Everyone knows about Silicon Roundabout and this would come as no surprise to anyone at all so you report was wrong, stupid and more to the point ... OLD! even if you had said parts of the South East would not be as bad despite it being one very small piece of it!

Of late and in the last year I have come into contact with a great many people I used to know and many of my old customers from a store I ran for 6 months but got zero help from anyone to keep it going despite asking repeatedly during that time and the takings of the store went from £200 per week to £2,500. Yes this is true and I would add that it started off a a 7 days a week store and for the first time in the stores 15 year history I closed TWO days a week! I was also just the manager of sorts though technically it was a partnership with someone who possessed no business acumen whatsoever, though he would argue that until the cows come home but in his fifty years would have absolutely nothing to back it up with. I have known him a very long time so I can say this with trepidation and with an air of confidence and experience.

Now not only can I not produce a single person out of literally several hundred that has done well at all in the last three years or more but I cannot produce a single name of anyone that has NOT stated that 2012, and in particular the current period on top of Christmas 2012, has been the worst of recent years. Nor have I come across a single person that thinks it will be not only better but even stating it would be about the same. So everyone thinks it will be worse still?!

I would go as far as stating that what with the recent revelations that it is now going to start snowing imminently and not stop until February that this will have an impact on Christmas, businesses everywhere and that when it does stop you have ALL THE WATER that ground all over the UK is currently sodden with along with the several inches, err or several feet, of snow and ice sitting atop all that waiting to work its ways into rivers, streams, brooks and canals that are already very high and only yesterday the one by my home was starting to freeze. In other words flooding that could be worse than that witnessed recently mainly because it will last for longer. To explain this snow sits on ice and itself gets compacted so ice gets thicker which sits on the ground which itself is sodden and frozen and takes many days for that to work its way through the soil and into the tributaries, streams, rivers and so on. In more hill places this will be slower than flash floods from heavy rain but last longer. In less hilly terrain this takes longer still and a week to ten days or more would be more common. Gravity is the difference here in the tie scales.

At coming up to 44 I have seen some heavy rains in my years and as someone who looks at history I have read about some pretty extreme weather. I do believe I have seen about the wettest year I have ever heard of and then some. Whether it rains, snows or NOT in early 2013 any snow fall and settle from now until December 31st will probably lead to the highest water levels for a Spring thaw that has ever been seen. The fact that I am typing this when just a couple of years back I was emailing a local park authority because the water levels in two ponds had been dangerously low for several years to the point that there population of Great Crested Newts, Triturus cristatus they probably was not even aware of if I am honest, was in real danger of disappearing is quite some contrast to how it is now I cam tell you!

Added to this news bulletin is that of the fact that the Chancellor George Osborne, god how someone like that even gets into government let alone being Chancellor I will never know, is about to make some Autumn statement whereby he is going to punish the poor again but this time the rich too?! Hmm I doubt that and again another statement that is out of touch on sooo many levels it is untrue!!

Baring in mind the LBC Radio bulletin I listened to about a week or so ago about these Food Bank places now having 38 and needing more just in London alone, prior to the recession was 6 or 7 places, and I firstly fail to see how the rich would be queueing up for free food hiding their heads in embarrassment or how they can make benefit claimants suffer even more than they already are. The truth of the matter is that poor people ARE dying as a direct result of what the government has been doing and people KNOW this no matter how they tried to hide it. Now THAT is NOT reported in the news and though it is happening it is quite INHUMANE to suggest that the South East of the UK has escaped unaffected and foolish statements like this only helps the government to squeeze even more.

Now let is say that as a result of all this even more people lose their lives who live in the very outer fringes of society? As a conservative estimate I would state that 80% of these are NOT there by choice and those that are likely up to criminal activities. Let us say also that people start to starve and masses of children begin to lose weight and this will lead to a great deal of pressure on the NHS which is already buckling under political interference from Satanists and Devil Worshippers and all the budget and staff cuts?! Anyone see the main ingredients to a recipe here?!?!

Well I wee state that which is going to happen right here and right now and when it does let us see how many of them come out, George Osborne being right at the front of the queue no doubt, stating that they had NO IDEA this was going to happen?!

No of course you fecking didn't, DID YOU?!

So from now on I am going to add names to a very special list and this will be a list of people with the title of Cloud Cuckoo! Anyone labelled as one of these Cloud Cuckoos will be those that should NOT hold the positions that they do. Also the term Cloud Cuckoo could be for a number of reasons and though there may turn out to be many the main ones are ...

Satanist (LOL why not? OK Evil and those I that I think exist and want conflict within the UK)

Amoral (well self explanatory really)

Incompetent (Dunce for not seeing the pitfalls)

Blind (Really for front line staff who worship their public office and senior staff but being lined up to take the    blame and the fall or even PRISON for their respective bosses!)

Henceforth each person I attack will be given, labelled with, one of these categories and it will be interesting to see where we are in say 6 months time?!



  1. The Gov't are TOTALLY out of touch. I too had an experience with ATOS and lodged a complaint but what they sent back would have meant a waste of time pursuing my complaint. My 'interview' was more like a court session where I was only allowed to give one word answers and not give explanations.

    I also heard on 'Sky News' that we are in a THIRD dip of the recession... WTF.

    What this Country needs is a revolution. The Gov't are INCOMPETENT, with UKIP being hailed as the 'NEW' Conservative Party and then the Adoption scandal...
    Politics has a hand in EVERYTHING.
    Those values are what, I think, are the ones of well over 50% of White British people here, we want our Country back, the Gov't need to stop wasting money on 'Foreign Aid' and to stop letting immigrants in and giving them what it's own 'Born & Bred' UK Citizens right to have.

    Heck, I could go on... and on... and on...
    Maybe I should start up my own blog lol...

  2. I know exactly what you mean there Peter and thanks for the comment. I have a post on Atos I ask people to tell their story on. ;)

    Ubuntu? Well I hope Linux is more user friendly than it was when I was at University, lol.

    A third dip? Wow well I was expecting it to be announced after Christmas around March time.

    Totally agree with you, like the science advisor fired for saying cannabis does not alter your brain in anyway?! I am sorry that should have been the straw that broke the camels back with that one! Asking a scientist ti lie so that it suits them?!?! Bad play.

    I also agree on the foreign aid, there are mothers going to these Food Banks to get free food because they cannot feed their own children and the British Government handing out millions to Africa and other countries. Well I got news for them, its bloody hot out there ad here we are about to have our worst winter in a hundred years?!?!

    Fecking idiots!! I tell you now that in the Spring and after everything has thawed, oh and then flooded again for the umpteenth time, and they have finished trying to hide how many people have died from the cold, hyperthermia, pneumonia and starvation I really fear things will kick off in a really big way?!

    Yup the adoption scandal was a joke and Wirral Council social services have ignored three requests from a judge, one a court order, to appear in court. Next one is 3rd January and that case is a scandal beyond belief and involves my own daughter!

    Details and evidence of that is all provided on the blog including hours and hours of audio with Police LYING and giving loads of promises they then broke repeatedly placing alot of people in mortal danger. I kind you not. lol