Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Quotes RULES & No RHYME OR REASON?!

A copy and paste of my post as someone tols me to check RULE 8 for a site who took away a link to the truth when their MOTTO clearly states RECLAIM THE RIGHT and I have suggested that their visitors do exactly that?! LMAO!!


[QUOTE=IdaInFife;4065851]Allnights may you to rule 8 in the forum rules :


This is why the link was removed.[/QUOTE]

And what does RULE 8 say...

I am sorry but that is TWO replies and not a single half decent answer and not ONE reason to explain why you silenced someone and took away the right to every viewer to go and see a whole heap of evidence?!

I will state though that I do have my own theory on this.

I will state again that this promotes itself as a site that looks out for the RIGHTS of CONSUMERS and I am starting to feel rather like that of an echo!

RULES are invented for people who want to cajole, trick and con the public, like those that all viewers come on here to complain about. Yet I know see that these restrictions even apply here?

If I was swearing or indeed giving a link to an unsavoury site then yes sure, I would totally agree with you to remove things like that but I was giving all viewers an option to see the truth and you REMOVED that right that EVERY BRITISH PERSON HAS?!

I do not charge money for my efforts and I do not make money for my efforts I did it all free and to help others. YOU are preventing people from having access to this and giving NO VALID REASONING whatsoever...

YOU ARE HINDERING the British Public and with holding this from them.

Maybe I should add that I know a thing or two about laws and when it comes to forum and the Internet maybe I should add that I am BSc Applied Computing and am STILL waiting for your reasons, NOT YOUR RULES?!

I think that anyone and EVERYONE should RECLAIM THE RIGHT to read, hear and SEE what you took away form them!

Or do you STILL think otherwise? Despite what your MOTTO clearly states below the LOGO?

Or is it just a bunch of people getting a power trip from being granted moderators?

I can keep guessing like this until someone gives me a valid reason.

My various websites have NO RULES and NEVER WILL HAVE.

So what is it t be?


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