Sunday, 16 December 2012


This is being posted simply as a little test for those closer to home.

Now there are NINE DAYS until Christmas day and as of 4.9 days ago from typing this post, today being the 16th December 2012, I QUIT SMOKING?!

Now to some there may be realisations into this revelation and you may well be right, I cannot think of any wrong ones in all honesty. I can also tell you that many close to home will not believe that I have quit, some will be truly stunned for a whole range of reasons and all the above apply.

Also for those that are missing my mumblings and musings on this blog I AM still at it and in time there will be a steady stream of posts to make up for the festive, if it can be referred to as that, period.

Yes I have not missed a great many things that have come out and do not believe for ONE SECOND that two Australian DJs are to blame for a tragedy that took place. No matter HOW naive it was to pull that stunt it HAS BECOME the name of the game in recent years and I have been predicting the death of someone for some time now. Though not through suicide I must say!

Still more on that after Christmas.


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