Thursday, 27 December 2012


Today I was out listening to music when Mike Oldfield's first album Tubular Bells started to waft across my inner ears and just outside the town centre the sun finally broke through the haze and patchy dark clouds.

I was walking along swinging my Trespass Ascender Hiking Stick as I went and a couple of things were playing on my mind. The day before I had been picked up by my landlord during heavy rain and he kindly took me home where I collected my rent for the month and handed it to him. I had previously text him about the House of Commons debate and that requests were made of me to use my evidence and my name as well as pass it on to the various media groups. He seemed a little off but before he left he had asked me to let him know what day, date and time this debate is to take place. I said that I would.

It was a little odd to see him like that. While I was out I had remembered that due to a health scare he had jumped on an aircraft with nigh on his entire family and flew to America a few years back. However once there they were asked WHY they had flown to America as the best people in this particular field was back in the UK?! I had often thought how odd it was when I was told this and wondered how this came to be.

No names and no details will be typed here only in that the health scare was an extremely serious and fatal one! Then I thought about the fact that I had been constantly lied to by the NHS and I started to think.

While pondering these things something else occurred to me and that was several years ago I made a decision. I had tried in vain so many times to find out what was wrong with me and that it was just getting worse every year made things a little stressful to say the least. Taking away my Disability Living Allowance only made this worse and I had to do SOMETHING! I had decided to build my own Mountain Bike of my own design and I got a little carried away with it and as mentioned previously this was basically worth over £4,000 and was stolen from me by bailiffs and Waltham Forest Council in London. This had other items taken along with it that were mostly new and to the value of £2,000 and the one that was not new was an Omega Seamaster Watch worth over £600. As stated previously this was for a parking ticket I thought quashed!!

Now here's the thing...

At the time I had my bike, very reluctantly, up for sale for one reason and one reason ONLY and that was to PAY privately for a FULL BODY MRI. To pick up anything to do with my ears, neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist/hips, knees, calves and feet. There was a whole list of things and at the time there was a firm in Canary Wharf offering this at half price at £1,500?!

Now I had mentioned this to Doctors at the time that I was going to do this and they was telling me it was a waste of time and that the resolution, wrong person to tell that too, was rubbish and would not pick up anything?! As you can see from the previous list there were over 20 possibilities that an MRI could pick up but they were telling me NOT to do it as it would pick up nothing?! Also how in the world could a company charge you £1,500 to go into a machine DESIGNED to scan and pick up problems that does not?!?! How does a machine that does not do as it was intended get manufactured? I often left Doctors stating these things thinking well for a bunch of people unable to correctly diagnose me you are pretty discriminatory towards these private companies?!

The odd thin was that at the time the bailiffs and Waltham Forest Council had done what they had done I remember thinking how strangely convenient that these bailiffs turn up out of the blue like that and do what they do. Well that was AFTER they failed to give me the £3,000 they acquired over the top of the £500 parking ticket and fine total!! It could not have been timed better as I had just had two people interested in the custom built bike, which appeared WITH MY NAME in What Mountain Bike Magazine, and both had £2,000 and were trying to raise another £1,000 to tempt me into selling. So you see getting £400 for it at auction as they claimed to was utterly ludicrous!

But if there is one thing I have picked up on in recent times is just how convenient much of this stuff actually is between these so called public offices. I have long since claimed to many that the NHS seems to be doing things to 'HELP' the DWP in saving money as well as saving themselves a bundle of cash. If I was right why could this also not work with other offices too.

So maybe those bailiffs turning up out of the blue and taking my things was MORE than just a coincidence? After all the went to the trouble of defrauding me too and of £4,000!

Then I after I recalled all this today my mind flashed back to that of my landlord and I started to wonder if his family had realised something too. Maybe my text to him to tell him caused them to look at my blog, though he did not mention that, and the declaration that I have now evidence of the NHS bare face lying and think I am about to get that again in as many weeks caused them some fury as in their case it could have proved fatal!

They did arrive in the USA after all before finding out it was right back home where they had just come from they had needed to be?! I had to promise him twice I would email him the day and date of when the House of Commons debate was going to take place.

My next rent payment in four weeks time might prove ... informative?!

As for me I am not sure what to think right now about these other factors that took place years before and the fact that there could be something more to this is causing me to feel a bit of an idiot that I did not pay more attention to my initial thoughts. I had disregarded the timing as mere coincidence and thought that having my belongings defrauded out of me after being physically assaulted so that I could NOT have my ailments diagnosed privately to prevent me from taking any possible legal action against the NHS a bit too much and sounding like a mental patient!

Hmm maybe people thinking I sound crazy is better than feeling like an idiot in future?!

Also the ramifications of this being the case ... well my word this would be quite something to cause a great deal of concern it really would and never could I have dreamed of anything like this could be that widespread. I for one hate conspiracy theorists but the fact that I was strangely unable to acquire legal representation either is also making me wonder that I have been unkind to solicitors on the whole?!

EDIT: OH CRAP! Also realised that whenever I have talked about legal action og gotten close to forcing NHS to diagnose me I have either had attempts by Councils to make me homeless, though I am private tennant and even here in Enfield, or HAVE been made homeless like Waltham Forest Council did to me while having tests like Carpal and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome testing 7 or 8 years back!

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