Thursday, 20 December 2012


I have emailed Michael Meacher MP after being sent something from people I know on Facebook...

He has emailed me back and requested permission to use the data and evidence that I have on this blog and I have and hereby give permission for this Member of Parliament to do just that!

Let us hope he is one of the few honourable people in parliament?!

Fingers crossed, though I dare say he might need a stiff drink if he reads the entire blog, I suggest Glenmorangie or Glennfiddich?!

EDIT: He has secured the House of Commons for a 3 hour debate in January 2013 and exclusively concerning ATOS... fingers crossed!!



Ohhh OK I can imagine your all wondering what he said and I have replied with more specifics and pointers to which data and where to look on here too!

So here is a screen-shot for you all to take a gander! ;)

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