Monday, 24 December 2012


Heard from my daughter tonight.

It seems the grandchildren are STILL with the evil people, grandmother and child molester only now it turns out the child molester's girlfriend is violent and attacked my daughter in a store after being unreasonable about my daughter seeing her children.

She told the Police about it and they told her to grow up, phone her solicitor and that it is Christmas?! That is about right that of the utterly brain-dead Police!

My friend Jeff only realised recently that my grandchildren had been left with these two, Ethan with his evil grandmother and Joseph with his child molester father and violent girlfriend!

As BOTH our phones are playing up I did not get a chance to tell her that her ex boyfriend, Karzan who is still to appear in court on the 3rd January 2013 at Birkenhead Court, is behaving like he has got away with his crimes and little wonder. How on earth have a court and a council left my two grandchildren with not two but FOUR evil people, a LIAR and COLD HEARTED SELF CENTRED BITCH, an English Defence League Member, a Muslim Paedophile and a violent girl called Rachel?!

Here are the recordings...

Now you should be beginning to see why I did all this?! Well I hope so.

There is NO institution out there you can rely on any longer or even TRUST!! It is utter madness it really is and i realised long ago that if I did not radically think about the way I was going to approach this I would just have what I have now been getting from the NHS and DWP and that is PISSED ON from a great height and being told it is RAINING!!

As Karzan the paedophile is behaving like the lord of the manor now and with the unusual decision by all involved to leave my grandchildren in the care of these four people while dragging out the court proceedings the only way I had left to me, without taking drastic and extreme action myself, is to make as many members of the British Public aware of these things.

Not just one or two but ALL of them.

It seemed to me to be a duty I just had to do and everyone had the right to know how their tax money was NOT being spent.

After all what is the point of them considering the above?! If ANYTHING UNTOWARD happened to my grandchildren they would be to blame. but you will have some minister on TV stating it was some rogue head of social services or social worker just like Ed Balls did over Baby Peter!

So you could argue that I am planning justice for them as I am powerless to do anything for them legally so that no one gets to squirm out of it this time around and that everyone will know that this is rife.

You will also note that there is yet another Social Worker and my daughter thinks this one is nice. Well there has been eight in two years nearly so I am not going to assume that this one is OK, oh no.

So it seems that January 2013 is going to be a VERY KEY month or more ways than one?!

My appointments, my daughters third court appearance and a certain mentioning of me and my evidence against Atos and the DWP in the House of Commons?!

I really do hope I am not forced into using my back-up plans, really I do!!

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