Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Independent: Disabled Man Abandoned on Stairs by ATOS during FIRE ALARM

Well this just has to be atypical of evil people and I dare anyone to disagree with me!!

Now remember this is an organisation who only hire admin staff and DOCTORS?!?!?!


Funny out of all the tabloids it was The Independent Newspaper I had the most hope of publishing the evidence I sent them and would get in contact with me?!

After being disappointed with them ALL since the Olympic Games finished for not even sending me ONE single email reply or letter it is somewhat comforting to have seen this on the Facebook Group!

The trouble is though with the media you will get this and then there is no follow up story or barrage of journalists all over these people.

Like it is a token gesture to have to cover SOMETHING?! In other words will it go silent again STRAIGHT AFTER?!

I note that the use of chemical weapons in the middle east I posted up a few weeks ago got a mention on Sky News just this morning and Barack Obama mentioned it in a televised statement.

Yes well as I have noticed in the last 5 years or more that the News Groups seem to have forgotten the very MEANING of the word NEWS and I feel like I should be sending each one and all their staff DICTIONARIES so they can reacquaint themselves with it and realise that they have, half the time, NOT been reporting news and even half the stuff they DO is no more than idle gossip of one celebrity or another.

Now it is December, slightly forgotten what is supposed to go up and when right now but in four weeks we are into January 2013 and the NEW YEAR would have come and gone and this blog will STEP UP somewhat due to a key date I have had in my head for months passing by with no notification.

Another puzzle I am afraid. But this one is primarily to do with ALL THE ABOVE!!

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