Monday, 17 December 2012

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease or CMT Part TWO


An unusual disease to match an unusual set of symptoms

Rather an unexpected stumbling across this one and had literature in my possession that covered it but mentions of mainly children being affected caused me NOT to look into it.

However it seems I was too hasty in this and here is the neurological disorder I am now 100% convinced, not often I state 100% I can assure you, is what has been affecting me for some time now.

Those that I have that came as a surprise to see listed under the same list of symptoms for the above disease that to say came as a complete shock certainly was an understatement!

Bare in mind these are things that I have long since been reluctant to divulge out of fear of sounding like a hypochondriac and even has been insinuated as by use of the word psychosomatic!

This was a little report I typed out earlier after giving this some serious though throughout the day!

SYMPTOMS                                                                                              AFFECTED?             
Gets worse slowly                                           [SHOCK]                          YES
Walking Gate Affected                                                                            YES (Noticed 3rd Dec 2012)
Pes Cavus                                                                                               YES (Diagnosed 8th February 2012)
Hammer Toes                                                                                         YES (Never been noticed by NHS)
Balance Problems                                            [SHOCK]                          YES (Mention many times in ten years)
Hand Function Difficulty                                   [SHOCK]                          YES (NHS aware saucepan holding pain)
Leg Cramps                                                     [SHOCK]                         YES (Seen by several members of family)
Reflex Loss                                                      [SHOCK]                         YES (Failed Test Dec 3rd 2012)
Long Term Pain/Chronic Tiredeness                                                        YES (Well hazard a guess!)
Bone Abnormalities                                        [SHOCK]                           YES (Seen by NHS Staff)
Hearing Problems                                            [SHOCK]                          YES (Mentioned to three GPs +)
Back Problems – Curvature or Scoliosis                                                  YES (Seen by NHS Staff 3x +)
Breathing Difficulties                                      [SHOCK]                             YES (Seen by NHS Staff)
Affects Arms & Hands LATE ON                 [SHOCK]                             YES
Tremors                                                        [SHOCK]                     YES (In hands and mentioned couple times)
Restless Leg Syndrome                                 [SHOCK]                               YES (Known to NHS: Mirapexin)
Muscle Weaknesses                                       [SHOCK]                              YES

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