Monday, 17 December 2012


Well I will be a Monkey's Uncle!

I should add get teeth and my orgnathic surgery out of your thought right now as this has nothing to do with teeth. I would have eaten my hat if it had!

After a little delving a condition I had already ruled out due to a bad book I purchased has just cropped back up on the HEALTH RADAR and some web pages have shown some shocking things?!

Those paying attention will know that I have complained for many years or trouble with my FEET/ANKLES/LEGS/HIPS/BACK/HANDS and that I have also had trouble with my ears or hearing, though I may have only mentioned the latter in my blog about music.

Well I came across some pages on Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and nearly did not look at them as I had already ruled the condition out partly due to talking about the condition affecting children.

So imagine my shock when all the above are ALL MENTIONED as being affected along with some others I had not considered and some not listed above too!

My hearing? Never thought of that being connected! My Restless Leg Syndrome? Never mentioned anything about it I had previously read! My not feeling temperature? LMAO this one is a killer and will blow away those that know me when we have stood outside in winter them wrapped up completely and complaining how bitter it is with me standing there with my coat open wide and no hat or gloves saying 'is it cold?'

Also I can put my feet onto my oil burner heater that has been on a good while and it takes about ten seconds before I feel it is too hot and have to remove my feet!

Never was a neurological problem behind my feet EVER mentioned even when I was tested for my RLS?!?!

Also I have been doing the OPPOSITE STRETCHES to those I was forced to do recently and a problem of a LOCKING TOE has started to recur!!

In the screenshots below arrows on the left point out the key points of note.

I quite simply do NOT believe it on so many levels it is unreal.

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