Monday, 3 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Website... PART ONE

Something happened recently concerning the above website that has given me a great deal of reason to suspect something of them I should have suspected several years back.

In all honesty I have not been on this site a great deal for the last couple of years and only went on there a couple of times recently tell tell the users about this blog. Only that someone made the remark in a thread of mine about Atos signing the Official Secrets Act and I reposted the addy for the blog in that thread. The following day I had an email from CAG as so-called moderator, I do not think they understand what that word means, had REMOVED my blog address and stated 'we can not carry links to outside blogs ... USE OURS!' and I went mad. I posted and demanded to know why a website claiming to look out for Consumers Rights would remove a link that gave access to a great deal of audio, screenshots, video, documents and scanned images?! All I got in response is 'well if you disagree with the way you have been treated here is an email' so therefore did not answer any of the several questions I posed?!

Now around 4 years ago I posted up about how I had just been physically attacked by a bailiff called Jason Reeves for JBW Group on behalf of Waltham Forest Council for a parking ticket I had thought had been quashed, as I had challenged it. Old car and engine was flooded and I was in a parking bay that you were not allowed to park in, well it was a clearly marked parking bay, between 8am and 11am for some bizarre reason.

Now remember the health problems I have amount to about a dozen that have areas of physical pain alone.

I was knocked to the floor from behind and then after a very short fight, as next thing I knew I had this Jason Reeves throat on my left hand and was holding him against a wall. Well they took five items all of brand new save for an antique Omega Seamaster watch. Values?

Omega Seamaster Watch £600 to £700
Litespeed Ocoee Mountain Bike Custom 1 of a kind featured in What Mountain Bike Magazine along with my name                            £4,400 (with 15% discounts)
Samnsung Series 6 TV 40" £1,300
Panasonic Blu-Ray Player     £350  (just released)
Toshibia DVD Player              £60  (yes NEW bought until I got blu ray couple months later)

The invoice stated they sold all of it for £735?? I knew there was no way this was the truth. (cont..)

Some months later I got word that the people that CUSTOM BUILT the bike for me had heard it had been spotted by an acquaintance that ACTUALLY tried to but it for £1,500 CASH from the auction who refused him and he then watched it sell...

They were not sure on the price and Tony Murray told me along with a friend of mine and the three people that work in the cycle store that it sold for £2,800 and a guy bought it as a gift for his son.

While researching I found CAG and was intercepted by someone called Tomtubby, real name Sheila Harding. I was warned by many, many people to be careful to be careful as the culprits that doe these deeds trawl the site looking for people that have a case. I was reassured by many that Sheila Harding was legit and a big name right across the UK as regards bailiffs and had her own website, where she charges you for £5 for each piddly little document. She never asked me for cash at all.

She told me I had the best case she had ever seen and not to speak to anyone else, I received a lecture on what a big wig she was on these matters. Only things is within a week odd things started to occur...

She failed to ring me when she said, she did not seem interested in getting hold of the original documents and even though I expected to drive down the next day with them and hand them over. When she did not call two weeks would go by and no call, no email nothing so I would end up phoning her. As someone who claims to used to teach computing one excuse was that she cut through her own Internet cable and that is why she had not contacted me. HUH, must affect mobile phones too these days, LMAO. She sent me a letter that was going to be sent to Waltham Forest Council regarding all this and when I got it is was an absolute mess and there is no way this woman taught anything to do with IT at all and was in a font that looked like a 6 years old girl had chosen out, all flowery and flouncy and I STILL have it!!

I then handed over the only details she was interested in and this was regarding the eye witness I had and after this I was now getting worried so I checked out Sheila Harding, who lives in Taunton, and guess what? JBW Group produced a handbook as advice for bailiffs for following the letter of the law, which she and everyone else claimed they did not ...EVER and constantly broke several laws on a daily basis. Well JBW Group wrote it and published it with an endorsement and signed by none other than my own Sheila Harding?!?! In this tine I also found out about Alison Laughton who owned a company called Bailiff Watchdog and genuinely took the bailiffs to court but as is kept secret and they do not want you to know is that these debt companies threaten ANY organisations that take them to court, including SOLICITORS, with DEATH, threats, follow them take photos of them doing things and send you the photos to intimidate you and tell you they will cut the brake cables on your family car?!?!

DO not take my word for it look her up ... Alison Laughton Bailiff Watchdog and it was in a Diss in Norfolk Newspaper. Yet she had her official address as being in Bristol due to the threats!

Once Sheila Harding has my witness and realised I knew of her collaborating with JBW Group she vanished into think air and guess what? So did my witness and even the bike shop never heard from him again?!

There is more to this and I will put this up tomorrow in part 2!

This is to warn the public about this site and that it has government IT incompetence all over it, Consumer Action Group, and turns out I am not the only one either! There was a break away group who formed a new website due to this and I am reassured that the website is awash with horror stories from the Consumer Action Group site. I am only annoyed I did not realise the whole thing was a set up sooner and it was obvious why and how they fooled people, once I was fooled that is!!

IF anyone has a case that would garner hundreds of thousands or indeed millions in damages then better to spot this and intercept them. Get them hundreds in damages instead of hundreds of thousands, and thousands instead of millions when you are robbing people of £15 Million a year for EACH debt Group, JBW Group/Equita/Capita, and your own to a winner!

Also I would advise this to anyone coming here dealing with Bailiffs and litigation orders they use a little trick that most people overlook...


Equita came after me and I sent them a letter of everything I knew through my research due to what JBW Group did and Sheila Harding too. Guess what?? I NEVER HEARD FROM EQUITA EVER AGAIN!!


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