Sunday, 23 December 2012


Right now though I have mentioned various things in the past and throughout the posts in this blog I thought it best that in light of previous discussions and the fact that there are links between various things I did not think possible it was high time I created a NEW list...

...of SYMPTOMS...

1 Both Feet: Heel Pain
2 Both Feet: Arch Pains
3 Left Foot: Metatarsalgia
4 Right Foot: Inverted joint (i.e. DEFORMED) locking toe
5 Both Feet: Pes Cavus & Plantar fasciitis
7 Both Ankles: Clicking with sharp pain (Achilles Tendinitis)
8 Right Calf: Extremely painful SPASMS and Varicose Veins for twenty years (no varicose ever on right)
9 Right Knee: Pain around outside of patella and at back of leg directly behind knee area (like stretching)
10 Left Knee: Some twinging from time to time
11 Hips: Locking up pain or aching latter often when back plays up
12 Legs: Really bad Pins and Needles leaves immobile for 5 to ten minutes.
13 Legs: Restless Leg Syndrome
13 Groin: Right Side Hernia Repaired but now ACHES
14 Back: Middle aches or shape pain while upper freezes with severe pain
15 Chest: Hiatus Hernia
16 Chest: Oesophagitis Grade C Vomit with little warning
17 Shoulders: When upper back freezes up shoots along the shoulder, mainly right side
18 Arms & Hands: Aching, numbness and tremors in hands (thought it was onset of Parkinson's originally LMAO). Can punch bags of large stones hard and fast and not feel it nor bruise my hands - Wing Chun)
19 Ears: Right ear has hard lumps inside and less sensitive to sound that Left ear. Left ear pops a great deal   especially in damp weather. Putting rubber earpieces in left ear, like headphones, and I will lose 70 to 80% of my hearing!
20 Head: Nausea
21 Head (?): Insomnia
22 BODY: Tired alot, legs especially.

Jesus Christ!!!

In the past I have always referred to the number of ailments being a dozen or so but now that I have made a complete list for the first time and actually numbered them I am actually somewhat stunned at the total number, lmao.

Right ... now I write, or I should say type, as I think and as I feel and think this is the best way and thinking I had 21 in the bloody long list I could not surely have left anything out?! I thought 'don't be silly Martin there are 21 that MUST be everything and then remembered Restless Leg Syndrome and had to place it in it's natural number. I like to start at the feet and work my way up that is how ridiculous it has become!!

Also consider that the GPs in my past have failed to realise that this number of ailments were getting high, that is over a dozen GPs! Also note that in the past that the government PROMISED to CAB and statement to the press that after admitting that that the DWP and DLA only considered each ailment as if it was the ONLY ailment and then disregarded when they considered the NEXT ONE IN LINE that they would STOP doing this and be fair in future.

Therefore they LIED to both the media and the public but not one single person has reminded them of this fact!

TWENTY TWO?!?! I am shaking my head here as I look back at the list, lmao!!

I also noted in the media that HRH Prince Charles, whose car I HAVE DRIVEN in the past, has come out and stated that Doctors need to have more compassion but I think the reasons behind that need to be looked at too!

There is always more than meets the eye with everything you see and hear and that is how I have based everything I have EVER done. I do not take ANYTHING for granted, not a single thing and ask myself WHY and what are the possibilities?!


Right now as I stated in previous posts I was shocked to basically see nigh on everything above in a list of symptoms for ...

CHARCOT-MARIE TOOTH DISEASE recently and you should have seen my face and I wish I had seen my face?! To state I was completely blown into orbit to see symptoms I have in that list would be the understatement of the year. Relief, shock, fear and utter anger all at the same time due to the number of times GPs have ROLLED THEIR EYES at me for asking why so I am affected in so many places by so many things and repeatedly told by different GPs that there could be no possible link?!

What utter pathetic excuses for life these people are and Amoebas deserve more respect!!

EDIT: I would be most interested in hearing views of ANYONE who suffers from CMT and have read the list above. I would be EXTREMELY grateful to anyone who contacts me?! ;)



  1. Did not think ... funny how my new GP has been off too?! i had forgot about that hence why I had to wait until 2nd January as she said he is not in until then?!

    I have been set up, though the jokes on them as they are recorded and I STILL have X-Rays and was in pain while reading that damned letter, but the question is was my GP in on it as he did seem somewhat nervous when he referred me and was unusually reluctant to look at the X-Ray.

    Debunking a privately performed X-Ray is one thing but not when you are on tape confirming X-Ray reveals problem and AFTER feeling my back and CONFIRMING I have back problem before even seeing the damned X-Ray?!

    So unless I get the referral I want or the GP says its Neurological and I need tests I am going to have to disclose what I have been doing to scare the crap out of them and get them to refer me!!

    I do not see any other way and I have had it with this NHS evil corruption shit and lies. It takes every effort just to get by from week to week, trying to quite smoking and they pull this on me?! If I had known I would have held off on the quitting smoking! That is for sure.


  2. I suppose it is possible that people affected with CMT may possible not show up on an MRI but I have no way of knowing right now.

    I do have a book on CMT on the way and I do not ike being presumptuous in this way but the NHS are not giving patients much of a choice by screwing them.

    Just bloody close it, its being rendered useless anyway so why pay all those people those huge salaries?! It is ludicrous and one of the biggest wastes of money currently in the UK and that is saying something due to the number that are being exposed or previously have been exposed as a complete waste now.

    So book arriving and then GP appointment and let us see.

    Sorry to have to swear but quite how someone so fecking inhuman can ever get to work in medicine or as nurses or doctors beggars belief and is one hell of a shambles.