Thursday, 6 December 2012


To visitors and to the AAD members...

Any discussions about me as a person is missing the point. It is not about me and only about the facts garnered from my experiences.

As far as any possible heated divides well I did not want this either, HONESTLY! lol.

I should have waited until I was feeling better before posting and in all honesty I tend to avoid forums, and ot because of CAG either I just do and that is me.

There are many naysayers in the world and I really do not want to take time getting into discussions over it all especially as it is way overly complicated as you can tell from the number of postings on here, err somewhere in the region of heading for 300 currently.

Also all of these subjects affect everyone of us and maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day soon and as they now state that things will remain bad for at least 6 years, oh WOW there IS a surprise, as just announced this morning on the news the chances are more and more people will feel the squeezing feel more like a vice.

Heated divides is what I do see coming and is primarily what I am trying to avert, so you see that was never my intention.

It is just a matter of examining the documents really, you can fully ignore my blubbering on and stick to the facts I have provided in whatever format I got them on. Many of these only come to light when you examine the different documents from the same source to spot the blatant lies while other will be immediately obvious just reading them.

Indeed some of these will provide humour that will have some laugh so much they would be in danger of acquiring a hernia?!


I can lead horse to water, well actually I used to do that, but I cannot make them drink!


As for the aforementioned site, well I stick to my claims I previously made as this is what I feel. Along the line somewhere there certainly is something governmental about it I feel. The restrictions they impose is ludicrous to say the least and it may well be that it is purely from a financial gain it all came about but it is heavy handed beyond belief and was not like that when I joined despite what trap I fell into on there.

That reminds me I am NOT infallible and I can be wrong, I never claimed to be perfect nor right all the time ... JUST MOST OF THE TIME! HEHEHE!

But when I AM wrong and I DO get tricked you can bet your backsides that the urge becomes strong to figure out how this was possible.

Hence my claims to the aforementioned site.

So please ... on AAD no divides over me. Just concentrate on the facts I provide and even if it is NOT the area you primarily deal with at the end of the day these tricks are what they are ... tricks!

Discovering these amongst my evidence even in an unrelated subject may help you see something in yours?

For me it was always about the bigger picture!

Hmm I just noticed I cannot see a way of placing smilies on here?! LMAO!


To others I have a barrage of things to put up and analyse to death but this dreaded bug is putting me off doing any typing and it is excruciatingly difficult just forcing myself to type this short message out!

Grrr! LOL.


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