Thursday, 27 December 2012

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease & Revelation Daughter's KNIFE WOUND

I have been a little apprehensive today since around 1 to 2pm.

I had received the book on CMT this morning, as mentioned in a previous post, and as one of the things is things I am affected by at times that confuses me when it happens, is fatigue.

Of course one of the most important factors of finding out if I AM affected by this is to then let my daughter know because of both her and my grandchildren.

One of the things the book talks about is arranging your home so that you do not trip over and this is something I have done on many occasions, just check out the iron toes photos, and injuring yourself without realising it. But mainly you can come across as clumsy due to 'foot-drop' and I was taken to hospital a lot as a child. What did not occur to me until I read about CMT is that my brother three years younger than me hardly ever went to hospital for anything save picking up a hot iron and scolding his hand when young.

In fact I cannot recall a time of being in hospital because of him and anyone that knew the two of us while we were kids would fully expect this to be the other way around. I would have been smart enough and sharp eyed enough to stay intact while my brother would be the accident prone one but it was strangely the other way around.

This is partly the reason I was getting ready to explode on the 2nd January as it is not only me but die to it being hereditary may affect other members of my family too! So you can imagine my shock and horror when my daughter calls me up around 2am or a little earlier and tells me she is in hospital waiting for an anaesthetist as she has fallen over in her kitchen and landed on a knife?!

No I kid you not!!

Of course i had to quiz her as to whether or not her evil mother, Sylvia, did this or her paedophile ex boyfriend too and she assures me no. She states that she tripped over and she does not know how she did it.

But with the fact that evil mother and ex boyfriend maybe realising by now, I DID SAY MAYBE, that one or both is in trouble then hearing my daughter has a deep wound caused by a knife will make you question EVERYTHING.

Could be Sylvia, Karzan, Sabir or CMT could each be to blame but judging by her confusion I would state the latter of these four?! Only the first two, by the way, have anything to do with the court case that is umm dragging along with third one on the 3rd January 2013. Well at least as far as I am aware right now.

But then she will no doubt be fully aware of the carnage I would cause if I had discovered that ANY individual had done this to her.

Also as you can see how god damn FUCKING annoying it is that I get no help to go up there whatsoever and I dare anyone to have to have endured all the things that I have and still do and remain sane!

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