Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Consumer Action Group Epilogue

Of course I should add that not all the moderators on CAG would be government...

What they government is good at doing is spotting SHEEP, or I prefer to call them Lemmings as this works by using individuals that have no grey matter of their own.

By doing this these people, running on a power trip as they have been given responsibility, just do the bidding without question as they have this false feeling of being important probably because along with grey matter that fails miserably to work as a team they probably have very little going on in their lives and this sudden feeling of being important clouds what little in the way of common sense and judgement they have left.

I meet these people all the time... front line staff at councils are like this for the most part, not all but almost all and out of FIVE councils and the hundreds of staff I spoke to at each I can honestly say that only THREE were NOT as described.

It is like a very simple and common form of brain-washing only the brains are crying out to be washed with something ... ANYTHING!!!


Goodbye Consumer Action Group it was NOT nice knowing you!!


  1. Well, I think I must be rocking the CAG boat now as I have just seen the 'Password Expired' page. Password is 593 days old.....
    They just DON'T like people who speak the truth do they...

  2. WELL F*** ME, I clicked on the link only to be shown another page. Any guesses on what this page says...
    I'm now BANNED FOR LIFE, with NO REASON.