Thursday, 31 October 2013


Well this is a very wild and extremely worrying turn of events, or is it?

Spying on the US and streaming it's secrets and handing them to Iran?! Jesus Christ that sounds completely insane! Does not necessarily means it is not true though.

But then is it not convenient that of all the countries that the Americans could point the finger at it turns out to be the ONE COUNTRY that would make everyone stop and pause for some very serious thought?!

This had now turned EXTREMELY SERIOUS and no matter what this is how it remains from now on! The Elephant is in the room and trampling over the furniture!

For it matters not whether the claims are true or be they false! Someone is now going to look very bad whether the U.S. now looks even worse than they already do for lying or the Germans get added to the Master Race Syndrome affected governments?! Again!

So add I said whether the claims are true or false it is bad, very bad indeed.

My word who would want to be a reporter right now?! Lol, you would not know which story to pursue and out ask your time and effort into?!

My God if this was said to cover up something else God only knows how horrifically shocking that hidden gem is?

Oh, By the Way, Germany Spies on Us -


Oooh well the energy price crisis is over?!

Now you can switch from one energy company that is 150% over priced to another that is 145% over priced.

Well that is a relief and all is forgiven...wait...what?!


Big Six To Be Forced To Make Switching Easier -


Aww will you look at that?

They all suddenly have morals?!

So I am to believe that all these huge companies with their humongous sizes and huge number of employees they themselves could not find a way to leak what was going on to force it to stop?

So I am to believe they all have morals while they say in silence waiting for someone WITH morals to leak the data, like Mr Snowden? Companies who then speak up stating how it is all wrong and they did not want to do it?!

Well maybe they can PROVE IT by making sure that Edward Snowden is not wrongly stitched up by the U.S. agencies he spilled the beans on?!

It is not treason when you expose the abuse of the access to far superior powers, money and equipment. Far superior, that is, than anyone else that the NSA note claim to have been up to themselves?!


Maybe someone should look at all the companies they have consumed or swallowed yo in the last ten years? Maybe someone might want to look at any SHARES they may have purchased too?! I mean I seriously doubt that all these companies were left with empty palms through out all this?! Very seriously doubt that very much so, lol. Seems the impression off suddenly discovering that they do have morals might be to deflect any focus from what they might have gained.

Done did get target big and rich very quickly did they not? Lol.

Tech Companies Write Congress Begging For Surveillance Reform -


As I walk along the dried leaves of Autumn abound the path outstretched before me. The slightest breeze gently lifts several leaves up before me which then twist and turn before arcing around my right side until they disappear from view behind me. Cold air not felt since twelve months before caresses the skin covered cheeks like an old friend. Adele sings directly into my ears.

I ponder when I walk. I ponder many a thing. It is approaching fifteen months since I set about to reveal many truths to as many as I could reach. In that time I have striven to do as much as I can along the way, despite the stubborn obstacles laid out before me or the sinister motives used to blur the reality that surrounds me. It has been a battle and yet I have no is capable of becoming for worse than anything the precedes this very moment.

I know not of my daughter's welfare but trust in the knowledge that silence from her end means things are working out for her. The court hearing my have extended to another and she is busying around making arrangements and doing things based on what she has been told will be her reward for the childhood from hell she has endured.

Of course there was always the possibility that the reasons behind the dark and silent days are far more sinister than you could possibly imagine. The only other real reason could be a wedge created by those who hover on the edges of a limbo that culprits face which when entered only exists with the echoing sounds of laughter and labels of evil and incompetence. To avoid a fate such as this I would imagine a fair few people would stop at nothing to avoid it. It just so happens that it is a fair few people I am up against. That also applies to each area I have been sucked into against my will purely because someone had to do it and it may as well be me.

The enemies of mine would discover their best chances in a cacophony of lies and misleading information. After all a young girl and barely an adult herself would believe that a big organisation claiming to hold various non existent papers and evidence would surely not entertain such grand lies as these? But then that would depend on the horrific alternatives and someone so young could still not see these for what they truly are. Suggestions of harming chances of the case would be the mere start of such dastardly plans as these. The imaginative and creative lengths willing to be traveled would stretch the possibilities no end. But cornered there are no depths that man or woman would not be willing to go. Smearing would be the order of the day but in this case many months would it take to achieve these goals. Who better than to smear than those belonging to government or local government, who better?

Be that as it may these sinister figures may well peruse this site attempting to glean information or see signs of progression of their aims to lighten the high levels of stress and reduce any chances of the possibilities they fear the most. But then I would be wise to these things from day one and knew that at any time that communication could be severed for such evil plans driven by self-preservation. I am afraid it be true, so it is.

Pointless it would be to strive to find out the truth behind what is going on due to my only window being the one person who has severed the lines of communication. The best laid plans of mice are men and what better to be in these webs of illusions than to be the mouse? What would it be that familiarizes so many with such a tiny mammal? Silence. The Mouse that plays silently while the cat is away and think the mouse has departed. But the Mouse never had any intention of doing that and instead lays out his plans and his clever traps along the path and quite unbeknownst to the cats. While they cry and meow over and over with each one differing from the last he allows them to meow too much. But history is repeating just as it did once before but the Mouse silently lays down his statement of facts and the Mouse's silent squeaks are all identical to those that went before.

While walking and pondering these thoughts today I feel one of the first cool breezes of Autumn against my skin and the words of Adele in my ears I recall one situation I hope that will be forever etched in my daughter’s mind. As I recall it I remember my sobbing daughter as one of her captors shows bizarre behaviour that has been troubling my girl for some time now. This be the one individual that had the focus of my concern and worry for more reasons than you could imagine. Despite the many times I revealed the words confined with these pages.

This was an important and pivotal moment I hoped would resonate with my daughter for some time to come and giver her both the confidence and the courage she so desperately needed and had for a long time.

Dad: “Give him the phone.”

Daughter: “No Dad, I am too scared you will only make things worse!!”

Dad: “[Name] Give him the phone!!”

Daughter: “No Dad I am not giving him the phone!” (still sobbing)


Radicalized Muslim: “Yes Sir!”

Dad: “Now you listen to me!”

Radicalized Muslim: “Sorry Sir...ME no speak English!!”

Dad:”You you fecking do!!! You interrupt me again and I will reach down this phone and rip out your spleen! NOW you listen up!! You get the feck out of that house and stay the FECK away from my daughter. If I EVER have her on the phone again crying or mentioning a single thing that you have done I will come up there and I WILL FIND YOU! When I do I will kill you where you stand. But I will NOT be finished there. I will find out where you are REALLY from and I will travel and do whatever it takes and I WILL WIPE OUT your entire bloodline until there is NOTHING LEFT!!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!?!”

Radicalized Muslim: “Yes, Sir!!”

The young girl came back on the phone, her breathing was less heavy than it was previously and there was a greater time between those sharp intakes of breath that let you know someone is sobbing.

Daughter: “Dad?”

Dad: “Yes.”

Daughter: “What did you tell him?”

Dad: “I told him what I needed to tell him, why what is he doing?”

Daughter: “Well he is running around packing his things into a bag like he is leaving?!”

Dad: “Good that was what I had intended, fecking Police are useless”

My daughter asks once again to hear the words I had uttered to strike absolute fear into just one of her captors. She is shocked. I am not. I had just struck fear into the centre of a group with the one individual that all others were scared of.

Within fifteen minutes he was gone.

As I recall those words a single and solitary tear can be felt upon my lower eyelid just before it tips over the skin covered cheek bone and rolls down the damp skin now rendering the cold breeze to feel even chillier the further it reaches.

There was a brief interlude whereby he had popped up again in his unregistered silver car he was eventually arrested driving. He had moved forty or so miles away and now lived near the terror cell in Manchester I had known him to visit several times previously. How do I know he moved there? Well because he asked my daughter to get in the car and go and live with him in Manchester.

What he did not know was that I had long since supplied not only his picture but also his unregistered address in Liverpool along with the COLOUR of the unregistered car he was driving.

Welllll....she IS a girl, the best I could get was “It's SILVER”.

It is within such details as alarming with those much more subtle that some enemies will not be aware of. Some events and some words will resonate like no others heard before. These moments still firmly embedded in the small soft grey cellular matter that makes up the human brain. Carved for all time and easily accessible when needed.

For to defeat several types of evil takes several types of battle and it is to these ends I ponder much thought. As each season of the year breezes in and out these thoughts have never been allowed to stray very far from my mind. Aware was I that having different types of evil would not matter because evil cannot trust evil. The web that is laid out of many lies becomes complicated, intricate and entangled. Each evil doer would dare not reveal the darkest secrets to each other. For too many being aware increases hundred fold the chances that the truth will have daylight fall upon it's dark place and light will always win over the dark. Good can work together whereas evil cannot and it was purely this sole principle that I could and indeed did use to my advantage time after time after time.

Indeed it is for this reason that the words engraved and time stamped upon these postings have echoed outwards to help to shed more light further into the dark.

Indeed it is too that these words have remained engraved as so many have come to rely on them and so many more come to read evermore that they have remained engraved to this very day. No attempt has there been to eradicate these words nor the man from whence they came. Pick my fights individually over time and allow and use emotions to drive towards my goals to reveal ever more to my analytical gazing eyes. Link those together that cannot nor want not to be linked. Find the similarities that show me one single common denominator that runs true and runs through all upon that which I gaze. As I do so does all aspects of my postings become linked from one t'other little by little be they close or far apart in time.

For I have attempted to create my own web but this one be a web of TRUTH!

For how good it be only those that gaze can be the judge of that and only time will inevitably tell?!

Oh no buy HEY?! I just remembered GCHQ, the NSA and MI5 did all that on their own using their spying techniques?!

No the sad reality was that while I was trying to protect MY daughter and hundreds if not thousands of innocent people from getting killed they were snooping for MONEY!! O get an edge of anything and EVERYTHING to do with money!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I was going to title this post...

Injured, Wronged, Embattled Victims Who Did Nothing, lol.

As it clearly states in the BBC News report the NSA seen to day they did not do it. Then they insinuate what they have cane from the Secret Services of each country in question, so not just the GCHQ then?

Then they use a language that is for beyond the normal gobbledygook they normally use in governments that I have declared it it's own language status of Americanish, LMAO.

Or maybe they are suggesting that the Secret Services off other nations acted as the GCHQ did as a favour to...well I don't bloody know, GCHQ I guess or the UK government or perhaps SERCO?!

Anyone considered the possible implications for all this? Anyone stoped to think what they ate suggesting?


Read for yourself.

US spies act the injured innocent


Neet. What a cool word and I am Neet. Our should I state I am a Neet?

This stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training!

Though I have a Degree and an more knowledgeable in several other fields than the one my degree is in!

I am also trained in a great many skills to from Martial Arts to painting and even gardening to driving. Soon there will be others added to these lists. So I do not need to be trained.

I do need help with employment or more accurately in helping me work for myself, lol. There is NONE, despite what the government tell you and that is how I can call them Fecking liars and get away with it too?! Because I have tried everything and if it is not on here I do possess all the necessary paperwork!

But yes I read this and I realize after just the first sentences that if course there will be another problem later on as a knock on effect. But those of you that think like MPs, ate only about yourselves, need not worry. This is because like everything else the health system is being...systematically and deliberately destroyed so it can be Americanized! So when these young people do get these health problems they won't be able to afford it add there will be no free health care available?!

Neets are 'public health time bomb'


Ooh here we bloody well go yet-a-bloody-gain, lol.

After having the Apple and Samsung endless run of battles, Cadbury and Nestle fighting over a colour we nite have Nokia attempting a ban on HTC Phones over a Qualcomm chip that HTC did NOT manufacture?! How the Fecking hell does that work then?!

What I find most amusing is that Nokia it's now owned by Americans and off they go tying up courts making themselves look stupid! No 'question mark' as they ARE looking stupid, only have themselves to blame IF Asian companies ARE copying them and was down too greed anyway and ate showing the worst kind of protectionism after telling the test of the world not to do it add it would not be fair on America?!

Well what do you call this then?!

Used them for slave labour but now they are copying and doing it both better and cheaper you do not like it!

Fifteen years ago I said this would happen one day just add I said the global recession would happen five years before it did.

That could sound bloody cocky but I do not get it that no one else saw this coming?! Or they did and kept it quiet add they found a way, or list of excuses, to force things through on its own people?!

I long for the day when a reporter and News team with a brain somewhere figures this out and starts digging around for the truth.

Nokia pursues HTC sales ban in UK


Never ceases to amaze me how the utterly obvious can be questioned, over looked or for some reason not proven?!

One really fecked up society we have become and I wonder just how many countries must be laughing or the few that once admired us crying in disbelief?!

We ate a nation of idiots in the higher echelons of society and business because these people are paid all this money and yet know nothing at all?!

I will take that job please!! Oh no wait a moment?! I have 13 blogs in twelve subjects and knowledgeable in another four subjects!

I do not stand an effing chance! Lol.


Still no mention of the Murdoch's, lol.

Editors 'must have known of hacking'


This made me laugh.

Someone who is on one of those really crap and fake adverts, to get you to pay for a piece of plastic to step on and off to get fit, refers to Obamacare as a Ponzi Scheme?!

Ponzi Scheme I presume is what we call a pyramid scheme, our just as similar and nasty? These types of schemes DO seem to be rife in America and you see these really cheesy, vomit inducing adverts on TV in the UK in the middle if the night. Shopping channels like QVC cannot come close to inducing convulsions the way these ads do. Just designed to con money out of those poor people suffering from naivety and lacking in intelligence like they are a lower form of life-form who do not deserve to have any money and should be given to smart but dishonest people instead who create these nauseating adverts?!


Suzanne Somers Thinks Obamacare Is A 'Ponzi Scheme' -




Yes I actual saw this one!

It was utterly laughable and to anyone with any intelligence whatsoever she sounded like an idiot as well as cold, calculating and in denial.

My God if she, Esther Mcvey, has a husband and provided he is not like her then my heart bleeds buckets for him! What a bloody nightmare she would be to have a relationship with, lol.

Not been able to keep abreast of this day by then they have been judged as breaching human rights then?!

Added to this they have now APPEALED and lost THAT APPEAL and she STILL denies this and I guess all court judges are wrong as just like the science advisors to the government, everyone is wrong unless they lie as they are told or expected to?

Still further I also heard that someone described it just as I have done on several occasions as...


Ooh seems I got my facts a little bit wrong based on a question that was asked that he'd nee to assume something.

The judges rejected claims it breached human rights and was forced or slave labour?!

Morons! Pure and simple!

1) Everyone is aware that the money given is not enough to live on.

2) As well as the cuts that ste WELL KNOW the public should know that Council Tax Benefit had been scrapped altogether!! There ate council schemes in place but they are utter shit and you have to pay 40 or 60% of the £1,200 to £2,000 or whatever it is annually these days.

3) Gas and Electricity had gone up for the umpteenth time!

4) No money at ask means you do not eat, even slaves get given food.

5) Forced to work or face the alternative off starving to death while suffering EXPOSURE is slave labour!

Unless of course you can say no to it and keep the pittance that is paid?!

Maybe there are British Judges that need to get their heads out of their backsides, heads out of the clouds or government lawyers or officials out of their damn pockets?!

Government loses work scheme appeal


Well I do like this report and think it really does speak very large volumes about the NSA and the realities behind their spying.

Note in the comments that republican James Sensenbrenner only states that he is appalled about the fact that the American public is spied on and not others?

Note also that he states that they have gone way beyond the patriot act too.

NSA Spying Prompts Reversal From GOP Rep -

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


And here we go.

Now here is someone accused of  hacking and whatever else he may have gotten up to let us see how they react.

Also I wonder if there is a time in the past when the Americans found out someone was spying? Oh wait! The Chinese and boy they were not happy about that!

Don't do as we do, do as we say, lol.

Nasa hacking case: mothers accuse US of targeting British 'geeks' -


Just prior to last Christmas they had arrested around 6 names in the paedophile ring if the BBC.

Then there was a news report that stated that the Police had claimed they had 21 or 27 more names to investigate. They said names would be released in the coming days. There were several conversation between myself and others that went on for weeks as to who these babes might be and I read some task sucking ones on the Internet!

Today I pointed this news article out to one of the people I had a conversation with and we talked about how a year had gone by and we have not even had the six or seven names we were supposed to hear about last January 2013! Stuart Hall, a BBC driver and that guy out of the soap. Oh yeah the other guy out of the same soap, lol.

You do have to wonder add to why these names are taking forever to get around to as after all they did say they would release half a dozen around the new years period of 2012-3. Cannot help thinking of a brush and the proverbial carpet?

I have no idea who these two latest ones are.

Two arrested in Yewtree sex inquiry


Judge, you have no idea matey!

But it is not on THIS OCCASION ONLY!

Just one court case concerning Rebekah Brooks and News International and I also note that there is no one with the surname Murdoch going to court do your on a loser before you even start!

Mr Justice Saunders warned that British Justice was on trial at the start of the Rebekah Brooks court case to the jury. But if he thinks this is the sole occasion they are on trial and a long way from over.

Hacking case judge in jury warning


So the top six energy company bosses have silk had questions put to them by MPs?

Hmm some slight exaggeration going on here.

Tony Cocker of Eon, my electricity provider, stated that they have put 100% of their profits into investing?!

Not being funny or anything mate but that seems highly improbable to me and perhaps not possible at any rate. One hundred percent of your earnings? Let us presume you meant profits or after you have paid everyone's wages?! Lol. Earnings ids what money you have TAKEN not your profits which means taking his statement literally everyone works for free?! Lol.

Ooh now wait a minute?! I have been attending NHS seminars where they try to recruit chronic pain sufferers to work for Chase Farm Hospital for free and this is supposed to be good for us? Maybe they have been holding the same types of seminars for people owing large amounts of money due to their over inflated prices?!


No surely these fat cats would not be stupid enough to pull that one in more than one organisation?


Energy boss calls for market inquiry


We have an old saying in the UK...

Run like the clappers!

So here we go! Someone make this idiot watch Spider Man, lol.

"Just because you CAN beat him up..."

"With great power comes great..."

They love making films with quotes like these bit not so good at practising what they preach.

Also consider just how many nations would have the resources and the ability to actually spy on the United States and out of that handful how many would bother and how many would DARE?!

Now feck off you bloody idiot and get someone with more than six brain cells to speak! Actually I take that back...just shut the feck up as there is nothing you can say without making things WORSE for yourselves.

Listening in helps you make foreign policies?! Are you serious? My God you really do love yourselves some of you, lol. Well here is a new foreign.policy that will cheer the rest of the world up no end..DON'T LISTEN IN!!

What are we to Americans? Bloody Martian?! Lol.

US defends spying on foreign leaders


Well what do you know?

I found this web page regarding Amitriptyline and pain which is the first time I have made a connection between these two.

Shockingly it actually refers to neuropathic pain too?! Why it has taken me this long to find out the details is beyond me.

What caused me to look is that one area of pain has been a little easier the last couple of days. But I do not know if I am just having a few good days or whether it IS the Amitriptyline. I have also not been out very much for three days, which is very, VERY rare for me.

So it will take a little while longer to ascertain if these pills are actually helping my pains. If so it will be only the second drug, bizarrely directly after the last, which has had any effect on this area. I still feel that the Pregabalin was the more sensible choice as this could have also replaced my Sertraline too to deal with my Anxiety Disorder, which I very much doubt the Sertraline has any affect on.

The Amitriptyline is also NOT making me ill either so that is a big bonus. It just remains to be seen that the current lower pain levels remain that way?! I have had less pain in my feet which includes the Plantar fasciitis pain along with the heel pain, bolts of electricity type pain along my feet.

Unfortunately it has no effect on the Metatarsalgia, knees, hip, groin, hip or back pains. But I take 100 to 200mg of Tramadol too which may or may not be effective. Not, at times that is for sure.

Of course I do not know how many pains  Pregabalin would have been effective towards? Also Gabapentin certainly did not help my back or shoulder pains, but was told this beforehand, or my groin or hip pains either.

Still relieving some pain to a more tolerable level I will be extremely thankful for. But falsely accusing me I will not be forgiving about, lol.

I found this page as the curiosity got the better of me, funny it is a UK web page, lol. Wonder what I might find if I search for the best painkillers?!



God can anyone do a better job at showing themself to be an utter Pratt?! What a tosser!

All I have seen is embarrassing leaks which make the UK look bad as will add looking like push overs. But look art who is now threatening taking action towards the tabloids?! Order from up on high? Up on high?! I mean across the pond!!


By the way, if the Americans are now stating that constraints are needed had Edward Snowden not done the US GOVERNMENT a favour? If this is embarrassing to the US President Obama then surely he can give a pardon and stop the secret services from imprisoning him?!

Hmm unless of course they LIED and DID KNOW?!


PM warns newspapers on spying leaks


Put simply...YES and quite deliberately so too!!

Are disabled people invisible again?

Monday, 28 October 2013


Well this is interesting...

...this one had popped up to my surprise! Regarding the dealing with complaints and transparency?!

Well how about the lying and falsifying pof tests and letters prior to being posted out the door?!

NHS complaints revolution 'needed'


Hmm just what I was afraid of.

Peaks and troughs is what I thought was likely to happen from time to time. They're ate many factors that influence this but I think that politicians and governments lying, being greedy, using obvious tricks and treating the vulnerable like shit it's not helping.

Added to this is the fact that even if they do start doing the right things and stop doing the wrong things it will take a while of all these things before they can even think about being trusted again.

Well over than the brain dead primates clapping like demented idiots at Party Conferences that is.


October retail sales growth 'flat'


I have stated it many times inn this blog that this woman was a fall guy, or girl.

Yes people on the councils and other public offices are jobsworths and like to quote big words they do not understand and Venice on a system that is unfair. They also believe the bullshit they ate asked to churn out to the public too. This just makes most of the naive and stupid.

But here on the subject of Baby P I never believed that the woman who lost her job was to blame. Not ultimately at any rate and as ever and like everything else it comes down to meddling bean counters and politicians. In this instance Ed Balls.

Tonight I look at my news app and what do I see? The lady on question who was fired seems to have been in court and won a settlement for wrongful dismissal and send to likely get awarded roughly what I thought my daughter would be awarded. Odd also is that of she had succeeded in wrongful dismissal this trend to suggest agree was not the sole person to blame for this unfortunate death.

I also heard two journalists tonight ask why there have been no bankers taken to court, like ex News of the World editor is right now?!

An interesting question and once that o expect investigative journalists to ask!

Six-figure Baby Peter sum agreed


Well here we go.

This time the US officials are spewing the usual crap and surprise surprise everyone knows it's crap.

One can only wonder as to what they would have gotten up to with all their data eventually?!

As for hearing the usual spiel well that is what i have experienced here fir bloody years! Here in the UK that is. As if someone wrote several bad scripts for people to follow and a list of lame  excuses to blurt out when questioned.

A peculiar similarity that I am surprised I can link together with this BBC report and all my claims on here that idiot Americans are screwing up all public offices?!

Interested to see where all this will go next.

US admits spying constraints needed


Guess WHO it is?! Yes it is them again!!
Funny how they are struggling to sell newspapers is it not? They blame the Internet for the fact that the tangible version of the tabloids is losing money and want to charge a monthly fee for you to have access to the, albeit their version of, the TRUTH!!
Anyway yes indeedy there has been some difficulties with Mental Health people but having a mental health problem does NOT therefore mean that the individual is a killer. But then neither should you drop your guard but then this is true for anyone that you meet that you do not know does it not?
Once again as well do the newspapers cover something that I do but that figure is nothing to do with me, lol. Just thought I would make that absolutely clear from the off. I would not even know where to glean the figures from.
But as I said before large masses of people cannot therefore agree that people can be cast out into the community so they can save a few quid a year and the stick to this belief because the your man or women that has just been killed is not your but a neighbour's kid?! Meanwhile the parents of said murdered child who may themselves have agreed to all these cut backs to save a few quid are now themselves living to regret it.
The truth is that with cutbacks there will be costs and at times seems like hell to pay. But those that have convinced the fickle that this is what is needed do not have to worry about these consequences as we pay for them to be ferried aruond everywhere and go to the best schools!!
Hmm are they not after an 11% pay rise?! A thousand pounds per year thereabouts?!
Jesus I wish I got a rise of a thousand pounds per year?! No in the last four years I have LOST way over £5,000 a year which makes my life a living hell, lmao!


Oops I forgot I filmed this?!

Protest march against closures of Chase Farm Hospital's Paediatrics, Maternity along with Accident & Emergency. A&E goes in mid December and the others mid November this year.

I wondered long and hard for years aver hospital closures but now I think that the tricks and lies are easier to get away with if there are less buildings and therefore less people that KNOW or that you can manipulate without them realizing.

Make note that I realise there are a great deal of Socialists among this crowd and I do not know why this is. Linking your plight with them is I think the wrong thing to do as many people just see them as loonies i am afraid.

In fact I would gas as far as saying that it would HINDER any plights. But I will add that people need to come together of different groups for a single goal, not harp on about their own agendas and try and sell people newspapers, as one guy does me in the video, lol.


I remembered an organisation today that I have contacted previously but not for a couple of years.

In fact the first time I contacted these people was actually quite some time ago when I first realized I was being screwed over by public offices and this was over 4 and maybe 5 years ago!

So as I recalled them today I thought it would be a good idea to send them an email and explain to them what I had managed to achieve in the time since I contacted them!

The first time they stated they had been inundated with people stating their money had ceased, I was expecting as much and remember this was 5 years ago now. The second time I cannot recall if they even answered me.

This time I have exhausted every avenue, as many of you are aware, and I have acquired a great deal of evidence.

So let us see what the Disability Law Service says this time around?

LOL, here is the email I sent them...


[address omitted]

Dear Sirs


Do you know I actually forgot all about your organisation?!

Now I have recalled it I have a couple of groups of points I wanttomake to you...


  1. I have contacted you previously and several times too
  2. Secondly as no one seemed to believe me I have spent the last couple of years ACQUIRING MY OWN PROOF!
  3. Thirdly what I have done is already helping many people and tens of thousands are already aware of my endeavours

I will now add at this juncture and all I will say for now because I cannot trust anyone and until I do better to be safe than sorry is that every single appointment I had with Doctors, Orthopaedics, Neurologists, Physiotherapists, Pain Management Consultants, Pain Support Groups (which were really recruitment drives to get people to work for Chase Farm Hospital for free), Biomechanics, Podiatrists and even including my GP were RECORDED.

This was purely because I have been refused diagnosis, MRI scans, help, support, the drugs I needed and many other things for over 12 years. I also have every letter going back to 2003 including some prior to this! I suspected I was being fobbed off and possibly even lied to, so in a short a space of time as I could I recorded every department I was referred to and then some! What I can show to the world is that the NHS: Lie, Cheat, alter test results, contradict each other, keep giving a string of different diagnosis and stating the previous peron was wrong.

I did not only do this with Medical Professionals but also included 90% of public offices as well as some private companies too. All I will state right now is that I have a BLOG and it has been going for a year. I am heading towards 100,000 visitors, not looked since it hit 55,000 a few weeks previous. Also my victims include most QUANGOS you can imagine and a vast majority of Ombudsman.

I will also add that you many note that in recent times many of what I have talked about has been in the News Media? Well back in January a backbench Labour MP of a household name was told of my blog and emailed me asking if he can use my data against Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons as well as handing it to the media. Of course I keep all correspondences if linked to any of my endeavours.

I can tell you now that my entire data collection of evidence alone will be over 50GB most likely and certainly over 40GB.


  1. I have been falsely accused of using language that insinuates I will be violent towards a GP
  2. The GMC and the PHSO are both aware of the above, as are sections of the NHS who now claim they will help me
  3. I was lied to about an Ultrasound on both sides of my groin, being told it was totally clear when one side had a black hard patch that causes the pain I was THERE for and he unwittingly scanned the other side which revealed I had ANOTHER hernia
  4. This is not the only thing they lied about and others include Neurologist, Back Specialists and other all of which I have proof of as I stated above.
  5. ICE,the Independent Case Examiners of the DWP are nothing of the kind and as far as I can tell all complaints procedures will go nowhere and exist to waste time until the plaintiff becomes bored and gives up.
  6. Also while their investigation was crawling along I also pointed out to them that I had a current claim that I had an initial letter about but suddenly nothing happened and I forgot all about it. They never asked the DWP WHY this current claim had NOT been dealt with.

The one thing I had forgotten about while explaining the truth about the UK is that I had forgotten all about you. When I contacted you previoulsy I did not have anything in the way of all this proof and it was down to losing my Disability Living Allowance. Well I went through all the procedures and now I can tell you something ELSE I have as proof.

  1. Atos and the DWP agreed to perform a Home Visit.
  2. Only they arranged this three times and each time came up with an excuse as to why they failed to turn up, two were LIES...
  3. One time they said they knocked but I was not in and yet I was
  4. Another time they stated that a big STEEL BIN was in front of my street door and they could not reach the door to KNOCK?!
  5. This is also a lie and I do not have a street door as the street is fifity yards away down a very narrow alley. The steel bins are also communal and 50 yards from my house and do not FIT inside the alley-way! There are also three other paths that lead to my house and I have no bins outside.
  6. I filmed myself walking from my street to my house and and walking inside and showed how small my house is plus how from my living room settee I can SEE my street doors!
  7. When given all this ICE stated it was INCONCLUSIVE, after 20 months of investigating?! Nothing in the way of a visit, not even asking questions they should have done like what Is the widths of the bins and alley-way?!

So this is just a brief description of what I have collected. Believe me when I state BRIEF and I am quite literal when I speak or type.

Now as I remembered your organisation today I thought it a good idea to email you about everything I have beendoing and see what you have to say?

After all I have proved many things that can be highly beneficial to any organisation that exists to help people who have had injustices against them, including disabled people.

Also I would like to finally add something that I MAY have mentioned before...

It is my belief that a nasty little setup was created some years previous whereby if the NHS do not diagnose you this therefore prevents you from getting the necessary help and money from other so called public services like the DWP and Local Councils.

I had initially thought that GPs and Doctors where naïve to all this but it seems that in my endeavours to start conversations to get them to reveal bits of information it turns out that every one I met is not only well aware of it but aid it by lying.

I look forward to any correspondence I may receive.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Err no.

Saw this BBC report, read bits of it flicked towards the end read some more.

Did not know quite what he was trying to get at. Odd that this and another story appears in the news,, the other I will get to momentarily.

The point is that the title of Conspiracy Theorist literally means that someone has a theory regarding a conspiracy. Except that certain sham we say sections off society have imbued into the mindset of the mainstream, or fickle, that this actually means nutter with wildly outrageous and untrue claims. Butit had the words 'conspiracy' and 'theory'?!

Yes OK so some claims can sound like they were dragged kicking and screaming from the waste paper basket off the nearest looney bin, for sure. But somehow anyone who had any claim of any kind was labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist that had the word 'mad' stealthily attached to it quite unfortunately. I myself prefer to be quite literal in my use of the English language and do not want to twist words into meaning something completely different.

It is odd that I covered this previously and it turns up in a news story in the BBC News app? Mad. Ooh...

Secondly is a story in one of the papers about the QUANGOS and them being a waste of money, lol.

Now HAVE I covered quangos??

Yes I THINK I have!


So yes you could say I am a Conspiracy Theorist except that everything I claim is true and based on facts unless otherwise stated.

Am I a conspiracy theorist in the sense I make wild unsubstantiated claims based on a wild imagination alone?!

No, I bloody well am not.


Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Well, will you look at that?

It turns out that all that completely shite advice they get to make themselves look like the incompetent mindless puppets they appear to be costs £7.2 MILLION per year and that is up £1 MILLION on the years before?!

Are these people for real? Jesus Christ I cannot even fathom what sort of advice you would need? Their motto,, well for a vast majority of them, is to lie through their teeth! Or maybe they hire people to come up with the best lies?!

They are not very good at it.


Cost of ministers' advisers up £1m



I have known for years that Ombudsman are a waste of time to appease 'the mob', as someone quite correctly put it recently.

But now with all these wasting the tax payers money they actually want to create yet another one? For women Bishops of all things?!

You are joking, right? Surely you are joking?!

Oddly despite the many more than a dozen Ombudsman that exist I just discovered that one alone had half a dozen buildings around the UK?!

That is just one Ombudsman so across all the Ombudsman that I am both aware of as well add unaware of there must be hundreds of buildings and tens of thousands of people?!

All these people must be getting salaries themselves between £35,000 to £300,000 per head at a guess?! Cash that could have gone into making the industries they were meant to regulate to stop them being completely shit?

How much money does it also cost for all the buildings, offices, electricity, gas, stationary, perks and even travel asking with anything else that gets thrown in?!

I have approached way over two dozen Ombudsman and governing bodies and explained what evidence I have and what format it is in. Only one, ICE, ever actually ASKED TO SEE IT?! This is highly suspect on its own and proof to me they have no intention of doing anything. Indeed ICE, went as far as saying that my ten minute video of more walking from the road showing my community steel bins and then down a 50 years long footpath the bins would never fit in is not proof that the DWP and Atos lied when they said they reached my house but a bin blocked my door is NOT PROOF that they lied. This is despite the fact that there are THREE PATHS to my street door!

No visit from ICE with a tape measure?! No asking off me to measure the width of the path and the bins?! No mention of the fact that another application was put in for DLA and has been ignored after the initial letter?!

Add in the fact that their email addresses use the DWP's email server?!

Very expensive window dressing to con the British public and not only have they managed to make us look like idiotic fools for years they have managed to make the media look like fools for years as well. Only they have come off worse and look suspicious while we are fed garbage about TV programmes like The Apprentice, X Factor, Michael Jackson and good knows how much other celebrity gossip that had escaped out of the gossip columns and spread like a virus.

Women bishops 'ombudsman' considered


Was not aware of this.

Amazon has been making some losses, much to my surprise.

Wonder if this is down to a combination of the global crisis and a backlash from not paying all this taxes and that the government have instead been taking out of the hides of the poor, vulnerable and disabled?

Amazon sees quarterly loss narrow


Jesus, I wish my house was this warm in the winter?!

Twenty one and eighteen degrees? Twelve is more like it.

Well I hope that common sense prevails on this one. I also hope that in time certain amoral people get what is coming to them?!


Campaigners press PM over cold homes


Oh? Distrust of the US will harm the fight against terrorism?!

First off, how do you work that out?

Secondly, what does that mean and what are they getting at?

Maybe they will let them carry on spying on their own?

If their is any harm done on the fight on terrorism then it was caused by the Americans and there underhanded, selfishly and only have themselves to blame.

Also I think that those who have hated the west will feel liberated at the thought of everyone being at odds with America and possibly, well those that believe they have a cause, will pause for thought to see what everyone does?!

But maybe that is just me?


US spying 'may harm terror fight'


Hmm this company turns up in the News headlines yet again of late?!

Hmm the company with hundreds of fingers buried in hundreds of pies, UK baked pies no less.

Except they seem to be under the misconception that the ingredients of a British baked pies can now be filled with American ingredients and everything will be fine.

But wait, the chief is stepping down? Hmm now I wonder...

Serco chief executive stands down

Friday, 25 October 2013


Well we really already knew that one!


So Sir John Major insinuated that Iain Duncan-Smith is lacking in intelligence? Was starting the obvious a habit of his?! Lol.

Anyone that actually cared enough to look at and study the plans and figures behind the reforms well see that intelligence is most lacking in this endeavor.

But then I do not think these people come up with this crap?! Even so you have to be utterly thick to agree to go along with a plan like this and put your name to it?! Or maybe they are told to come up with the plans and have to do it, no Martin we have been hearing about this for awhile now even possessing just six brain cells that can operate as a team could come to with a dastardly plan less obvious than this one?


Duncan Smith hits back in Major spat


Economic growth?

If only!

I could only hope this leads to a return to normality but I doubt it.

Rather sadly I think the government would still take advantage financially, even if we did.

UK growth fastest for three years


Hmm I made a comment about not thinking to ask or even wonder if David Cameron's mobile phone was being snooped upon by the NSA in a previous post. Truth is that just add this post it's keeping to another subject there are many, MANY more on this blog alone and then there are 12, yes twelve, other blogs.

Considering I have little to live on, trying to find a way to generate a small income, waiting for the outcome of my daughter's and my grandchildren's plight and added to this have a dozen or so stress of physical pain and therefore disabled then yeah I have a great deal on my plate. Then I have to deal with local people I know who like to stir things up, others who ate naive and jealous and done that like to stick me in the back with a, albeit blunt, knife.

So forgive me if I lose track of a corruption subject or even an entire blog?!

I am currently collecting up some tools which I will do a post about in the next few days. I have been planning this for weeks and have wanted to do this for bloody years! I have hinted at this before but will keep it under my hat fir a few days longer. After all people DO like to talk about whatever I am doing and whatever I am saying, lol.

Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independent Payments, DLA & PIPS, I have covered a great deal on here. They have taken a back seat due to the conspiring NHS lying cheating and falsely accusing me. I will quickly touch upon the fact I have now had two emails from two sections of the NHS now saying they will help one even used the word 'quickly'. There, I touched upon it and will cover that in a post in the next few days too.

But despite the fact I put in another claim for DLA ten months ago and received the first letter and nothing else after that nothing much had happened.

Now I had told the false organisation ICE that I had applied and they have failed to deal with it, along with the lying and cheating, but they never mentioned it.

So deciding to not chase that second application up because it had been too long and the fact that it was going to send in a few months I left it while dealing with other public and private organizations, as can clearly be seen on here. I thought that in a couple of months time the DLA will be replaced with PIPS and I will wait until then and reapply?! Only that was ten months ago or more, I simply cannot remember! In that time there had been no sign on the PIPS benefits and I have not even thought about it for five months or more!

However tonight I see this BBC article on the app I use on my smartphone and I see there will be an even longer wait?!

Hmm I wonder WHAT the hold up is?!

I have said from the beginning that the government was showing their incompetence and will cause a riot, or riots?!

I shall explain...AGAIN...

I have agreed that the DWP was in need of a shake up. It is inefficient and crap and a huge waste of money. It is also a Fecking pain in the arse to use but I won't needed to explain that to anyone who has had the misfortune of using them, lol. However even though this shake up was announced it was at a bad time and I could not believe that the government were doing this to IMPROVE THINGS as they claimed but instead had some sinister and hidden goals in mind!

Only they left themselves with a HUGE problem because they turned the benefits into BLACK AND WHITE! They did that by announcing getting rid of all current benefits and replacing them with just two; Universal Credit and PIPS. The former is the old Jobseekers Allowance and PIPS the new Disability Living Allowance, note the removal of the word 'DISABILITY'?!

The very first thing I thought was well they have been avoiding classifying me as DISABLED for bloody years, how are they going to avoid this now?! You should also be aware that I WAS CLASSIFIED AS DISABLED for a three year period. Despite my health problems gradually degenerating and with more areas of pain over the three years I was the de-classified as disabled. I then found out tens of thousands of others had been as well and even Doctors did not realize it was going on immediately. Not even close in fact.

That was four it five years ago now, difficult to remember exactly but think it was closer to five.

So naturally I kept applying because I know what I am and am not capable of while they all thought they knew better. This is without bothering to correctly diagnose me to save even more money.

If you are in charge of a country and want to screw even the most vulnerable people and get away with it, it's easy if you know how...

1) You put too many obstacles and pressure on hospitals, Doctors, Specialists and GO Surgeries to the point of collapse.

2) Order them NOT to perform any scans due to cost (an honest GO told me they DO THIS)

3) You get no diagnosis from anyone along with the cheapest crappier pills

4) No diagnosis means no proof and no idea about care meaning help from the DWP and Local Government is refused, to their glee.

So I have been waiting for PIPS to come into effect so I can apply under that benefit and see what happens, lol.

A clever and cunning plan if ever I saw one and almost perfect. Except I pieced it all together some time ago and just had to acquire proof and link it all together.

If course there could be many other dastardly plans too and not restricted to the welfare system either. They may exist and influence what happens with your job? Or be behind why you no longer have a job? The possibilities are endless but the truth week take some real good research.

Yes I have found things out I suspected of other things too and flicking through my posts may look as if I have covered them all? Maybe I have but somehow I seriously doubt it!

Now I will just wait for PIPS to arrive while beavering away on my blogs and attempt some manufacturing. This will be accompanied in the Spring of 2014 by breeding too! No and I don't mean me either!

A chance would be a fine thing, lol.

Welfare changes for disabled delayed


Well there is a surprise! David Cameron's phone was NOT being monitored by the United States spies?!

Hmm now I wonder why THAT might be? Lol.

Personally after a few more days it would have occurred to me to ask if David Cameron was being monitored as everyone else seems to be. But then I knew what the answer would be!

I am so thankful that someone else thought to ask and hats off to that individual for thinking of asking that one! Well done and that is what I call investigative reporting!

Now maybe, just maybe this is the start off the real picture starting to reveal itself?!

PM's phone 'not monitored' by US

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Well someone in the media tried to play down how the Germans would react but there is no doubt about it now!

I also heard somewhere that 32 countries was excess dropped on and I reject then saying that everyone spied on everyone else. Hmmm it seems not by their reaction.

Oh yes there had been hundreds of spies caught in the US in the last ten years from Angorra, Leichtenstein, Germany, San Marino, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and many other besides so no one can complain.

Oh wait no there were barely half a dozen and they were all Russian, lol!!!

Oh and they keep stating about the concern of their own citizens, the  Americans, but sorry that is complete bullshit. There is only reason they were spying on done of the people they were and that is MONEY!

Hostile take overs of businesses and they have stealthily taken over Britain and using us add puppets and slaves and now they are working on the rest of the world?!


I wonder if they will stop all this crap?! More interestingly I am more interested to see how the American public react? Will they take any notice? Will they care? Or will they react with anger at how they will be perceived and treated by the rest of the world? Will they wonder how their citizens will be treated when holidaying abroad?

If not then they bloody week should, I would think now about how I would be treated being an Englishman abroad even though I am dead against it?!

Hmm I wonder actually off any of the countries now angry actually refused Edward Snowden asylum? Wonder if they did whether that feel silly now if they initially refused? Lol.

Merkel hits out over spying scandal


Well this is different...and unexpected...and unheard of?

Told my friend Steve today when I read this that I could not help but wonder whether my data is in the hands off those to ask the awkward questions?!


After all I did explain to them about certain terrier cells in Manchester and Birmingham and who to follow to find out the exact locations of both! I even handed then taped recordings of the guys, phone numbers, addresses, unregistered car details and even photographs of two of them! All if which are freely available on here, Lmao!

That was just over two years ago and I monitored them and recorded them for about a year or more. But when they got caught out for spying on public both err and in Europe they said ' oh this SNOOPING helped us catch the terrorists in Manchester and Birmingham'?!

Umm NO you did not! Serves you right for not learning the weird reciprocation and getting credit for work done by a disabled man with no cash and a laptop that is falling apart and overheats!

Lol, oh yeah ok I used a free other devices too bit still did not come too a great deal of money and I did not even have to leave my house! The Police I the area became interested too and came down from Liverpool and interviews more for 5 hours while I secretly recorded them! Hmm have a guess where you will find THAT recording? Lol.

There are some phone conversations between us too, several letters and a nine page report, ask if which contain lie after lie, lol. They also promised a series of things and did not stick to one single solitary promise either!

So you can imagine that I roar with laughter over the plebgate affair?!


There should be a search field on this page for searching this blog? There are over 1200 posts thereabouts. Use the words audio or secret audio along with wider you would like to hear recordings of...

Doctors and NHS
MI5 & GCHQ email and letters only

Among others on here are all the OMBUDSMAN you can think of...and...

and many more

Spy chiefs to testify in public


  • So it was NHS England I was supposed to contact and not the people stated by my EX GP? I told you previously that he rarely comes out with things that makes him sound like a competent Doctor and I even asked myself if he actually was?! Hmm they use the word 'QUICKLY'?! lol.

    RE: FALSELY ACCUSED BY GP Complaint reference BLANKED

To: Martin Haswell
Thank you for your email of 24 October 2013.

Your complaint has been allocated a reference number of BLANKED.  Please quote this reference number in any further communication regarding this issue.
I can confirm that your query has now been passed to the Case Management Team. We are aware of the need for a follow up contact quickly.  We are experiencing high volumes of contacts at the moment and so it may take some time for us to contact you depending on the complexity and type of issue raised.   Please do bear with us and be assured that your complaint is important to us and we will contact you as soon as we can.

If you require any further information or wish to speak to someone about your complaint, please contact NHS England at the email address and telephone number shown below.

Kind Regards

NHS England
PO Box 16738 | Redditch | B97 9PT
0300 3 11 22 33


You are not a Doctor?

What DOES that mean? Why do people say this line to you when they do not agree with you? Are they aware of how daft they sound? The line does not mean anything at all and does not give a releveant explanation or indeed argument. But every now and then this is said to me and it was so today.

Today I had two conversations with two very different people. One had, had his own troubles himself and had bared witness to the horrors that go on which have ended up taking lives whereby the Masters do not bat an eyelid.

I told the gentleman in the second conversation about my blog and what I had done and he said “be careful, they will try to label you as all kinds of things to protect themsleves and make people doubt you! They will make up things like you are a rapist, a paedophile a thief anything to cast doubt upon your personality!” I told him it was too late and that I had been accused of 'POSSIBLE' viloence and he looked puzzled while I shrugged my shoulders.

As for the line stating that I am not a Doctor I was left puzzled and it was the second time he had said this in as many weeks. To be honest the only thing I can take from this is that someone is saying “You are not that intelligent” along with “Your GP is vastly more intelligent” which is stupid because he hardly knows me and he certainly does not know my Doctor.” The first time it was when I mentioned that I had wanted Pregabalin and was the only reason I went in there the last time. He said “the Doctor is not going to give you whatever you ask for?” and I replied that I had NOT specifically asked for it, some people just do not pay attention. I then said that what he gave me was NOT a direct replacement for what I had stopped taking and was a different drug altogether for completely different things.

The funny thing about it was that I had gotten a feeling from him that was rather like someone else I knew and the whole situation is a mirror image of what went on before and will NOT be repeated. HE had mentioned help with his animals and due to my experience and knowledge. But being told your stupid twice made me think...oooh so I am intelligent enough to help you with animals but nothing else then?

I had broken of a previous friendship for the exact same reason and indeed the hatred and loatching to admit that I had bred many amphibians for him led him to tell people that a man called Andy Gray of Manchester University had bred them for him. Except I looked after them and set them up for breeding and I do NOT take advice from others. Added to this Andrew had spent the whole time safely stashed away up in Manchester and never set foot into my old friends house! Three days a week I spent running around looking after a whole heap of animals. Two aquariums, three ponds, Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Flying Tree Frogs, Fire Bellied Toads and various other things.

It was literally like a kick in the teeth and a slap in the face at the same time. In fact I did this and expect nothing in return and got nothing in return and yet when our friendship parted I had produced and left him with over £20,000 worth of amphibians that I had bred and I alone. About a year later he had not repeated his breeding and ended up getting rid of his precious frogs to people I know who told others that they did not want me to find out, for some reason. Lol,

So when it suits people I am good to have around to garner and suck knowledge information and experience of along with my hard labours but when I speak about anything else I am an idiot. The peculiar thing is that I had sudden visions of my old mate a coupe of months back during conversations. Then when he said that twice it was too close to what went before for comfort, lol. I would not mind but he was a customer in a different shop a couple miles away where I was regularly slagged off and which has now closed down, lol.

As far as intelligence goes it kinda goes like this...

My GP has always told me he is not a specialist and has had NO KNOWELDGE in any of the areas of my conditions, whereas I do and ths makes me more intelligent than him, sorry but true. On other subjects, baring in mind I outwitted his plans as well as his sarcasm, I have a whole list I am far more knowledgable in than he would be!

He has gotten things wrong, he has made changes to my drugs he has then forgotten all about, he has cut me off mid-sentence so many times I lose count, which is rude in anyones book. He has also refused to listen to evidence and falsely accused me of things when I was recording him the whole time.

SO exactly whst does the term “Your not a Doctor” REALLY MEAN?! LMAO!

I can only think that lines like this are from people that want me to be wrong but cannot argue or give me one single thing to prove they are right. A cop out. A throw away line so to speak. AS for asking what PILLS to give me...well the GP very rarely decides what pills to give and he has not really given me anything from his own knowledge except the very last one which was the wrong pill and not what he stated it was.

Or what I am trying to say is that your SPECIALISTS, as he always liked to remind me, are the ones that decide on your medications and write to your GP and TELL THEM what t hey should prescribe me. I ended up saying “Err mate, you have seen the news and know that on the BBC there is a story about how there have been over 8,000 complaints to the GMC about their GP in the first 6 months of this year alone?”

I was trying to say that unless you fully understansd the world of medicine then using throw away lines like that will make you look silly.

Also I had started off by speaking today about how I hd gotten refused by a GP for violent behaviour and he said I should not have told them and looked annoyed that I had. But I tried to explain you cannot hise this it will only make you look guilty and you will endf up being kicked off the next register anyway because they will be informed. He said they would not and I then explained what happened at the third one I went into and he said “yeah you told me that” to which I thought well why the fuvck are you saying all this then if you KNOW?! Then I thought well he thinks I am mistaken or lying and I said that I had only found out myself that morning so they had been informed. I then added that she only insisted that I had gone in there as she wanted to hide the fact that they all get informed via computer about these things. In other words NOT explaining what had gone on previous would only go against me.

Some people!

Also when I said that they made no mention of my proof he said, well they are Doctors, they do not have time for all that to which I said “well they DO have personal assitants and secretaries” this was getting boring and I wished I had not opened my mouth but I only did so because and this is the best bit...


His reply, baring in mind he he said “well of course they will” when I said I had been rejected? “Do not worry they will give you a GP in Enfield?!


Now to me it was bloody obvious that once a Doctor suggested you were violent and kicked you off there register they would have to report it. It was also obvious to me that this report of my violent nature would then be sent to other GP's in the area to pre-warn them in case I walked in, registered and then bopped one on the nose.

But I am an idiot for trying to register with a GP giving therm my side of the story and providing access to the truth?

Go figure.

Then I thought 'Jesus Christ, I hope the majority that visit my blog and read bits are not this naïve as I would have spent 18 months nearly doing all this and wasted my time?!' LMAO!

But then I thought the best way to get through to people when they do not want to listen is let them read instead at their own pace. I pray I was right, lol.

Hmm maybe I should have asked him if he was aware I had a degree and that I was OFFERED A DOCTORATE and turned it down thinking I was too old?! LMAO! Maybe I should have also told him that had I accepted the offer I would have been working on the systems to train keyhole surgeons?!

I call that taking the High Road, lol.


SO the

Outlook Active View
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Download 20131024113709.pdf (225.8 KB)
View online
Dear Mr Haswell,
 Thank you for your email, but I’m afraid we do not deal with GP Complaints.

As you have been removed from your GP Surgery, I would suggest you forward your complaint to NHS England and send all your documents that you have sent me onto them.
Please see attachment for all information regarding NHS England which also includes details of the Ombudsman.
 Kind Regards
 Patricia Duncan
PALS & Complaints