Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hmm sounds like British species of bird?! This particular ChiffChaff..oh I'm sorry Mr Chiffchaff! Yes it if unforgiveable I know...i meant to say wait...the Chairpratt.

Sorry thought I would have a but of fun as a day of rest and I've fine from cannot start awake back to trouble sleeping, lol.

Well did think it was too good to be true but well...there you go.

No I just heard what the chump of words said about the welfare state and yup...IDIOT NATIVE AND EVEN MORE CUT OFF FROM REALITY THAN THE PREVIOUS LABOUR PARTY, lol!!

Why us it big, because there ate too hasn't people claiming it and getting hosted who were not both here and don't deserve to be here you twat. Oh yeah don't forgot to blame it all on the last government next tinge your on the house of commons as that's so that place is good for. Only anyone ever in their for exchanging jibes between the two top dogs and because its likely to get in the news at they seen to think the name calling if all important, lol.

Hmm that is another thing your only interested in what the media should think you were doing instead if what the general and wider public though you should be doing...unless of course there is the possibility that the media now dance to your tune to keep and regulations and limitations on their reporting and research.

Bad news as they really need to drop the obsession with celebrities private lives.

You disagree?

Well tough and I suggest you get Hello Magazine on subscription. News is news and maybe if they had done there jobs properly then Jimmy Savile might have been caught years ago and saved hundreds if not thousands from becoming his victims.

Do some proper news reporting and follow the saying that charity begins at home by REPORTING ON what is going on here and make the British public start to believe they are being listened to again.

But don't be dummies and expect that to happen overnight either!




So people are dying as a result of public offices, bankers, government and the rich?

Is there something the government are wrapped up in that people are not dying because of?!

The NHS and the DWP so far. Oh Local Councils probably too.

Oh wait...I think I did this one.

Well anyway it seems more convenient that the poor are dying then people with loads of cash pay a small portion if it..nice.

Notice that the people are dying that are sick, riddled with health problems, penniless and in debt, depressed over being attached and stripped of whatever is left by councils and their henchmen...bailiffs.

Homeless? If nothey did not have to worry they got lucky there with the worst winter since the medieval age! That would have wiped out more if them.

What, you want a point?

Oh OK them well none if the victims are working and paying tax so its a clear out. Kind of like what the Nazis did but just doing it to their own kind, lol. Using dirty tricks and hiding in the shadows but appearing on the news to state how evil other nations are because they will stand in front if you and look you in the eye when they terminate you!


But no voluntary euthanasia though?

So they are dying while being insulted and blamed among with being falsely accused and labelled as they are driven to their deaths while they blame EVERYONE but themselves our the true cookie culprits.

Worse than this for be are celebrities who claim to have political leanings this easy or that but are funny and super these people while having their money overseas avoiding the taxes they want us to pay?!

Hmm now I think I got all the facts right there didn't I?

A contradiction in terms, lol.


Sorry David And Roger could not resist today line from the Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.

How do you digitise all public services?

82% of transactions...yeah it fecking would

But them why pay for someone white is programmed...sorry told not to listen, say no, or to say 'Computer Says No' and talking to out like you're an idiot and they are brain of Britain when you understand computers inside out and they obviously don't. Most annoying was when Enfield Council paid for new systems UPSTAIRS, LMAO, left old system DOWNSTAIRS and the computers really did say no befit Keeling over and dying.

Still they got to play Minecraft our some other game without frame rates depleting, lol.

But them all Raspberry Pi's if what I say!! Then they can plug then into their written Apple iPhones, lmao.


What do you do when you get rid of one outfit that does feck all (what about the other three dozen??)...

...well you replace it with TWO.


Lack of communication? Pointing at each other and saying 'it was their fault?'

Sorry I'm giving you the excuses you Erik get for next time... want to see this already employed then look up my bailiff posts.

Local Councils used then knowing fans will what they do, they in turn use dodgy dates on letters to con (I ASSUME CON) court judges to give out liability orders earlier than they should and without you knowing and then use a dodgy fraudulent auction house to issue fraudulent invoices for ten times less money than they sold you're stuff for!

Each one backs up the other in the group and get away with it...will that is until they choose me to do it to, lmao.

Queue my tricks and BAM! Lack of reacting the correct way or doing any proper checks gives the have away so I only have to set them up for falls.

Mountain of paperwork later I bury the while thing while I move onto others. Papers and news emailed, as I suspect they are all corrupt too, and nothing as expected. Physically assaulted too that aggravated my health conditions that no one else wants to diagnose, deal with, treat our help me financially with.

Well they win this time around but I will return to destroy shot of careers and our many people in jail and cause a bloody chaotic bloody mess in the process.

That was Waltham Forest Council, JBW Group and Plaistow Auctioneers and Valuers. There are others too but they were the biggest offenders and all the series you saw on TV were set up. Spoke to them too they did nothing like everyone else.

Era of the back hander hands and cronies...

Fast forward for years and hiiiii I'mmmmm BAAAAACK!

Now about those careers and prison sentences I referred to?! No? Oh!

Well there is always the angry mob later, lol.

Oh and issuing fake invoices for a tenth of what you actually received is BIG TIME TAX FRAUD... but the HMRC ego will fine you £100 for each firm you hand in even a day late....

... have receipts to data I sent them by post as well as emails and I did not even get an answer.

So when your poor, our not stinking rich, they will jail you and mine you over one hundred quid.

If your a government office and avoiding thousands upping thousands...ooh wait American owned business and get out of paying billions in taxes...

...well you do bit even have to come over for the difficult questions!

Kick all foreign owners out and retake their properties and possessions if they act like that..that's how you get much if the cash back. Why did they not do that and nationalise the company and name?!

Imagine what they would have sold the entire holdings and name to Google, Amazon, Starbucks and anyone else then kick their arses and say...your bit in America NOW BITCH!!



Well of course this crap weather is not going to help anyone.

SAD, our Seasonal Affective Disorder, another ailment that PCTs and Government do not want to face to to while they are whipping you're arse off to work so you can pay them for sitting on theirs, lol.

Stuck indoors with no money is slightly worse than warm weather and being OUT with no money...

...well once the happiness of sunshine wears off then the ire returns and magnified by heat. The hotter it gets the worse it will get.

Oh well still time enough left for good news to cheer us George Osborne falling in with my old friends, eh, the Tigers ata visit to the Zoo?! Lol.

Yes plenty of time for good things to happen, lol.

SPOKE TOO SOON AS NHS STRIKES Strikes as in hits and not goes on strike, lol.

Hmm Health Leaders warn? What bloody health leaders? Leaders of what? Primary Care Trusts? The same ones that have been paid vast suns of money to tell nurses and Doctors NOT TO diagnose you, like I've told friends and family for years now and the media?!

Those leaders?

Well if its tough times ahead they must still be well on the payroll? Maybe getting rid of then you end up with another payout like that guy who started work ruining the BBC one morning and left a multi millionaire the following afternoon?!

Yes maybe they are just paying them to site in their offices now until their counteracts expire?!

A way to guarantee civil unrest in the UK that one is...bloody blind twats.



Well here was the bigger shock for me...rival religious churches actually getting together to do something good?!


Sort if thing I was hoping to hear, but some time ago now, and just pleased this sort of thing had started to happen....albeit at the eleventh hour.

Better late than never. A sign for me there are people out there with intelligence as scientifically, sort you four churches lol, you cannot say people are bone idle and lazy because we naturally want to...

...oh no wait. There were some they are the ones that over it get to super sizes confine for times in a week I get to LIVE ON and cost a bloody fortune for Nurses, Doctors and Councils to cater, ohh bad pun, for!!

MrMen's Mr Topsy Turvey must be turning in his grave over me, lol.

Proof positive that politicians and bureaucrats have their says numbered along with other goat head wearing morons that own some pretty nasty companies. Lol.

I am suddenly think of an album cover to one of my favourite, since a young boy (watch out for that post in a free Weeks), rock albums and one of the greatest of all time.

Pink Floyd's The Wall.



Well this was a surprise and I got an even greater one with the next post!

Hats Off again to Justin Welby now there IS a man capable and qualified, despite him being religious, of being Prime Minister!

For me the best since the Sermon On The Mount! Lol.

Just not belonging to the Conservatives, Labour or Liberals.

Did you see what I did there?

Got a big post in a few weeks with GHOSTS in the title...

...followed a few Weeks later by one with a large sum of money in the title!!

Of all the posts I will every upload they will be two very important ones.



Didn't I them...this would happen

Pray I said...Be on your guard I said...


OK now I am done spoofing Jeff Wayne just for a cheap giggle...

Yep I told a few animal hobbyist pals that the would guy right back on animals and wildlife protection.

After all with what they were doing to disabled people it was bound to be going on and more than it states here.

Just takes a little thought is all.



You think after three years and a title like that, that they all would be really sleepy from all that lying, all that cunning and all that shagging?!

I reckon SO...


No it is not mine and I did not create it! It just hit me as damned funny as soon as i saw it and to be honest I was looking for 1920x1200 pictures of an African Savannah!! LOL!

Saturday, 30 March 2013


There is an old way of doing business, employing tactics like that of the American Military that most intelligent people are aware is non too brilliant unfortunately, and there is a NEW WAY of doing business which as far as I know there is little off if there is any at all.

If any one company was to come close to this it may be John Lewis.

Now what we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNNNNICATE!

Thanks Cool Hand Luke, you were my inspiration as a child!!

Now here in is a video that is NOT very long at all. It was an idea I had that i put into practice while filming msyelf doing it. I did not know how it would turn out in all honesty and at first, near the end, it appears that it is going to go ti.... SOUTH FOR THE WINTER and TITS (BIRDS YOU ONE SIDED MORON) do not do that?! LMAO!!

Oops off track with some humour there!

Right a simple and short video, you do not have to be a computer geek or programmer to realise WHAT is going on here. Some people that think they are geeks have failed to spot this but do not worry about that.

It only does one thing and it does it twice only in between doing this things I make one single and SOLITARY as well as SIMPLE action before I do it again.

You wil hear me say 'Oh I want expecting that' or something similar when i think my plans gone off piste but it then turns out to work out EXACTLY as I thought.

It also shows many people who have had this trouble WHY they have had this trouble!! ;)



Whoa! Well my games are now back up, or TWO of them are anyway, and much of my Video uploads to YouTube are done...

...I DID think they would all be done and that the games still had a bit to go if I am honest!! LOL.

The fact that BOTH these games are up and running considering the size of the downloads and yet YouTube has not received a few videos is downright shocking and highly suspect. Hmm not for the reasons you might think that I am insinuating towards, lol.

Yes so at SOME POINT today I should get the videos up and linked in as well as the audio off my not so smart phone and uploaded to my, or ONE of my, Cloud Storage and those linked in here?!


You see the way I see use of these things is really quite simple...

1) You have various webpages within different environments

2) Blogs and Video on a Blog Client or Video Client, in my case both GOOGLE

3) The more content you add the more people you will attract

4) The more GOOD CONTENT and SMARTER you sound then even more people you attract

5) The MORE SUBJECT MATTERS you can cover THE PEOPLE YOU ATTRACT grows exponentially so two subjects then TWICE the people, give or take depending on the popularity of the subject matter.

6) On each webpages you have TAGS. TAGS were TAGS for a long time and the same as Hash Tags in Twitter '#' in that they label things (err orr Tagged then?! lol) for discovery by a search engine. So Google, Bing, AltaVista (if still around), AVG, Mozilla, Yahoo, Jeeves or any others. Google did not invent it you know?! LOL!

7) Now here is the CHERRY ON THE BAKEWELL TART AS...
a) The more specific tags or terms you can think of the more likely you are to get to the people who     SPECIFICALLY want to see what you are showing!
b) The more SCIENTIFIC you can be then the more similar minded people you can attract to so use of LATIN is paramount....if I can remember the Latin names and terms that is, lmao!

8) The more you keep a camera with you and the longer it goes that you keep adding content on the more chance there is that something you capture can go...viral.

9) I had around 16 subjects dear to me that I could cover and so far I had started up 12, starting last August to September, and about to start up another one in the coming weeks.

10) As I do not have 6 years worth of cash for 6 years of work this would mean that the money will continue to grow for 6 years without any further input from me?! Only explainable theory I can come up with at the present time.

Now before I make a series of announcements I do prefer to lay a few things out for a couple of months, groundwork you could think of it as, before I do it.

So therefore before i can explain a How To or a How NOT To or anything that is fundamentally wrong with anything you might WANT TO DO or possibly ARE DOING I need people to just get a little familar with a few things first.

A brief and easy few pointers of how you can figure out what is wrong with any figures or statements when i make them. Think of it like a plant window box. You can grow plants in a window box by simply watering them enough that they live and grow BUT...

They grow faster and BETTER IF...

1) You give them the CORRECT amount of water... (higher than normal frequency of additional content)

2) You provide them with the CORRECT amount of light... (pictures and videos)

3) You provide them with the CORRECT temperature... (popular subjects)

3) You throw into the mix the right amount of ingredients or feed   (think of this as the TAGS)

I think if you breeze about my other blogs you will see that my knowledge is not limited to Corruption and outwitting half-witted people but also...

1) Orchids (well there's a surprise I hear you think)

2) Computers (oooh now not looking good for my canon fodder, lol)

3) Astronomy (another highly popular subject)

4) Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish (now you can see where the LATIN comes in)

5) Wing Chun Kung Fu (now you know I can KICK-ARSE)

6) Pink Floyd & Music (ooh another highly popular subject)

7) Comic Book Movies and FILMS (ooh another HIGHLY POPULAR SUBJECT)

8) British Wildlife (yes OK not STRICTLY GLOBAL but still highly popular)

9) Doctor Who (well need I say anything regarding this, I am am Madman with a Laptop after all?! LMAO)

Ooh there is another and I cannot look to see as I have this text editor window open...

...yes OK I could open another but I cannot be bothered, lol.

The BLOG I plan on starting is Japanese Maple Trees or Acer palmatums, japonicumsm shirasawanum and negundo.

I will probably also start up a Mountain Biking Blog too shortly after the Japanese Maple one which will run through the summer.

Though this largely depends on quite how the Blogger and YouTube works behind the scenes otherwise the Mountain Bike one might not happen this year, lol. Well not unless someone ELSE comes along to lend a genuinely helping hand and saves the day, or MY DAY?! LMAO!

Maybe this whole thing is just a Social experiment for me to find out f the world, or at least the United Kingdom, is only populated by selfish and amoral people these days?! Maybe i'm just curious to see so set about with the most dastardly and intricate plan that would make a spiders-web look like it was manufactured by small children and plastic knitting needles?! Yes I am capable of such a thing!

The truth of the matter is that it is ALL of the above and then some!! LMAO!

Well I did refer to it as more intricate than a WEB!!

Before I can teach ... I have to TEACH!! LMAO!

Friday, 29 March 2013


OK this one has a short video to go with it on the follow up post to go up tomorrow.

Yes I had to go out, I forgot to bring back milk despite BEING in a supermarket earlier and I have just realized why the cursor has jumped up several lines during the last few posts while in Windows 7, I keep brushing the touch-pad with my hands.

Now oddly this has not happened while using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but has several times during Windows sessions. I am also unable at present to turn off the touchpad, nor use the fingerprint reader, as I yet to download the drivers for this.

Hmm well I am updating Elder Scrolls V Skyrim currently while uploading 18 videos and of the latter none are the video I refer to ABOVE!! LMAO!

That will be tomorrow with a bit of luck and I may have to leave the laptop on all night and the not so smart phone down here alongside it for the umpteenth time?!

I really cannot explain just how much work and added to this LITERALLY blood, sweat and TEARS I have gone through to get these twelve blogs to where they are.

Ohh yeah and after the painkillers wore off, which worked and I was able to put my foot o the floor after about 20 minutes, I ended up with a god almighty headache?! I forgot that was the reason for the post in the first place, head still banging is my defense lol!!

Yes so I am currently about to up the posts and content on some of the more neglected blogs over the next few weeks.

Another blog will receive a much needed, rather curiously I MUST say, BOOST when thw warmer weather hits and Springwatch hits the TV screens.

Another blog will be added over the next couple of weeks and will be launched with quite a few posts along with a fair abundance of PHOTOS too. This will kind shoot up between April and June and by then will likely overtake at least FOUR of my current blogs for the numbers of posts and anywhere up to ten for number of photos included. It is a good time to do this and I have held back on that one quite deliberately due to my bigger grand plan ... MY MASTER PLAN! LMAO!

Any who. Yes we are approaching that time and I am glad i did not commit myself to saying mid April for anything as the damned cursed weather is not going as I thought it would nor as it should. This has quite literally added two weeks to my plans and that week of illness has added another week too.

So mid April and mid May are STILL the times to watch out for. Just that one thing I was expecting now has not happened and likely postponed for a month due to those 3 weeks I mentioned.

Also I do have the tests coming up at the Royal Free Hospital and by the end of April they will be at their conclusion too!! FINGERS TIGHTLY CROSSES THAT THERE IS INDEED A CONCLUSION!!

I will put up a post in around two or three weeks and the title of which will be a headline grabber but only a preview to, or most precisely clues, to what will follow four to six weeks later. I have to make sure my facts are quite correct on this one but what I cannot tell you yet is the magnitude it will turn out to be. It will be an eye opener that is for sure. It should cause a bit of a storm as from my own estimations there are probably a few million people around the planet will sit up, take notice and start crunching some numbers.

My own numbers are crunched in my head and if anything complicated I might get a book to help my do that in a spreadsheet with lists of the mathematical formula, IF I get around to receiving a good enough book. Unfortunately I had one delivered yesterday but turned out to be in GERMAN?!?! Over fifteen years I have been with Amazon, 1997 I think it was when I started my account while at University, and NEVER have I ever received a book in a foreign language before?! But then I have been so ill and so dizzy and in so much pain I probably should have spotted it and was my fault.

So that needs to be found and re-ordered, lol.

As for the title of the post it will be soemthing to do with .... making money and that is all I will say at this stage, lol. I have a great many things ongoing all the time so it would be impossible for anyone to guess.

All my blogs have been painstakingly created and done exactly how I feel at the time I have written them, so driven by humour, laughter, anger, ire, pain or any other emotion to convey what it is like in my life. I simply had to despite how it may have sounded droaning, boring, mad even at times it was all extremely necessary and indeed VITAL to what I was getting at. Yes more of those vague clues, I KNOW! LOL.

You see what I was planning to do and using the truth and the facts to do it was to show that a number of things are possible, that a number of opponents can be beaten and have rings run around them and all done rather easily. I planned to fire off more salvos at these people and organisations when I had already done that long since prior to starting the blogs. Fire and Forget tactics I call them as the whole time I was spinning my own WEB TRAP in the form of a dozen blogs!! LMAO!!

So yes these are indeed my traps. They are to show things even though I have not explained what it is I intended to show but all in good time and for good reason as they would not work otherwise.

As a knee jerk reaction to my actions, my choice of language on occasions and many other things I did, just about ANYTHING could happen. So it was prudent to list all the possible reactions and be well aware of them before I even started. I did that LONG before I started these blogs and still thinking up new possibilities all the time.

Of course it would be quite clear that my hand would be forced into making a mistake and this was fully catered for as well. Also if I was forced into an action I have never taken before then this, no THESE, blogs are evidence to these facts.

More was the focus that they would just wear them down, that the would sneak on here and whether they KNEW the costs of their actions, arrogance and ignorance or whether they did not they would realize that either way and no matter what course they took I was here to stop them. Simply in that if I can guess at what I THINK they are likley to do and with ENOUGH people on here to see this that whenever it appeared on the news there would be an instant snowball effect around the Internet because of me and focused on me.

So my hope was that one by one the realisation on each occasion that I would make GOOD on mu INNUENDOS would make them take their finger off the button at the eleventh hour. One by one the things that angered me that I thought inhumane and extremely selfish and amoral of these people to not even consider the pain and suffering of millions of people on their actions alone would hit home that this would cause a backlash of unrest.

You could argue the case I was trying to save the lives of people that do not deserve to be saved, yes you could. People in positions of privilege that prefer to LORD IT UP to the media like they are dictators who had left their over-sized Elton John sunglasses at home!

I was and am attempting to manipulate them and have been attempting this all along.

Now despite many people I have known over the years crying out for a bloody revolution it is not what I wanted nor desired, though I am sure there was a plan that involved that at some point?! Oh maybe that was the CURRENT PLAN?! Oops, my BAD!! LMAO! I would send someone out for more notepads at this point, lol.

It was the only way I could think of to get through to people, I tried to news media route but that failed miserably and repeatedly and I am afraid to say that if I said that was an understatement than that LAST statement WAS an understatement.

No I was, am not nor never will be after publicity. Anyone that had me down for that was way off the mark too! Oops, my BAD!! LMAO!

Why would I want that? Ooh to get my books published?! Oops I think you will find that I have NOT sent them out to anyone for months, probably before I started these blogs and that was last AUGUST 2012. Oops, my BAD!! LMAO!

No I think you will find that it was these BLOGS that were promoting any slim possibility of getting my books published...

I have TWO on this subject totaling 180,000 words in all with another one possible but obviously not even going to start it unless I sign a deal with someone.

Also i could have gained the attention as well as still can to acquire a Matthew Murdoch type solicitor to take people to court?! Who, I hear you ask? I do not know, look around the archives to this blog and take your pic?! LMAO!

Hmm i had better not wander off too far into the depths of money making...JUST YET?! LMAO!

My YouTube account sprang into life to PROVE what I have stated about myself and to show that I speak true and honest even IF no one wants to believe it?! Maybe it would have been easier had I applied to be the next Papal? Or Pope?! LMAO! i am sorry if it has been difficult to believe and yes I have had so called friends find it hard to believe to but this has mainly been down to jealousy or ego or BOTH. Either they want to be me, know the things that I do or get the respect I command, sometimes this is literally what respect i get from WOMEN ONLY would you believe, from others. Or even that it is not THEY that are my best friend, or for the GAY ONES their lovers and yes that INCLUDES the CLOSET GAYS I have run into over the years. Your gay or bisexual God damn deal with it!!! I am not and you can deal with that too!!

It was always well aware to me though that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Yes I could put in all these hours, spend all this money and go on for an inordinate amount of months or even YEARS and get nowhere fast. But you must realise I stronglyy BELEIEVE in my gut instincts and just like the little group or Radicalized Muslims holding my 16 year old daughter against her will and asking about the London Olympics... well i have ENOUGH TROUBLE SLEEPING, THANKS!! I did not need any more difficulties has lives been lost!

If people have used my data and information to make a name for themselves or a career for themselves then fine but that is down to them and THEIR CONSCIENCE. I was not about to ask for money for anything I gave and nor was I ever going to add a donation button and sound like a pleading wining victim with my begging cap in hand ... ooh no!

The thing was I did realise that I COULD make money and WITHOUT appearing in the papers or on the news, something I am real keen to want to avoid doing. I could use what I had done to make this money and it seemed the PERFECT TIME last August 2012 to start planning to do just that....


That would be with just one stone you understand. In fact i am doing myself an injustice to state only the number three, lol.

Each plan has many facets and each a different goal but they all backed each other up very nicely. All I had to do was type, video, photo, scan and WAIT! I already had a mass of stuff to go up long before I started i had kept for years now. The fact that I have put in 6 years of work into just 7 months is very STRICTLY true and accurate because I had long since been working on it all.

Also it did not help the cause of the government, the DWP, Atos or the NHS to have pops at me because they think things about me that are clearly false and without asking. Oh and the Police oh and anyone bloody else that is attacked by me throughout this blogs life and still those to come. Nope siree it was not bright and the decision makes with the arrogance were WAY OUT of their leagues with me.

You see lots of people had good jobs and were upstanding members of the community and received various knighthoods, titles, awards and even statues. That is until they got caught and I am sure there must be someone out there with a whole list of people, err don't look at me I do not have one, with a list of these people who have now been found out to be...

1) Paedophiles
2) Embezzlers
3) Tax Evaders
4) Murderers

and a whole list of other serious crimes I cannot be bothered to go through. No but while they were making money everything was all OK.

Well I have done none of those things and indeed quite the opposite in fact. I have sacrificed blood sweat and tears to help others and my country and all I have to show for it is a whole heap of letters containing bare faced lies in an attempt to try and catch me out so I can be locked up, made homeless, have even more money I need to live on taken away from me, told I am a sponger and feeling the knife in my gut while David Cameron and George Osborne abandon their children in Public Houses and whisper in my ear we are all in it together...

...yes it focking feels like it?!?!

Maybe they are jut jealous too like some of my ex friends have been?!

SO you can buy a TITLE or KNIGHTHOOD and that takes money

You can EARN A title and err umm that takes MONEY, lol.

You can help a whole bunch of people you later get found out for abusing, stealing from or leaving for DEAD... provided you were not found out...were working and ...MADE A LOAD OF MONEY!!

Or put yourself out for causes that are NOT important and not many care about errr which invariably involves raising a load of money from YOU so that the government does not have to give them the money they TOOK FROM YOU.

Hmm or even give them any of the money they are taking from you AGAIN because the money the did not take from you was lost by a bunch of people who ere basically playing at little more than a roulette table with your CASH?!

Rule of thumb to keep as a reference towards the future...

...if someone does something of a good cause when their is a CAMERA, STILL OR MOVIE, on them they are most likely not genuine.

...if someone who is worth millions gives up a day or two without pay....then they are not genuine.

....if someone does a good cause and then goes running to the media offering to sell their story and appear on TV or in the news then they are not genuine...

...oooh wait that's me?! Oh no it's not as I CANNOT RUN!!! LMFAO!!

Plus I have done as much as i can to avoid pictures or videos of my face appearing on ANY of my twelve blog and on my YouTube account?!

Ooh waiiiit?! Was you planning to say that toooooo?! MY BAD!!!

I am getting messages as everyone seems to thinking the latest, and 82 year old, Paedophile is Rolf Harris?! Ooh please God, NO!! NOT ROLF?! I loved him!

Wait a minute has he not got a title? Hmm maybe we would just lock up everyone with knighthoods and we should have most of them under lock and key then?! LMAO!! Is that Police Chief guy not got a title? The one mixed up in the Hillsborough fiasco to do with people dying..

....if someone gets away with it then THAT IS worthy of a Knighthood?!


Told you idiots before and I will tell you again....I have an asnwer to everything because their IS an answer to everything.

You also will not catch me out either.

Oh and I very much doubt you will ever find an excuse to lock me up neither?!

But you just MIGHT get lucky on the last one, but you better be damned SMART!!!

Your lawyers better be even smarter still!!


Well that was a real pain....LITERALLY!!

I left the house on my bike to go and BUY something that, like the dumb-arse I am at times, I had not foreseen me needing..

..this was an external DVD-ROM Drive as I had placed another Western Digital Scorpio 160GB HDD, that I did NOT BUY, in the bay where the Optical Drive USED to be.

Now I did this, and very important it will reveal itself to be that I explain this NOW, because I had a little go at installing another Operating System based on the Linux core OS. This is called Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, latter stands for Long Term Support.

Unfortunately Microsoft is run by an idiot I now like to call the Leaping Lizard because he likes to leap about and scream but comes across as scaley, slimey and controlling. His name is Steve Ballmer and being an ex military man for a country who is not very good at military despite the technology they possess he seems to think that businesses should be run the same way and that all other should be crushed, even when they are not even in it for the money or power. Err well are NOT supposed to be.

The Open Source community, or at any rate the reasons it was started in the first instance, makes a lot of sense once you listen to the fundamental principles. Ubuntu is based on Linux which is based on Unix and even the story behind Unix rings similar to that of Microsoft and Windows. Created by two your guys while working for AT&T who then claimed ownership of it and went off to make a great deal of money from it, while if i recall the two guys did not make much at all. There argument was that theses two were employees of AT&T at the time they created it.

That is about all I know and even these details may be a little 'off'. Just one of thousands of stories you hear when you study Computer Science at University.

Still.... later on a man named Linus Torvalds created Linux and made it free, or at least the kernel and in essence it is Unix though probably with much stuff removed, or at least that is how it got started. Different types of OS's then sprung up and forgive me is I do not know the beginnings of one and whether it was originally Unix or not but it is that used by that famous Rotten Apple brand and the MAC-OS! Lion, Panther, Tiger, Ocelot, Serval, Pussycat or whatever version you are running. Ooh OK yes a little bit of a joke there.

Now I highly admired Apple in the early years and wanted a MAC like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately they turned into the type of brand they hated and fought against for years, err like Microsoft and Intel?! LMAO! Anyhow Linux was in no way near ready for the masses in the early years and only geeks like me ever really had much to do with it. My time was limited because while studying things had to...well WORK really and sodding about mounting and un-mounting drives there simply was not time for, as fun as it might have seemed to the inner geek in us.

Over tie more version appeared by different groups, disagreements came to the fore and splinter cells broke off and formed more groups but still everything was free, as mad as it sounds. My own run in was with Red Hat and I dual booted this with whatever the current Windows was in 1998, hmm that would be Windows 98 then but I think it was Windows NT 4.0 (NT stood for New Technology). Unfortunately neither of these two were good at playing the latest games so having both seemed a waste. I DO believe I ended up dual booting Windows NT4.0 and Windows 98 in the end. My lecturer friends and fellow students were all shocked when i did this during a semester and managed to achieve it without asking lecturers for help. One chap, Alastare Measures and highly popular among students, was so impressed at this and another creation I STILL possess today wanted to go into business with me. He used to work for the Stock Exchange in London and i saw what the stress of a job like that can DO to a human being!

Fast forward a few years and a whole list of catastrophes and setups as well as set upons by various government morons and public office idiots later and I dual booted a later, and turns out a British sourced with a South African head, Linux Operating System called Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Only Computer Active magazine, supposedly for beginners and NEWBIES, states its real easy and simple to do using something called WUBI. So I install it only to find Windows does not want to play anymore?! Not having used Linux for years I knew not what the commands were or even how the two OS's worked differently so now I was on a crash course with a STEEP LEARNING CURVE OF STRAIGHT UPWARDS!! LMAO!

After several days i could not get Windows back which was annoying for the most part because I had files and edited photos and screen shots that were vital to my BLOGS, mainly this one, and did not know how i could get them back?! Ubuntu would not read the drive and Windows did not want to reinstall without wiping everything. Yes I could work with Ubuntu only but two problems remained, only a dozen documents and a dozen photos and my games as I am disabled and need to force myself to stay in.

Hewlett Packard is the manufacturer behind my laptop and on changing my RAM from the 3GB it came with up to the 8GB it now has I realised it had a SECOND HARD DISK BAY!! This was 6 months ago long before Ubuntu was presented to me. I thought how cool this was and thought about an SSD especially as I had now realised that idiots on the Internet were WRONG to state that I could not play any of the latest games on my laptop when I eventually played the most demanding of all....ELDER SCROLLS V SKYRIM!

I then realised I needed not only a special cable to add a second drive but also a LONGER CABLE?! Imagine my shock when I discover I could pick up a short cable for £8 to £15 but the longer one was £100?!?! I went to Maplin's store and asked someone in there wh knew IMMEDIATELY I had a HP laptop as he had the same problem?! MAD!!

I see a Hard Drive caddy online for £11 that will replace my optical drive allowing me to add a second HARD DISK there! So I think ... ohh I wont need my optical drive I will get one and I had a Western Digital Scorpio HDD lying around so used that.

Now I reformatted everything back to their original factory conditions for the two Hard Disk Drives, a 320GB Toshiba, already replaced once, and the 160GB Western Digital and I install Ubuntu onto the Toshiba first, thinking that will need the extra space while Windows will need the faster drive. Only when it comes to installing Microsoft's Windows 7 it yet again REFUSES POINT BLANK to install and the error message given to me makes no sense other than to say "I'm TOTALLY FECKING BLIND!!!"?!

Now I had been sensing skullduggery on Microsoft's part and came up with a little idea and then though "Hmm I have been filming and photographing everything for my blogs to build up content and make money I should REALLY FILM THIS in case it works and should PAY OFF?!" I did and it DID WORK.

It is not the ONLY big name I have been focusing on either but some things are just best to wait for as the more data I have the more concrete it looks to others. Some may spot this immediately but I DO LIKE everyone to spot it...EVENTUALLY. So sometimes it is just best to work on it and wait until the best time.

So I do this film and make some changes to my laptop and HEY PRESTO I am in business. Windows 7, which I DO like despite it being a bit slow compared to Ubuntu and that Leaping Lizard screwing the company up for the last ten years. But Windows starts being Windows yet again by refusing to see a wifi so no internet. My God I could NOT BELIEVE IT, how did they manage to do THAT yet again after doing THAT with the release of Windows XP?!?! I fixed sooo many computers when Windows XP first came out it was NOT TRUE?!

However I had a bit of luck as I had Ubuntu installed which installed without a damn problem at all, everything just WORKED!! So Ubuntu ended up FIXING the ageing and decrepid Windows and held its hand while it fetched the things it needed like a senile and immobile old man in an Old People's Home?!

Back into Windows and I am now in the Internet and install a few other things but forgot a few. No matter i am now online .... but ooh yeah the updates for Windows?! FECK IT!!! Slow Windows and my NOT SO BROAD BAND CONNECTION I am looking at the screen and want to use my laptop as a frisbee but would rather do this with Steve Ballmer, owner of 3 Mobile and HP in front of me with the laptop edges laced with razor blades so decide not to.

Yesterday and after two weeks of fecking about, the last week of which was laced with a really rotten illness, pains in my knees, feet and groin, dizzy spells making me pass out and being dragged to hospital, painfull drilling on my teeth and a really bad toothache that persists today and last night I finally get everything working to the point where all I have to do now is install my games back on and I am one HAPPY CHAPPY!!

I sit down with the games cases on my lap and I remove Edler Scrolls V Skyrim DVD which is the greatest game ever made and sorely missed these last two weeks and by the same outfit I remove the Fallout New Vegas DVD which runs Edler Scrolls a close second and I go to insert the discs into my Optical Drive and I am...

....OH FOR F#@1$!! SAKE!!!!


So I had to go through all that to tell you that I had totally missed the fact that I DID INDEED need the Optical Drive no longer in the bay where the installation of Windows 7 now lives. I cannot even remove it to install it which I could have done had it been on the OTHER DRIVE?!?!

So I left the house on my bike to buy ANOTHER DVD ROM DRIVE to plug into my USB Port so I can re-install my bloody games, LMFAO!!

I decide to go around the cah converters and little store to buy one cheap. I only need them to install a couple of games and I have four bloody items in this house that spin optical discs?!?! I KID YOU NOT!!

I go into Morrisons and there is a little PC repair place ... "How much your DVD Roms, mate?" I inquire before being told they are £40.00 and I am like "Err no I do not think so!!"

I now realize i have an intense pain in my right heel and thanking my lucky stars that I have come out on my bike I then hobble over the car park to enter PC World that sits 100 yards from the Argos that sold me a refurbished Nikon Camera, or TWO?! The pain is getting worse and i am feeling some stinging in my groin to boot, ooh bad pun!

I had intended to either go to my friends store afterwards but I also had TWO harnesses on me for my Barr & Stroud 8x42 Bird Watching Binoculars worth £100 but I got off Amazon for £83?! Also in my Kombat Rucksack in Olive Green also bought from AMAZON is my Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ Camera too and I had planned to go to Lea Valley Park to film and photograph wildlife which would NOT have been good due to the crap weather but want and need more content for my blogs and YouTube accounts?!

In PC World I see, eventually and in teh WRONG PLACE, a Lite-ON top loading DVD ROM and WRITER for £25 (with £5 off). This is about £15 more than i actually want to pay and am using my rent money until Wednesday when I get paid next....IF I GET PAID NEXT?!

As I have done so many times before I end up thinking bugger it I am not going about in pain I will just get this one....only when I buy it I hand over a £50 NOTE only to be handed £20 in change and I say "errr love, you have given me the wrong change?!" and she says no its £29.99 and I say NO it is £24.99 and point towards the SHELF where I got it which is only 6 feet away. She says it must be for a different one and I say oh what you just so happen to have TWO Lite-ON DVDs both with the same features and yet you have the price for the cheaper one and not the DEARER ONE, yeah right! I thna point out that this DVD Rom is indeed £29.99 but that the label states that it is £5.00 OFF and she scans the label after removing it from the shelf and then says ... NO SIR THIS IS A DIFFERENT ONE!

I am a computer scientist in PC World being spoken to by an idiot like I am the IDIOT?!

I puff and whinge and think about how I just stood in pain for ten minutes waiting while only ONE PERSON was on the 8 tills, saw the queue which was now four times longer than when i was on it and said...

..."fine....I will just have to TAKE THIS ONE THEN!"

Now if you will EXCUSE ME, I DO BELIEVE those two games have finished INSTALLING!!! LMFAO!!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


My ears must be really bad...

... I THOUGHT I heard a news report say figures have shown there was growth and we avoided a triple dip recession?!

If this if the case its a bloody lie, lol.

Everyone I know thinks the last few months have been the quietest of all and I remarked in a local shop how bread and milk had give up when a foreign man behind me stated that Celery had not gone up?!

When I asked why he had stated Celery had not gone up he said "noo know? WAGES!" LOL!

He and the Sri Lankan guy working in the store both said about how out had just got worse and worse and will keep getting worse for the foreseeable future!

He was quite angry and frustrated as he spoke and the store owner agreed with him when I turned and said as I was leaving while pointing at them...

"you know your ABSOLUTELY RIGHT but I plan on making it BETTER before the year is out" they looked confused, lol.

So I quickly explained this blog and that I had many other plans when smiles grew across their faces and the frustration turned to a look if hope and as I was editing the store he shouted...

"Good for you, I hope your right and I how you do!" as I waved befit disappearing down a subway.

But in the short time I have had this blog going there is no way things have improved in any way at all. I'm also pretty sure that it had not rained money amongst all that wet stuff that comes drown from the sky either so that people collected up cash they did not have, lol.

I can also see the looks on peoples faces and I'm still being shocked at how quiet the town is near me and I've seen Christmas days busier than the Saturday's I have seen of late.

HMV is closing and I never realised, everything on sale and hardly anything left when I walked in there?!

I did get THREE James Bond blu-ray films fit 4.99 each and a Pink Floyd The Wall Coffee Mug for £2.50.

The films were Die Another Day, Live And Let Die and For Your Eyes Only. Only in the movies, eh? LMAO!

Also something up with the introduction of Universal Credit which I thought was all coming in next month?!

Best Laid Plans...


First up I have acquired TWO audio recordings today and these will be up in the coming days.

Today I received my Neurophysiology letter from the Royal Free Hospital and just like the DWP and Atos do NOT LISTEN they have booked it too early meaning I would have to travel in the rush hour.

Almost like a DWP tactic...."OOH WELL Mr Haswell if you managed to get here you cannot be that bad?!?!"

Me ... "How the feck would you know and you have X-Ray vision that can tell how much drugs I have inside me and a camera that followed me the whole journey?! Oh and by the way because I can get here and then sit here, lay down, be tested and then get home again on ONE GOOD DAY does not then mean I can do a 5 day a weel full time job you bloody moron?!"

LMAO! God help them if I get any smart comments like that, God bloody help them!!


Ooh OK back to front then?! Right above is where I contact them because the appointment is TOO EARLY, LOL. I would have to travel in the rush hour which is a NO-NO! I have requested it for a MIDDAY appointment and I will ask TWO people I know if they can take me, first one and then the other!

Right this is the letter, there is actually more of it and I have not read it...but I will tell you now that I am CONVINCED I have Charcot Marie Tooth. I have TWO recordings to be posted and one where I state that the Neurologist who sent me for this thinks I do not and I think I do!

BUT... despite this I must state that not being a DOCTOR myself I have to admit that it is NOT beyond the realms of possibility that there is indeed ANOTHER condition that does a damn fine job of mimicking CMT?!

Not to my point... to travel all the way to a hospital such as the Royal Free and the to come out WITHOUT a diagnosis will be not only frustrating but I will be in a right quandry with myself wondering if I have just been lied to?!

So you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be on the damn ball that day!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I have just taken a series of films in the last few weeks and there film has come out all wrong and I do NOT know hwo long this has been going on nor what is the cause if it?!

But this is the camera I got from Argos which replaced one that was already faulty and REFURBISHED and this one was FULL PRICE, not HALF PRICE like the Nikon.

Do you know I am starting to see certain people who follow orders not merely as people who want to keep their jobs but traitors to the British people in all honesty?!

Now either I have been sold another DUD camera under some didgy trade agreement to sell us DUD GOODS from overseas or I have been sold a FAKE SANDISK ULTRA CARD off AMAZON?!

Now I have to try and get a program to test the card and hope there is a version that runs on Linux. If not I will have to wait until my Windows 7 is re-installed and I have a NEW DRIVE plugged in to do that and a Windows 7 ISO file hald downloaded to put onto a USB KEY?!

Did this once already but some half wit seems to think half the world speaks Polish?! No mate they do not and an international language is English and even Spanish. I grumble because I spent two days and my broadband data downloading the garbage and they cannot even state this?! Morons!!

Now I am downloading another one, and ENGLISH LANGUAGE one from an OFFICIAL SITE this time.

So at some point I will test this card and is the card is OK then the camera is FAULTY AGAIN!!!

This country is utterly unbelievable it really is, what is good for the goose mate is good for the gander.

I now see that there ARE NO LAWS in this country...


If poor, working class or disabled people have no access to solicitors to enforce the law then there ARE NO LAWS.

Laws are reaching the stage where they no longer apply to me because those in power take no notice of them. Well there are 100 people suffering because of each of these laws for each of you that take no notice of them.

Do not have a head for gambling do you now?!


That is why people can send me whatever demands they like...I really do not care and do not care how far I have to go to make a point.

If the gamblers gamble wrong on this then it will end in in a god awful mess as I for one have nothing to lose!! ;)

ANd due to this blog you cannot say I did not warn you, lol.

Now you know why they all know about it now!!



It had just dawned on me what is going on with those lying thieving bustards, lol.

Despite the fact I have spoken to then a dozen times by post, two dozen by email ends even three times over the phone, oops 6 times over the phone, I have now realised that my japes and jokes and estimations have been spot on.

It its hire I stated as they cannot put me on Universal Credit without giving the game away, lol.

I had forgotten completely that I had been secretly challenging them to place me on Universal Credit and not Personal Independent Payments end now realise, I forgot as I'm busy with other things that they can't put me on the former without assessing me, lol. 

They know I can't get to them and so desperate to save money and impress their evil bosses that they are pulling the same stunts as last time!!

But I recorded you,  you bloody morons lol, by God man at least have done intelligence if your going to concot dastardly plans, lol.

It really makes no difference whatsoever and I ask prepared to go that EXTRA MILE just others would not...

...or rather I CAN'T GO that extra mile age that its the point of it all.

Legally you cannot stop my money and yet you did lol.


You did not replace it with something STOPPED IT.




Not to mention DIZZY.

Sent off a swathe of emails to newspapers around the land but hard to figue out wo and what areas would be interested and which would not.

But I got weak, dizzy and my neck hurts so anyone who finds this BLOG and annoyed i did not contact them or there area I AM sorry it was not intentional.

LMAO...honest right now I am off to take some pills!!


I have just emailed the following and point them to this blog... not sure if I did this previously and was not really bothered about it.

Michael Meacher MP asked if he could pass it on a couple months back.

Anyway the list...

The Independent

The Guardian

The Daily Mail

The Daily Express



Evening Standard

The Sunday Times

oh and a selection of new ones lol

Now we will see what happens over this key four week period, LOL?!


So you all still think that Atos has nothing to do with the Job Centre and the DWP?


Customer Service Business Administrator

£15k pa + excellent benefits
Job Type:
Date Posted:
27-Mar-2013 00:00Add to My Shortlist
Atos Healthcare, a division of Atos, is a leading outsourcing service provider that enables their clients to manage the healthcare requirements of their business by providing medical resource across the UK. This role is in a brand new area of the business. A new Atos site is being opened due to the growth of the business and is located in...THE DEPTHS OF HELL SEATED NEXT TO LUCIFER HIMSELF?!


Sorry that IS PISS POOR CASH for the millions they are getting paid?

I feel sorry for the saps that work for them. Does not seem obvious now why but it will do later on in 2013!!



Below is an email I sent to the following THREE OFFICES OF THE DWP

Do not know who that last one is but saw it and thought 'oh what the hell?!'


I will get an email stating that I have emailed the wrong office or department and I will answer no I have not!



Dear Sirs

Are you people really that dense or just over confident?

What the hell is this letter about?! You are such a bunch of lying, evil and inhuman, ooh and inhumane, human beings and you think you will not get caught but the reality is that you have and it is I that have caught you!

As for Michael Meacher MP, well yes we have been in contact but he is the last of your worries, lol.

Now I spoke to you in the phone from WITHIN the Enfield Town Job Centre when you cancelled my Incapacity Benefit a very short time ago so can you tell me what you THINK you are playing at?

First off I recorded the whole time I was in the Job Centre and speaking to YOU and YOUR OFFICE on the phone?! Yes well they are called SMART-PHONES for a reason and the fact that most people like you are DUNCES is neither here nor there. The fact is I know how to use them at MY ADVANTAGE.

You really need to all run away from your jobs, the government are shit out of luck and are no match for an IT expert as they have spent years ignoring the industry and still do but it is not THEY that will go to prison it will be all their JOBSWORTHS like you who are moronic and STUPID enough to believe in them. Ooh except for the person sitting next to you who will realise there is a leak that cannot be plugged and secretly run off and make money as a whistle-blower before anyone else does!!

So you are now going t pull the same stunt you have tried to pull several times, only I have informed Michael Meacher MP, if indeed he is SERIOUS about getting to the truth, and am contacting others regarding this and have placed all my evidence in e VERY PUBLIC PLACE!!

Now what I will do is this. IF you cancel my money again based on a set of lies I WILL contact all newspapers and TV News broadcasters.I will contact all Internet based News people only, just to be sure I get a whole list that have NOT been bought off by the government by NOT imposing new rules over the hacking fiasco, oooh no!

On that date I will walk into my local Job Centre and drugged up to the eye balls and when I see that 6ft 2 inch Arab looking gentleman that I know damn well lied to me and knew WHO I was BEFORE I walked in the door, the whole thing WAS RECORDED. and I will knock him across the building with a chain of punches I use in martial arts.

The media can then stand, watch, photograph and film.

By then a riot will start that will make the student ones like like a picnic in a kindergarten?!

You wanna keep thinking you can lie and cheat and beat me, THEN GO RIGHT AHEAD?!?!

Oh and by the claim this is HELPING disabled and sick back into work? Well not only is that MORALLY WRONG....BUT YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG aas well as the fact that you are LYING ABOUT THAT and.... ooh wait, lying I hear you think?! How could I possibly prove that?! Well GUESS AGAIN!! I can and have been recording you and keepint it secret since bfroe January 2011 waiting for this moment that I stated would come none years ago when my father died!!

Ooh I cannot wait for the rest of 2013??!?! It is going to be VERY exciting and eye opening when liars and cheats realise there is nowhere left to hide?!



Marin Haswell BSc


I have just had this through my door?!?!

Now as you will know I had a row in the local JOB CENTRE previously and have spoke to them and the admitted their wrongdoing and PAID ME?!

Well this is the FIRST I have heard FROM THEM since that day so I have no fecking idea WHAT they are on about now...SOUR GRAPES NO DOUBT!!

Well the will insist on pissing me off further and further so I will NOW email Michael Meacher MP and get him to have a look at this and listen tot he tape. He wants evidence of lying in government well there is more than enough here.

Oh and encouraging people back into work?

Well I will think you will find that they are DELIBERATELY hindering me a career now?! I have spent nearly 8 months on this blog, no fecking help from those twots at all!!

I have warned them and warned them they they cannot win against me but it seems arrogance breeds rife in government like a viral disease?!

So I am going to email them and give them a warning about their lies and that is this...

...if my money stops YET AGAIN the next time I walk into the Job centre where I recorded myself I am not going to talk... I am just going to punch that 6ft 2 Arab guy who obviously lied to me TWICE.

I will also send emails to the newspapers, and I do mean ALL OF THEM, beforehand and tell them of my intentions so that anyone can turn up and films me do it, I really will not care a jot!!


Well just thought I would put this in here before I forgot and while I was thinking about it.

I am currently downloading Windows 7 ISO (OS Image I will not go into right now) because Microsoft and namely Steve Ballmer is a bunch of things I do not want to repeat on here?!

Rip offs for one and anti competetive more than they ever have been for two and that is putting it mildly.

So after PAYING for a copy of Windows 7 I am now having to download it for the second time despite have a screwed up copy in a partition on my hard drive.

The goal is to currently put Widows back on on a smaller drive and to do one thing and one thing only, play the games I love because the long overdue return of a Linux Operating System....think Apple's MAC OS on a PC...does not run the games I love. Hmm come to think of it and though Valve has recently released their Steam Client for Linux I hve to wonder which of my games you can run on an Apple Mac and if so then WHY are they NOT on Linux? They are very similar Operating Systems and next to Windows they alomst appear as identical twins?! So why.... I digress.

The point to this post was that it has been a couple of weeks since I played either of Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas or indeed my now favourite game, same development house. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?!

I was also thinking about this dizzying feeling I have experienced a great deal of lately and the fact it put me in hospital. So while I was thinking of Skyrim I was then thinking about the dizziness when I remembered I have been feeling dizzy at time while playing Skyrim and a few other games?!

Now here is the funny thing and this is not the first time this has happened but it is the worst time this has happened. I also have not played any 3D games since the hospital visit and it suddenly occurred to me I may not be able to play at all?!?!


That is annoying but I do have these pills, of which I had to take 15mg yesterday just t get to the GP surgery?!

Right the first time this happened with a computer was a long time ago with two games and one was, I think, Doom II and the other was Heretic. Hmm or was it Quake? Well anyway it was PRIOR to Quake 3 by some time. It was when I first installed a Voodoo 3DFX Graphics card!

Oddly enough I also get travel sick and sea sick?!

Exclamation mark and question mark?! LMAO well I put those because with all of these things I have realised that these behave just like it is doing today and just how my aches and pains do, INTERMITTENTLY?!



This is quite literally, despite me stealing...ahem borrowing that lone from cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman but as far as my nerve responses go and as far as the NHS listens or speaks to their own members of staff or each other!

Of course this dizziness which drove me to distraction when it first occurred would have been around...1998 give or take a year or two. So PRIOR to my feet playing up and PRIOR to my Restless Leg Syndrome occurring...I think, lol.

As far as I remember my RLS occurred when I lived in Bristol during my last year of my degree so around 1999 to 2000. The Plantar fasciitis occurred in 2000-2001 and the dizziness from playiing 3D games occurred around 1998.

Three things not only all linked but occured all within two to three years, or at least NOTICED during this time.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Well art least someone possesses a measure of humanity?! Lol


Do they have been warned not to cover up mistakes anymore?!

Hmm now let us put THAT to the test shall we?!



Well there if a surprise I think not.

After sending the copies of the file I possess to all the papers and TV news broadcasters long prior to posting up on here over 6 months ago they now decide to scrap it.

Better late than never, eh?



OK nicked that line from a CD single I had years ago...err was that comedian guy whose name escapes me as my head really is spinning!

I had a friend arrive today and I opened the door quickly and I spun around and bent over to do something and then came up at an acute angle and as I did my head SPAN like a top and I nearly went OVER and dropped to the ground!

Was the same chap that too me to A&E last Friday. He asked me how the funeral went for our friend and I then had to explain that I could not go due to these dizzy spells. Though I did state and will do so here that to refer to them as 'dizzy spells' does not really do them justice and is an understatement!

I had planned on going out to have a chat with the Dentist and book that appointment with the Doctor and maybe just handing in my prescription for the anti dizziness pills, Prochlorperazine 5mg, so that I get some more but no I feel like I am going to be sick at any point and has been like this for an hour so do not want to go out at all?!

Catch 22 if EVER there was one!

Now wondering if I should take a second pill so that I have taken 10mg n the hope that would help enough to go out and hand in this prescription?!

I did do some research on the advertising to nail down a few facts, which I should have done some time ago and spurred into action by the patronizing hired help on that Google AdSense forum. Seems I was right and I have listed a load of details down to keep an eye on and see how it all turns out.

Right I get too embarrassed at going out when I think I am going to vomit for sure. I always have this fear every time I go out and it is a real possibility and happens fairly often. If I g somewhere where a lavatory s nearby and NOT a public one then this is great.

Anyone that thinks there is not a problem with going out when you have this vomiting problem well all I can say is that each time you go into a public lavatory and for the next year then get down on your KNEES in each one?!

Then after a year then think that I would have done that, that many times in the course or two to four weeks?!

Another one is travel across London say about 10 miles with NO CAR and do that without standing still?!

Or try carrying an Umbrella, Walking Stick AND shopping?! LOL.

Then imagine while doing all this you have bolts of pain in your foot arches, sore stone like pain in your left foot, stinging and/or aching in your groin and sharp or intense pain in your back, shoulder and neck?! Oh and the painful clicking i your heels when descending stairs too! LOL. In summer pain in knees when on foot caused by use of a mountain bike.

Go one I dare you?!?!?!



Well nothing less than I expected as I get it from everyone.

I do like to get angry when people do NOT listen!!

You see and for me, no in REALITY...

Not giving people the chance to answer along with...

Not listening despite repeated statements to the effect... way, WAY above bad language.

Throw in the fact that they are rip off bastards and well....

Plus I am PRETTY sure that what I typed was...

F#$&! OFF!

Which insinuates bad language and is indeed NOT bad language...

...but then I have been so ill I cannot say for certainty I did not send off another email via THEIR WEBSITE as you can never reply to these people.

You know they all come onto the Internet and think they rule the bloody roost?! Yes well before you companies poisoned the Internet with your lame and greedy attitudes their WAS such a thing as BAD NETIQUETTE!! LOL...


Monday, 25 March 2013


Was listening to the chap in Cyprus make his speech when something occurred to me.

While I was out I have it more thought and realised something I had not realised beforehand. This became galvanised when I saw a fuss being made over Boris Johnson and his wish to be Prime Minister?!

Are you SERIOUS?! My God how many if the wrong people do you have to elect befit you realise you have been helping make things worse?! We are years into a recession for Christ sake?! Of all the people, and I like Boris as person, a guys is being made of another Tory and out worries me people will just think oh he if likeable let is vote him in?!

Jesus Christ look up the word 'fickle' in a dictionary?! I think we are at a point whereby the next election will be 4 or 5 years into a recession and voting on the wrong person will condemn us to another 5 and....well certainly MORE blood on the streets of large cities!

I keep saying this but I know the way it should go to save this country will never be voted on. I do doubt there are enough people intelligent enough and not voting because that's how the family have done it for generations...or my dad does it or you can't have them in because...excuses.

It is only for 5 bloody years it is not a lifetime what is wrong with trying a new, different and more modern choice for once?!

Do you not think that anyone new would want to make sure they made s success of it?!

Now here is the very thing that has occurred to me today while out...

...if the people responsible are still voted in or come a close seconds as has always been the way then I think that...

...these two will think that they can get away with absolutely anything in future and they will still get voted on or a close second?!

Utter naive madness to allow them to EVER think like that!!


Well I went in my surgery to book an appointment with my GP in the hope if catching them all out red handed...

But lo and behold he is away AGAIN for two Weeks for the seconds time in 6 months I am sure of that.

Bizarrely I also seem to have walked in for the second time just when he has two Weeks off still?!

Well I'll be a monkeys uncle what are the chances of that?!

Oddly I found myself on the end if a lecture from a trumped up receptionist who decided to be patronizing but got it wrong each time.

I nearly said "look lady, don't come across that your all intelligent your just s bloody receptionist and the Doctors are mostly devious of intelligence to so cut it out!!"

Lmao. But I did not as I believe that is a rude thing to do and belittling despite the fact they are belittling without knowing the facts.

I then said that two Weeks was too long and could I see someone else and she said no only emergency nurse?! Was told this before I remembered but now I had a valid problem with this. I pointed this out by them saying...

"well hang on I've been given pills that will ruin out soon what is one supposed to do then?!"

Now forgive nd if I'm wrong but this is a question about a problem that necessitates an answer so why did I them get the reply...

"well you should be more careful with your pills and make sure you do not run out?!"

This is very common for receptionists, except for my last Doctor who was great as was her staff. This despite the rumour being spread around the chemists deliberately about her which was false!!

So I ask a question to a receptionist and get a sarcastic lecture belittling me in front of the public... rag to a bull, you think?! People will never learn that I ask NOT THE PERSON to go down this route with and I answered...

"Whoa! Wait one minute pills are ALL on repeat prescription but these were only given to me Friday as I was taken to hospital by a concerned friend who gave me these pills..They gave me ten days worth and though to last me until I see my GP but it now seems they underestimated that!"

A now embarrassed receptionist then asked if I had a letter to which I said no I have a pink carbon copy of the prescription and she said just bring it in.

Only this had made me realise that this could screw things up worth my plan. But then I'm now wondering that my GP's second disappearance for two Weeks might mean I have to rethink my plan anyway.

You see he, and not just him, had a 180 Degree U-TURN with me I found highly suspicious. He is one of three people who took a Mayer of fact attitude towards me, without the facts I might add, and even accusing and a little sarcastic. He also showed himself to be dismissive something I experienced with a different doctor recently.

One other member of the health staff gives off a level of confusion without knowing it.

My suspicion if that some idiot in my past, inserted into my medical records that I was either a hypochondriac or making up my ailments. Now I asked about this outright when I knew for sure I was deliberately being fecked about around 4 years ago and was told no.

Of course its possible that they all just want to fob me off but the confused one does not want to do this and genuinely cares. She is the only one out of several dozen I've met if I'm honest.

The trouble for them is that whatever is actually going on I can work out what it is or all the possibilities and plan for them all.

Some, none or all if them may be aware of this blog. If aware it may explain why my current GP keeps disappearing and why he had a sudden and nervous change if tact the third time I was in there. He also got nervous and turned away when I said I think I have CMT. He refused to refer me to Professor Mary Reilly and anyone else despite me telling him what the Podiatrist said?! But then on the next meeting did an about face after receiving the Podiatrist letter and sent me to Neurology and said make sure I mention CMT?! Odd thing to say!

The Podiatry was also very FUNNY with me like I was lying or deliberately wasting their time. Well they can think that son they wish they will only destroy themselves. I have given the NHS every opportunity to coercer this over the years and no they are shit out of excuses.

I'm but a gambling man and I don't need to gamble when the combination and permutation mathematics pot to the list of ailments I have, CMT lists and the odds on me NOT having it and the odds of winning the lottery would be a great deal less than this coincidence.

Also hedging Mt beta is that fact that even in some crazy outcome that it is NOT CMT it still remains that there IS SOMETHING!

After all u would be bloody stupid to go through all this to find answers. If I was a court liar or hypochondriac I could manufacturer something a great deal more obvious and listed and widely know as being debilitating, lol.

So there are no excuses whatsoever and there is no way around this blog if indeed they are stalling while trying to think up a way to stall me, come up with a lie our tactic and avoid any repercussions.

What they fail to realise if this latter version if the case if that they only succeed in making the damage being done to themselves as being exponentially worse the longer they go on with this path.

You would think that three years our more into a recession that putting things off only makes it worse in the end.



You see it IS the case that the ailments they WANT to know about they are VERY SELECTIVE about.

EDIT BAD ENGLISH LOL!! Selective about what they wabt their staff to diagnose. Two people never heard of CMT, for instance and if they get caught blame it on the front line staff who were BLISSFULLY unaware of this condition or that condition.

EDIT 2: Think about it if you are a member of the NHS staff?! For the love of god stop being a jobsworth with a hangman's noose around your neck?!?! Look down and see the noose!!!

EDIT 3: This applies to ALL PUBLIC OFFICES!!! Local Council, Police, Ombudsman etcetera ...etcetera!


EDIT 5: Now you know what I was leaning towards with the WHISTLEBLOWERS?!

Awareness campaigns about health conditions should NEVER be taking place nor needed at all and is disgusting that someone needs to do this.

I for one never realised this before but I do now!

She will be pleased to find out later in the year, or even just three months time, that I will do a great deal to make many aware of not only this practice and to a great deal of people.

Also I am well aware of the PCTs and am now in a very good position to do what I need to do. It matters not who in the NHS are aware of this blog and of the things I put here as this is how I designed it, NOT to fail!

They can only react one of two ways when the time comes and each way I win!! Give the game away or fall for the trap, there is no other way...

...or sort me out and hold your hands up high and admit to things and defeat!

They are the three choices I have given them. I have never told them these are the only three choices they will get. When they get them depends largely on whether they know about this blog or not, LMFAO!!

I for one am going to love it when the time does come and not long now and of course I will be recording it. EVEN STATING I am intending on recording it is itself a TRAP!!

It has long since been over all I have allowed them to do is dig down a little further on each visit, lol. The object of the exercise is to win, for good to prevail and for evil to lose. Despite not being a religious fruitcake (no just a fruitcake then? lol) the term EVIL still applies. That is what it is and for people who are supposed to be DOCTORS this kind of inhuman behaviour is not only not on but at an end. LMAO!!

Do not mess with a Grandmaster! Hiiiiiiiiiii-YA!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


I heard back from the Charcot Marie Tooth people and was told that my GP is talking rubbish, exact quote but no names, lol. But then I already knew this!

Was told that Professor Mary Reilly gets her patients this way and I told her not to worry as I am about to catch them all in the act and absolutely red handed. I now have the means and the method and a plan has been concocted that is pure brilliance. Now I just need to make an appointment and attend and the rest will be child's play quite literally.

They also said that Professor Mary Reilly would likely not answer my email for fear of not treading on the toes of other professionals?! So I said if I meet any i would let them both know!!

LMFAO!! A dig only at those I have MET, you understand.

Well the eyelids closing still persists and I have wondered if I maybe should not have switched over to caffeine free tea bags, caffeine aggravates Restless Leg Syndrome as I stated quite some time ago in the life of this blog.

Maybe if I had stuck with the caffeine maybe this really distracting sleepy eye lid thing would not be nearly so bad as it is?!

It is very, VERY distracting and every now and then I have to push my head to the bac until it comes to rest on the sofa and then close my eyes! It is a bloody battle to keep them open and its just grows ever harder and then impossible altogether and very weird indeed!

I do not know if I mentioned but the several hours I was at the hospital alone my eyelids were like this the whole time but when my mate returned I found it easy to keep them open, but then most of the horrid feelings and pain seemed to subside and typical it was while I finally saw the Doctor?! Oops I digress I meant to say that I did not actually sleep at all and yet I was terrified I would and wake up to find my rucksack had been stolen as it contained my Barr & Stroud 8x42 Bird Watching Binoculars and my Olympus SP-820UZ Bridge Camera which are my two prize possessions currently.

Would be this HP Pavilion DV7 laptop if it was not so bloody crap! LOL.

Just bloody typical I am back to normal just as the Doctor finally sees me?! Lol!





In rare cases, inguinal hernia repair can damage structures involved in the function of a man's testicles.
Another risk of hernia surgery is nerve damage, which can lead to numbness in the groin area.
If a part of your bowel was trapped or strangulated before surgery, it may lead to a bowel perforation or dead bowel.

Calling your health care provider

Call your doctor right away if:
  • You have a painful hernia and the contents cannot be pushed back into the abdomen using gentle pressure
  • You develop nausea, vomiting, or a fever along with a painful hernia
  • You have a hernia that becomes red, purple, dark, or discolored
Call your doctor if:
  • You have groin pain, swelling, or a bulge
  • You have a bulge or swelling in the groin or belly button, or that is associated with a previous surgical cut.



My GP looked at me when like I was taking liberties with him when i asked for something to keep indoors for the pain if I ever went through that again.

I think that our Doctor and Patient relationship is going to end....badly and before very long!

"Inguinal Hernia recovery Had Bilateral Inguinal Hernia repair 4 days ago... Penis and ...the Oxycodone due to the constipation ....ate Metamucil & laxative and that worked. Pain has subsided somewhat but man... the pain the first 2 days...  (from

It is coming close to the time to kick-arse!!,Inguinal+Hernia+Repair/?a=s

What a lying tosser they all are but soon want the public's sympathy when they think they are going to lose £50,000 of their £250,000?!



Just a list if links I found...

Socialist Party not my favourite people but truth is truth and bullshit is bullshit, lol.

No tricks to cover up what I am forcing their hand to do! Hahaaa!

Hmm just posted a post before this about another Google Blogger regarding the NHS.

The above one mysteriously disappeared, lol. On Wordpress too?! Ooh.

Anyway here is another worpress blog...

Well what do you know? Common Sense in the above link. Something that is not a pre-requisite now for being an MP or member of the Cabinet along with being honest and is now just fully accepted and taken for granted, partly the reason for the mess we are in today!


Remember it is not about WHO is doing the complaining or slagging off but the NUMBER of people that are doing it!

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