Friday, 22 March 2013


Well that is another day lost and no answers!

I did not feel good at all this morning and feel like crap right now!

My friend turned up and after he saw me an hour into his stay he insisted he took me to hospital which I pretty much wanted to do anyway.

My tooth and gums are playing up to and were this morning also.

After a rude nurse initially saw me, now completely out of it and had spent an hour trying to stay conscious so that I could hear my name being called I spent another hour fighting to stay conscious while feeling bad.

My friend returned to the hospital, to my surprise and I was able to stay alert much better than before and the I was seen and checked over and felt alot better.

Series of tests and listening to lungs and then a heart trace was performed, look in my ears and all, they tell me, was normal.

They then tell me they are going to give me tablets to stop me feeling dizzy which also turn out to treat for vomiting and ...wait for it ...Anxiety Disorder?!

Only some months ago when I asked my GP if there were any other drugs to help with the dizzyness and vomiting he said no only the Domperidone.

Another GP who has LIED and bare-faced lied.

I am also somewhat certain that I had recorded him when he said that so that must be on here somewhere?!

A loo on Wikipedia shows that there are not one or even TWO but SEVERAL drugs for vomiting and dizzyness.

I have copy and pasted an excerpt from Wikipedia here and you can clearly see it states that...

" It is critical for the physician to find out what type of dizziness the patient has"

" Most patients will be prescribed anti-dizziness medications such as Antivert (meclizine), Valium (diazepam), Xanax, Phenergan, or Compazine"

Both the above can be found at ...

Spinning dizzyness can be Vertigo?! Great!!

Or Ménière's disease, also causing Vertigo.

Of course and naturally so and after what the Neurologist said I am wondering of there is something here that us behind everything instead of Charcot Marie Tooth?!

Well I was told several times that all my ailments could not possibly be linked, but after no less than TWO, possibly MORE, GPs have been caught lying to me and one taking my private X-Rays and stating there were no other ant dizzy-vomit pills other than Domperidone (used for travel sickness) but actually turns out there are TEN or more I just cannot trust anything any Doctor, Nurse or Specialist either in the NHS, or otherwise, what anyone says any more!!!

The pills given to me are Prochlorperazine 5mg tablets.

I am now unable to deal with the tooth problem as I spent all day in Chase Farm Hospital's A & E Department which did not seem a problem around 3pm but now all my teeth are aching and I feel so fecking ill that I am scared to take even one single solitary pain killer!

Here is a scan of the prescription for the Prochlorperazine pills and if you think that is great wait until the next POST!!

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