Sunday, 17 March 2013


Well, well, well now WHAT do we have here?

Not a surprise at all but then if you have taken the time to read this blog and not dismiss it you would be will aware of this.

What I find hilarious about this particular report is the fact that only half a dozen councils were mentioned because they had actually gone further than well the others in 'allegedly' spying illegally?!

So spying on the public has now spread to spying on your own staff?! That is still legal is it?


Do you think it possible that the minority of over paid bosses up and down the UK are now expecting a back lash from the British Public and now growing ever more concerned about whistleblowers too?!

I do!!

It also should state something else that to me is blatantly obvious but as ever the media have totally missed it s per usual. Our is that DELIBERATELY missed it?

What had blatantly obvious from this report is that this tiny minority of over paid people have an extremely guilty conscience to go to these extreme lengths...using your money to spy on you!!

If the fact reported that they are spying on their own staff is not proof of their guilt then I do not know what is?!

Probably more people that think disabled children are costing this country money and would like to put all the blame on them and their families?!

Evil, nasty, selfish, amoral, heartless, cold, arrogant, ignorant and self serving tossers that probably fully deserve to have a punishment bought back they used in mediaeval times to deal with Witches, lol.

Then putting Council Tax up!


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