Monday, 25 March 2013


Well I went in my surgery to book an appointment with my GP in the hope if catching them all out red handed...

But lo and behold he is away AGAIN for two Weeks for the seconds time in 6 months I am sure of that.

Bizarrely I also seem to have walked in for the second time just when he has two Weeks off still?!

Well I'll be a monkeys uncle what are the chances of that?!

Oddly I found myself on the end if a lecture from a trumped up receptionist who decided to be patronizing but got it wrong each time.

I nearly said "look lady, don't come across that your all intelligent your just s bloody receptionist and the Doctors are mostly devious of intelligence to so cut it out!!"

Lmao. But I did not as I believe that is a rude thing to do and belittling despite the fact they are belittling without knowing the facts.

I then said that two Weeks was too long and could I see someone else and she said no only emergency nurse?! Was told this before I remembered but now I had a valid problem with this. I pointed this out by them saying...

"well hang on I've been given pills that will ruin out soon what is one supposed to do then?!"

Now forgive nd if I'm wrong but this is a question about a problem that necessitates an answer so why did I them get the reply...

"well you should be more careful with your pills and make sure you do not run out?!"

This is very common for receptionists, except for my last Doctor who was great as was her staff. This despite the rumour being spread around the chemists deliberately about her which was false!!

So I ask a question to a receptionist and get a sarcastic lecture belittling me in front of the public... rag to a bull, you think?! People will never learn that I ask NOT THE PERSON to go down this route with and I answered...

"Whoa! Wait one minute pills are ALL on repeat prescription but these were only given to me Friday as I was taken to hospital by a concerned friend who gave me these pills..They gave me ten days worth and though to last me until I see my GP but it now seems they underestimated that!"

A now embarrassed receptionist then asked if I had a letter to which I said no I have a pink carbon copy of the prescription and she said just bring it in.

Only this had made me realise that this could screw things up worth my plan. But then I'm now wondering that my GP's second disappearance for two Weeks might mean I have to rethink my plan anyway.

You see he, and not just him, had a 180 Degree U-TURN with me I found highly suspicious. He is one of three people who took a Mayer of fact attitude towards me, without the facts I might add, and even accusing and a little sarcastic. He also showed himself to be dismissive something I experienced with a different doctor recently.

One other member of the health staff gives off a level of confusion without knowing it.

My suspicion if that some idiot in my past, inserted into my medical records that I was either a hypochondriac or making up my ailments. Now I asked about this outright when I knew for sure I was deliberately being fecked about around 4 years ago and was told no.

Of course its possible that they all just want to fob me off but the confused one does not want to do this and genuinely cares. She is the only one out of several dozen I've met if I'm honest.

The trouble for them is that whatever is actually going on I can work out what it is or all the possibilities and plan for them all.

Some, none or all if them may be aware of this blog. If aware it may explain why my current GP keeps disappearing and why he had a sudden and nervous change if tact the third time I was in there. He also got nervous and turned away when I said I think I have CMT. He refused to refer me to Professor Mary Reilly and anyone else despite me telling him what the Podiatrist said?! But then on the next meeting did an about face after receiving the Podiatrist letter and sent me to Neurology and said make sure I mention CMT?! Odd thing to say!

The Podiatry was also very FUNNY with me like I was lying or deliberately wasting their time. Well they can think that son they wish they will only destroy themselves. I have given the NHS every opportunity to coercer this over the years and no they are shit out of excuses.

I'm but a gambling man and I don't need to gamble when the combination and permutation mathematics pot to the list of ailments I have, CMT lists and the odds on me NOT having it and the odds of winning the lottery would be a great deal less than this coincidence.

Also hedging Mt beta is that fact that even in some crazy outcome that it is NOT CMT it still remains that there IS SOMETHING!

After all u would be bloody stupid to go through all this to find answers. If I was a court liar or hypochondriac I could manufacturer something a great deal more obvious and listed and widely know as being debilitating, lol.

So there are no excuses whatsoever and there is no way around this blog if indeed they are stalling while trying to think up a way to stall me, come up with a lie our tactic and avoid any repercussions.

What they fail to realise if this latter version if the case if that they only succeed in making the damage being done to themselves as being exponentially worse the longer they go on with this path.

You would think that three years our more into a recession that putting things off only makes it worse in the end.

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