Monday, 25 March 2013



You see it IS the case that the ailments they WANT to know about they are VERY SELECTIVE about.

EDIT BAD ENGLISH LOL!! Selective about what they wabt their staff to diagnose. Two people never heard of CMT, for instance and if they get caught blame it on the front line staff who were BLISSFULLY unaware of this condition or that condition.

EDIT 2: Think about it if you are a member of the NHS staff?! For the love of god stop being a jobsworth with a hangman's noose around your neck?!?! Look down and see the noose!!!

EDIT 3: This applies to ALL PUBLIC OFFICES!!! Local Council, Police, Ombudsman etcetera ...etcetera!


EDIT 5: Now you know what I was leaning towards with the WHISTLEBLOWERS?!

Awareness campaigns about health conditions should NEVER be taking place nor needed at all and is disgusting that someone needs to do this.

I for one never realised this before but I do now!

She will be pleased to find out later in the year, or even just three months time, that I will do a great deal to make many aware of not only this practice and to a great deal of people.

Also I am well aware of the PCTs and am now in a very good position to do what I need to do. It matters not who in the NHS are aware of this blog and of the things I put here as this is how I designed it, NOT to fail!

They can only react one of two ways when the time comes and each way I win!! Give the game away or fall for the trap, there is no other way...

...or sort me out and hold your hands up high and admit to things and defeat!

They are the three choices I have given them. I have never told them these are the only three choices they will get. When they get them depends largely on whether they know about this blog or not, LMFAO!!

I for one am going to love it when the time does come and not long now and of course I will be recording it. EVEN STATING I am intending on recording it is itself a TRAP!!

It has long since been over all I have allowed them to do is dig down a little further on each visit, lol. The object of the exercise is to win, for good to prevail and for evil to lose. Despite not being a religious fruitcake (no just a fruitcake then? lol) the term EVIL still applies. That is what it is and for people who are supposed to be DOCTORS this kind of inhuman behaviour is not only not on but at an end. LMAO!!

Do not mess with a Grandmaster! Hiiiiiiiiiii-YA!!

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