Saturday, 16 March 2013


Two things that were bizarre was that the next story is on that, speak of the devil, of the cancellation of Council Tax Benefits I referred to in the last post.

The second thing of note is that the story ONLY refers to houses owned but NOT LIVED IN which seems a but odd to report it regarding people who must own two hinges or more. In other words what about benefit claimants that do NOT have another home?

A bad omission yet again by the media and almost seems like poor, out of work and benefit claimants regardless of whether your one if the lazy sponge bob minority or genuinely not wanting to live off the state, disabled or other are not who the media reports for anymore.

So anyone disabled, dying, sick and jobless (which will include anyone that BECOMES JOBLESS) will also fall into this category too.

So eery the media our TV news will be pointless as you will not even get a quiet mention in these tiny BBCi news bulletins let alone main stream news and as for prime time news well do NOT even go there?! LMAO!

Do you know I have wondered the following...

If these protestors were to do their thing right outside the TV NEWS studios or newspaper/tabloid offices in the street outside and with all their tv cameras and still photography cameras and microphones in the building will they still ignore these issues?!

Would certainly show how far the media are willing to go to avoid this topic if reporting if indeed they ARE ignoring it which is how it certainly appears?!

In Cyprus the people have shown their disgust at being charged a ONE-OFF LEVY for their bailouts?! ONE OFF LEVY?!

What the British Government us doing to people here is a LIFE SENTENCE with much more piled on top depending on your situation!

Yet on news nothing while showing the disgust of people in Cyprus?!

Very weird.

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