Thursday, 7 March 2013


Funny reading this as I was under the impression we was half way down an abyss and were going to hit bottom around May to July, when the penny dropped and the pinch starts to smart.

I think the PM lives in Rimmer World, I really do. Back into the Abyss? Yes because we are soon riding so decking high right now waiting for things to improve when DLA, INCAPACITY BENEFIT, COUNCIL TAX BENEFIT GONE, INCOME SUPPORT GONE, FREEDOM PASSES GONE, ENERGY UP AGAIN and God know how many others that will be confined to history during 2013?!

What I do know and have know is that these things are disappearing while the recession used as an excuse and e are told "we are all in it together"...

Well I will make a prediction...

When it is over, as according to thePratt Minister and his sidekick school errand boy they ate doing a great job so sticking to it no matter what,will they...

Then give back what they stole from the people over the longest period of hardship in modern memory?

Will prices, taxes and benefits go back to pre recession levels?

Will they then award themselves pay rises and perks again from the new find from taxes from that growth?

No, no and YES is the answer to the above respectively.

We shall see...if we make it that fast and ever get out of this fractionally small undulation? Not not an ABYSS Mr Cameron, people are dying many if which taking their own lives but no w are not in dreadful times with horrid methods being used against those innocent if having anything to do with the absolute feck up you lot caused.

What an offensive twat?!

I thought Eton was a school? Our wherever it was you were meant to receive an education?!

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