Friday, 8 March 2013


It is with great sadness that I heard today that a friends if mine called Eddie had had an accident and died in his early fifties.

He worked for new and other members if my family too and was a customer in my fathers shop as a kid. In fact he fell in love with Axolotl's and went on to bred them for many years. He became known a Axolotl Eddie.

We were good pals but we did fall out over done very stupid things I an sure we both regretted. We had been back on speaking terms for the last year and I was planning to ask gin if he wanted to go to Italy this June or next June.

He was a but of a painter too and also like me loved Nikon cameras though it is weird as I had thought that once I had told gin what had happened with the Nikon Camera I had previously bought and showed him and I told a friend that the lack of concern the Nikon headquarters in the UK showed over this would have given him a coronary. He owned quite a few Nikon cameras and had only just bought a Nikon D7000 DSLR for £1,000 to cheer himself up.

His wife only died about a year or 18 months ago and they only had one child...a daughter who herself had a daughter. I do hope that she goes OK and wish I could tell her how sorry I am for her. I saw him only a coupe Weeks ago and he told new he was going to Portugal! Turns out he was retrieving his suitcase when he had am accident and later passed away while in hospital after suffering a heart attack. So must have been within a few days of seeing him. A shame and terrible for his daughter.

I saw a mutual friend in a store near here and he looked like he wanted to tell me something but I was tired, fatigued and hurrying towards a location where there were a pair of Bearded Reedlings and Reed Buntings.

That is three friends and three family members when I had never known loss beforehand. Does seem a trifle weird and like you're own life is disappearing down a plug hole gradually with bits if it vanishing every now and then.

It is moments like this you really do realise how naive threw government is to real life. The pressures they are putting on people and now this young woman with a child and no family left except a grandmother who herself is very old. God I do hope she gets through it all and if all the times to have to go through this for a second time in just over a year?! Blood curdling chills to the bone marrow.

I never thought I would ever be typing this but... RIP EDDIE.

Be strong Nat.

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