Saturday, 30 March 2013


There is an old way of doing business, employing tactics like that of the American Military that most intelligent people are aware is non too brilliant unfortunately, and there is a NEW WAY of doing business which as far as I know there is little off if there is any at all.

If any one company was to come close to this it may be John Lewis.

Now what we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNNNNICATE!

Thanks Cool Hand Luke, you were my inspiration as a child!!

Now here in is a video that is NOT very long at all. It was an idea I had that i put into practice while filming msyelf doing it. I did not know how it would turn out in all honesty and at first, near the end, it appears that it is going to go ti.... SOUTH FOR THE WINTER and TITS (BIRDS YOU ONE SIDED MORON) do not do that?! LMAO!!

Oops off track with some humour there!

Right a simple and short video, you do not have to be a computer geek or programmer to realise WHAT is going on here. Some people that think they are geeks have failed to spot this but do not worry about that.

It only does one thing and it does it twice only in between doing this things I make one single and SOLITARY as well as SIMPLE action before I do it again.

You wil hear me say 'Oh I want expecting that' or something similar when i think my plans gone off piste but it then turns out to work out EXACTLY as I thought.

It also shows many people who have had this trouble WHY they have had this trouble!! ;)


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