Thursday, 28 March 2013


My ears must be really bad...

... I THOUGHT I heard a news report say figures have shown there was growth and we avoided a triple dip recession?!

If this if the case its a bloody lie, lol.

Everyone I know thinks the last few months have been the quietest of all and I remarked in a local shop how bread and milk had give up when a foreign man behind me stated that Celery had not gone up?!

When I asked why he had stated Celery had not gone up he said "noo know? WAGES!" LOL!

He and the Sri Lankan guy working in the store both said about how out had just got worse and worse and will keep getting worse for the foreseeable future!

He was quite angry and frustrated as he spoke and the store owner agreed with him when I turned and said as I was leaving while pointing at them...

"you know your ABSOLUTELY RIGHT but I plan on making it BETTER before the year is out" they looked confused, lol.

So I quickly explained this blog and that I had many other plans when smiles grew across their faces and the frustration turned to a look if hope and as I was editing the store he shouted...

"Good for you, I hope your right and I how you do!" as I waved befit disappearing down a subway.

But in the short time I have had this blog going there is no way things have improved in any way at all. I'm also pretty sure that it had not rained money amongst all that wet stuff that comes drown from the sky either so that people collected up cash they did not have, lol.

I can also see the looks on peoples faces and I'm still being shocked at how quiet the town is near me and I've seen Christmas days busier than the Saturday's I have seen of late.

HMV is closing and I never realised, everything on sale and hardly anything left when I walked in there?!

I did get THREE James Bond blu-ray films fit 4.99 each and a Pink Floyd The Wall Coffee Mug for £2.50.

The films were Die Another Day, Live And Let Die and For Your Eyes Only. Only in the movies, eh? LMAO!

Also something up with the introduction of Universal Credit which I thought was all coming in next month?!

Best Laid Plans...

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